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Long long ago before time was even measured , there existed a race of Old Gods whose world was split apart in a fiery holocaust, unleashing a coruscating "godwave" of energy that swept across the universe. This godwave empowered the Olympian Gods and gave rise to later day human super heroes as it rebounded back and fourth in continued, but diminishing, reverberation, seeding world after world with the potential for near-omnipotent power.

There was a time when the Old Gods died. The brave died with the cunning. The good fell, locked in battle with incalculable evil. It was the end for them. An ancient era passed in a fiery holocaust. The final moment tore the home of the old gods asunder. There world split in great halves, and filled the universe with the blinding death-flash of it's destruction. In the end, there were two giant bodies spinning in the fading sounds of cosmic thunder, Apokolips and her lighter sister New Genesis. And so began the fourth world.

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Parallel to the dimension that is inhabited by notable heroes such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman lies the Fourth World. The Fourth World has two twin planets, New Genesis and Apokolips. The two were once a single planet, Urgrund, but it was split after the time of the Old Gods, which ended with Ragnarok. New Genesis is a place that can only be described as heaven, populated by a peaceful, compassionate race of Gods and ruled benevolently by Highfather. Its mirror planet, Apokolips, rivals hell in despair and cruelty and is ruled by the Darkseid.

Several races inhabit the Fourth World but the dominant species is that of the New Gods, descendants of the Old Gods. They have evolved by being so near to The Source and so they see themselves as gods. They wield magnificent powers and have lived for centuries unknown to the general populace of Earth. To us they are giants, from ten feet to thousands of miles high. Their source of transportation that allows them to breach the dimensional rift is their Boom Tubes. But their weakness is a substance known as Radion, which can kill them. When they die, their souls join the Source Wall, fortifying the barrier. But it seems that in the Death of the New Gods series, the New Gods are finding their demise evident at the hands of a God-Killer, who rips out their hearts and steals their souls. The God-Killer has been revealed to be empowered by The Source and is a New God himself, Infinity-Man. Now that so few remain it seems to truly be the end of the New Gods.


Notable Inhabitants of Apokolips:

Notable Inhabitants of New Genesis:

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