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Female Furies

Led by Granny Goodness, the Furies are fanatically loyal to Darkseid. Known for their cruelty, they serve an evil master and his dominion over Apokolips.Born and trained on the dark world of Apokolips, the Female Furies were the elite members of Darkseid's Special Powers Force. The membership of the Furies included Mad Harriet, whose fists were armed with power spikes that could cut through almost anything; Stompa, whose heavy metal boots could flatten or crush the densest material; Lashina, whose body was wrapped in an arsenal of unique straps capable of destructive actions; Bernadeth, sister of Darkseid's chief torturer, Desaad, whose fahren-knife was capable of barbequeing her foes - from the inside; and Big Barda, leader of the group, whose incredible physical strength was as great a weapon as the awesome dimensional spanning mega rod she carried.

When Big Barda deserted the Female Furies to be with her lover, Scott Free, on Earth, the other furies were sent to Earth to return her to Apokolips or slay her. After a heated battle with her former comrades, Big Barda and Mister Miracle returned to Apokolops to earn their freedom, recruiting the Female Furies to their side in the process. Eventually the Furies returned to Earth with Big Barda, joining the travelling stage show that starred Mister Miracle. 

Hawkgirl: Hell Hath Furies
The Furies were assigned a squadron of Parademons in order to find a stolen Beta-3 Gizmoid. They discover that the gizmoid has landed in St. Roch, Louisiana on Earth. According to their readings, the gizmoid has been activated and Bernadeth wants the gizmoid because Darkseid can't allow Earth to be destroyed by anything from Apokolips or it will mean war with High Father. It turns out Desaad designed these gizmoids to be a planet killer but production of the device was put on hold when a rogue Parademon escaped with a gizmoid through a Boom Tube. The Parademon landed in Ancient Egypt and hid the gizmoid before he was killed by Desaad's trackers. 
The gizmoid finds itself near Stonechat Museum and it spots Hawkgirl soaring through the air. Its acquisition is computed as prognosticative Boolean algebra. The gizmoid decides that Hawkgirl would be a suitable template to begin Earth's eradication but before it could replicate itself, the Furies converge on its location by via Boom Tube. The gizmoid narrowly escapes by releasing radiaon gas to slow them down. Hawkgirl spots the disturbance and notices the Female Furies are barely conscious. The gizmoid comes up from behind Hawkgirl and pacifies her then it optimizes for template replication. 
When the gizmoid was finished replicating, it disposed of Hawkgirl like a ragdoll and it became a mechanized version of Hawkgirl. The gizmoid begins attacking St. Roch with an arsenal of weaponry. Bernadeth tries to destroy the gizmoid with a series of centiblades but her attempt was unsuccessful. Fortunately, the Nth metal on Hawkgirl's wings became advanced by the gizmoid's brief attachment to her. Hawkgirl soars toward St. James Parish because the gizmoid was getting near that direction. Hawkgirl tells the Furies to focus their fire power on certain sections that she cuts off thereby cauterizing the wounds because the gizmoid can heal itself with nano machines. 
Hawkgirl's plan worked and the gizmoid fell to pieces after sustaining the Furies' relentless punishment. As for Hawkgirl, the gizmoid's advancements wore off on her Nth metal because of its destruction and she became overly fatigued. Hawkgirl crashed near Mr. Dooley's Tavern and Bloody Mary followed soon after. Fortunately, Danny Evans was watching Hawkgirl's every move and he stopped Bloody Mary before she could sink her teeth into Hawkgirl's neck. The Female Furies collect Bloody Mary and reluctantly thanked Hawkgirl for her efforts.      

Final Crisis

Final Crisis: Female Furies

During the events of Final Crisis, Catwoman, Batwoman, Wonder Woman (named Wondra) and Giganta (named Gigantrix), were all brainwashed and were formed to become Darkseid's newest Female Furies. After Darkseid was defeated, they were all reverted back to normal. The four females resembled the four original Female Furies. Catwoman was like Lashina, Batwoman was like Mad Harriet, Gigantrix was like Stompa and Wondra was like Bernadeth, their leader.

Television & Movies


  • The furies appear in Superman: The Animated Series as recurring villains. They make minor appearances in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.
  • They play a major part in the storyline of the Superman/Batman: Apocalypse direct to DVD animated feature.
  • Lashina and Stompa later appear in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Instead of working for Granny Goodness they work for Mongal.


As they appear in Smallville

The Female Furies recently appeared in the Smallville season 10, episode Abandoned. When Clark frees a little girl who was bound and gagged in the orphanage he hears the sound of metal clashing. The little girl in reference, says that's what Grannywill turn her into. He hides her and goes to investigate and finds several women fighting. As he approaches them, Clark starts to weaken and realizes they're forging kryptonite weapons. The women quickly subdue him and one of them,Harriet, tells him that no one there needs saving except Clark. The orphan girls chain Clark up, and he offers to rescue them. Harriet insists that no one loves them like Granny, and that she'll never leave them. Suddenly Granny arrives and sends them to their rooms. When Tess tries to escape from the room she was locked in, she confronts Harriet. The two fight and Tess knocks her out, but another girl uses a whip to choke her unconscious. Clark arrives and saves Tess by hitting the other girl. Harriet and Lashina are the only named Furied and Harriet. is their leader, although

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