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Sharon Carter is the prisoner of the Trapster! Will the machinations of the Trapster be too much for Captain America to overcome?

Great action to begin this story as Cap is training against some lethalarmed missiles! When he has finished a SHIELD agent comes to him with news that Sharon(agent 13) has been abducted! With the help of a transponder, he finds her being held by the sinister Trapster! When Cap confronts the Trapster, some truly awesome Kirby fighting action ensues and it is a joy to behold!!! Cap gets trapped and thru shear force...breaks free! He snares the Trapster in his own glue and goes over to Sharon to free her.Cap (and us!) find that Sharon is actually a SHIELD L.M.D.! The real Sharon had freed herself with a chemical to dilute the glue, and is standing off to the side. This was part of the plan to get the Trapster to reveal who he was working for......the Red Skull!!! Suddenly, the Trapster escapes!! But chasing him down will wait for another day....right now there are bigger fish to catch.......

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