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Captain America's mind is under attack by one of his most nefarious enemies...his shrink? It's a battle for sanity when Cap goes toe to toe with Dr. Faustus.

Steve is having an absolutely horrible nightmare from the war! Bucky appears and taunts him,and he wakes up suffering!Steve calls none other than Dr. Faustus, who has been apparantly treating Steve for a short while now. Faustus tells him to cancell all his appointments and to come see him later that day.After Faustus hangs up we learn that he has been inducing these nightmares thru pills he prescribed to Steve, and they,ve been delivered by Faustus' lackey, who is also the bellboy at Steve's hotel! As Steve sinks ever lower into madness, he goes to see Dr Faustus, and sinks into another nightmare! Steve goes back to his hotel and soon, the bellboy brings up Steves new prescription from the Dr. He takes the pill and falls asleep. When he awakes....he finds that he has become aged and wrinkled!! How can this be ?! Suddenly Bucky appears and they ride off on a motorcycle to where a drone plane is taking off!! This is all WAY to familiar to dressed as Cap.They miss the plane and Cap falls to the ground in mental agony!Bucky removes his mask ..he is the bellboy! As Faustus moves in ...Cap reacts! He has been faking his anguish! With Fury's help he has figured this whole thing out and has stayed ahead of the evil Dr. Faustus!Cap was wearing a latex disguise to fool Faustus, abd now he squares off and belts him one! Knocks him out and walks off thinking about Bucky!!

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