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As the ultimate revenge, the Red Skull has used the Cosmic Cube to swap bodies with the Star-Spangled Avenger. Can Steve Rogers convince his fellow Avengers he's not the Red Skull, the crazed genocidal maniac?

With Cap and the Red Skull having switched bodies, thanks to the Cosmic Cube, Sharon and the Skull embrace while Cap looks on. Sharon has no idea of the Skulls treacherous switch. The Skull (as Cap) and Sharon leave, as Cap (as the Skull) is left to ponder this troubling turn of events. The Skull transports the pondering Cap to a test facility where he is immediately taken by guards, but quickly escapes. Meanwhile the Skull confidently walks the city secure that know one knows he is really the Red Skull, and NOT who he appears to be. Cap is now the subject of a police manhunt as the local authorities think they are chasing the Skull. The Avengers have been monitoring this chase, and now notice that the Skull (Cap) is headed their way. As the Skull stands in Central Park and watches all this through the cube, Rick Jones comes upon him, thinking this to be Cap. He sends Rick away harshly, and as Rick leaves he wonders what has gotten into his mentor and friend. Cap (in Red Skull's body) enters Avengers Mansion and as he attempts to convince the Avengers that he is NOT the Skull, they fight ferociously. The Avengers subdue him, tie him up, and leave him in a holding cell, as SHIELD has summoned them. Having seen this, the Skull next summons Sharon Carter to the Avengers Mansion armed to kill Cap. She enters the cell and Cap tries to convince her of his identity. She cannot shoot....the one thing that the Cube cannot overcome is the emotion of love. The Skull, not to be defeated, vows to finish Steve off once and for all, and sends him to his hidden isle, where the Exiles, whom the Skull has betrayed, await.

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