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When a skirmish between the Hulk and Captain America leaves Rick Jones injured, Cap is left with a choice: bring Jones to safety or pursue the Jade Giant?

Captain America tries to reign in and help the Hulk and in the procces gets a new sidekick.> Steve is alone on a quiet empty street when suddenly two massive green hands push thru a wall! The Hulk has just arrived !! The military is once again chasing the Hulk, and Steve changes into Captain America and attempts to help the bewildered Hulk as Rick Jones shows up. The Hulk harms Rick..without meaning to.. and takes off! Cap picks Rick up and takes him to his apartment to recuperate. Cap leaves him sleeping and goes out to his balcony to think. After a while he hears footsteps behind him and turns to face......Bucky? Cap angrily tells Rick to get the costume off and as Rick walks away to do just that, Cap has a change of heart. An alert sounds and now Cap and Bucky are together as a team again!!!!!! They go to a secret underground Hydra lair and fight the hoards of Hydra! Cap and Bucky are split up and a Hydra agent wearing a power vest attacks Cap. The fight is intense as Cap uses his shield to push them both thru a wall! We see Bucky cleverly eluding The hoards, and cut back to the agent in the power vest claiming Caps shield. Cap is defeated??? As Bucky comes charging back in to avenge Cap, the agent reveals himself to be none other than Cap himself!!! Madame Hydra escapes and as Cap and Bucky leave the scene Cap lets him know that he has proved himself to be worthy of wearing the costume of Bucky!!! This is a classic Jim Steranko drawn story!!

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