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While meeting Nick Fury at a carnival, Cap is ambushed by Hydra forces!

We open with a wordless title sequence of Steve at an amusement park. A fortune telling machine spits out a prophetic warning. Steve was supposed to meet Nick Fury here and instead its a trap. Steve sees the reflection of a band of gunmen set to attack in the fortune telling machine and avoids the first blast of machine gun fire as he ducks and changes into his Captain America costume. Before donning his mask, he is attacked by the the quick draw arcade robot cowboy. Cap tosses his shield and shatters this robot. The gunmen have fled as well. Madame Hydra appears in a secret chamber as she punishes the leader of this gunmen gang for allowing Cap to escape. Cap and Rick (wearing a Bucky costume) are reviewing old WWII footage of Cap and Bucky fighting. Next they go through some training moves to sharpen their skills. Rick leaves Cap training as he fakes being tired so he can leave. Hours later an envelope is slid under the door as the doorbell rings. Rick opens the letter and a hallucinogenic gas is emitted. Rick is rendered unconscious, two Hydra agents enter and take him out to their car. Cap comes in, sees the letter on the floor, hears footsteps outside, and realizes that Rick has been captured. He gets outside just as the Hydra agents dump Rick into a car. One of them takes the car and gets away, but not before shooting his partner, killing him so he won't talk. Cap chases the car to the amusement park and is attacked by an armored Hydra robot called the Mankiller. Cap heads to the roof, taking this fight with him. Rick has by now escaped and has doubled back to warn Cap that a trap awaits him. He yells to Cap to get off the roof, and Cap jumps just as a hail of gunfire erupts. The bullets follow Cap as he hits the water, and he does not surface. Hydra flees, as the police arrive. They pull only Cap's bullet riddled costume from the water without a body They also pull out a Steve Rogers mask. Cap is presumed dead, and Cap's Steve Rogers identity is presumed false.

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