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Blue Beetle is carrying a car full of crooks with the talons of his Bug Ship. They were unwilling to give up until Beetle did some stunts with the Bug and dunked them into Lake Michigan After that they literally begged to be arrested.

Later that day Ted Kord walks into his office to see Angela Revere cleaning out her desk. She is trying to avoid the ax from Ted after finding out her uncle is Chronos the time thief. Ted tells to put her stuff back and get back to work. He was not going to let what happened to her effect her employment. After talking with Angela Ted goes into Melody Case's office. She is grilling Detective Max Fisher about who kidnapped a purse snatcher from the hospital. He tells her he'll look into it but it will be like finding “that mythical needle”. As he leaves he sees Ted and tells him he still believes that he is responsible for Dan Garrett's death and he intends to prove it. After he leaves Ted and Melody apologize about a fight they had. Ted is really worried that one day Melody may make him choose between her and him being the Blue Beetle.

Ted leaves Melody's office and goes to the metallurgy lab with Murray Takamoto and Curt Calhoun. He is not there long when a vat of a promethium mixture falls on Ted Kord but misses when he is pushed out of the way by Curt who screams in agony. This accident however was no accident. Mento caused the whole thing with his own mind.

Ted and Murray leave KORD Industries in an ambulance with the still alive body of Curt Calhoun. They are not on the road long before they are ambushed by military like group. They remove everyone but Curt from the ambulance and drop a large magnet from a helicopter that take them and the Ambulance away. Ted did what he could to prevent all of this but he is taken down by one of the men with a gun butt to the chin. As they fly away Ted summons his Bug Ship with a remote control he has on his wrist watch.

In New York city Mento knows all is according to plan. He knows that soon Curt will be Promethius and the Teen Titans will be on their way. He also torments his henchman Ralph by tuning him inti a talking Rat.

Back in Chicago the Bug Ship has arrived and Ted discreetly rides the sky wire up into the bug and changes into his Blue Beetle costume. Then he takes off with jet speed to rescue Curt.

In New York Mento rounds up his Hybrid Gang. The Hybrid is a group of people that he gave Super-powers and controls them. They try to resist but are forced to give in to Mento's power. It is at this time that Mento realizes that the Beetle is interfering with his plans and he sends the Hybrid to stop him.

The Beetle manages to capture Curt and the whole ambulance and attempt to take Curt to the hospital when his ship is attacked by the Hybrid. One of the members Behemoth manages to punch right through the walls of his ship sending it into a nose dive and crashing it into a rule area somewhere in New York state. Beetle has little chance of stopping the Hybrid who came to take Curt, but lucky for Beetle the Teen Titans show up just like Mento wanted.

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