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The Blue Beetle talks to the fourth wall and explains what has been happening in the last issues. The actual story starts with the battle between the Teen Titans and the Hybrid with the Blue Beetle stuck in the middle.

In an office building in New York city Mento taunts his henchman Ralph and turns him into a talking rat and a green octopus. While his Hybrids fights the Teen Titans and the Blue Beetle.

Back in Chicago Max Fisher tells his Captain that he is going to take some time off. He does not tell him he plans on going to Pago Island to investigate the murder of Dan Garrett.

At S.T.A.R. Labs Murray Takamoto is pacing the floor while talking to Melody Case about how worried he is over the Promethium Project he had been working on. His project failed at K.O.R.D. Industries. He is fearful of what is going to happen when his boss Garrison Slate finds out. Melody on the other hand is not listening to Murray at all but she is worried about how different Ted has been acting. She fears he doesn't trust her. The whole conversation ends when none other the Slate himself walks into Murray's office.

On Pago island Conrad Carapax finds the secret lab of Jarvis Kord.. He is thrilled to find out what he believes Dan Garrett died for and yells triumphantly “I've beaten you Garrett! I've beaten you at last!”

Meanwhile the mega battle between the Hybrid, the Teen Titans and the Blue Beetle is still going on. After a long while the good guys capture most of the Hybrid or at least so they thought. Mento uses his powers to change a man named Curt Calhoun into Prometheus. Curt was covered in Promethium in a work accident and was laying in an ambulance when he is transformed by Mento. When the Titans capture and subdue everyone they know about Promethium jumps out of the ambulance ready to fight the heroes.

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A Hybrid Crossover. 0

 This is a continuation of the Teen Titans and Hybrid story and it is not very good. Blue Beetle is great and this roster of the Teen Titans is O.K. but the Hybrid sucks. They are just real hard to like even with Mento's humor. I was also not a big fan of the banter between Beetle and the Titans. It was too back-slappy, and trite. I really didn't like how the Teen Titans made Beetle look like an amateur or how willing he was to be one. The book was not bad over all and I gave it three star...

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