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  1. Cover by Paris Cullins and Bruce Patterson.
  2. Written by Len Wein, penciled by Chuck Patton, inked Dell Barras, colored by Gene D'Angelo and lettered by John Costanza.

Note: Legends Chapter 15.

Beetle battles Chronos and contends with anti superhero mobs.

Full Plot

The story opens with a barely conscious Angela Revere being wheeled into the emergency room followed by Melody Case and Jeremiah Duncan. Ted Kord has told both Melody and Jeremiah that Angela has epilepsy and that is why she didn't show up to work, lying to cover up the fact her uncle is Chronos the time thief, and he had attacked her by freezing her in time. This gets Ted in trouble with Melody because she felt Ted should have let her about Angela's condition. Jeremiah is also upset with Ted for the way he is handling his relationship with Angela. Eventually both Melody and Jeremiah leave, and Angela thanks Ted for his kindness and discretion.

As soon as he can Ted departs for his office at K.O.R.D. Industries. There he turns the red dart in the nose of a Richard Nixon dart board, lifting the hidden door to an elevator that takes Ted down into the Beetle Nest. Changing into the Blue Beetle, he climbs into the Bug Ship and takes off to find Chronos.

While walking down the street Melody reads an article about President Reagan's outlawing superheroes. As she walks down the street her purse is snatched by the future Touch 'n Go. Melody runs after the thief and even captures her for a brief second but she gets away and runs right in front of a semi-truck that hits her.

The Blue Beetle goes to Angela's house and looks for clues on what Chronos might be up to. He is seen by Angela's neighbor who reports him to the police. When he leaves, having found a clue, he is confronted by two police officers who try to arrest him. Beetle escapes on his sky wire into the Bug. There he goes over computer files about Chronos and his past encounters with the Atom.

At the hospital Melody checks in on her would be thief as they are being kidnapped by two strangely uniformed men. One of the men tasers Melody and escapes out the window onto a ladder from a waiting helicopter.

In the warehouse district of Chicago, Beetle finds Chronos's hide out. He begans to look around when suddenly Chronos himself walks in. Unseen, Beetle manages to duck into a hiding spot and observes Chronos. As Chronos eats a hero sandwich, Beetle sees his opportunity to strike.

Unfortunately for Beetle, one of Chronos's clocks goes off, giving Chronos enough time to spring a trap, creating a miniature sandstorm out of an hourglass. This allows Chronos enough time to escape in his flying sundial. Beetle quickly dissipates the sandstorm with an air blast from the BB gun. Quickly, he pursues Chronos in the Bug, entering an aerial duel that ends when Beetle jumps onto the sundial and crashes it into a fountain. Beetle finally has Chonos dead to rights when he is hit by a Coke can by someone in an Anti-Superhero mob. Beetle eventually stops Chronos but has to flee before the mob gets too violent.

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