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Angela guards a Madman
Not only is Angela  the administrator for the reception area for the main headquarters K.O.R.D Inc.  She is also friend with the owner Ted Kord as well as Ted's alternate identity as the Blue Beetle.  She is also the niece of Chronos the time thief.  Not knowing how evil Chronos could be she once let him live with her while he was out of prison.  her intention was to let him get back on his feet.  He took advantage of her hospitality to go back to a life of crime.  This caused the Blue Beetle to have a personal interest in stopping Chronos and caused Chronos to have a particular dislike for the Blue Beetle.  Blue Beetle also helped Angela when their office was attack by the Madmen.  She even took a role in guarding one of them who implied he was going to rape her by taking her someplace private to play.  Luckaly the Blue Beetle arrived in time and cracked his head.  Making the Blue Beetle her personal Superhero.

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