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Driven insane by the powers of the psychokinetic helmet he invented, Steve Dayton (Mento) plotted to recreate a twisted version of the Doom Patrol. to this end, Mento began gathering mortally wounded victims of engineered, near fatal accidents from around the world and transforming their bodies with the self re-generating element, Promethium. The results were the Hybrid, a group of individuals driven to commit crimes by Mento's psychic powers. Scirocco, Touch-N-Go, and Prometheus swelled the ranks of the Hybrid, but only Behemoth and Touch-N-Go were loyal to Mento's madness. The rest of the Hybrid resisted his powers at every opportunity. 
Using the Hybrid, Mento went after his step-son Gar Logan, now known as Beast Boy, and Logan's team mates in the Teen Titans. After several clashes with the Titans, the Hybrid broke free of Mento's control, and Mento's mind was cleansed of insanity by Raven. Confused  by their place and purpose in the world, the Hybrid took Dayton on a journey to discover their new lives. Tragically, many of them returned to villainy. Harpi, Touch-N-Go, and Scirocco joined Circe in an allout attack on Manhattan, while Gorgon, Prometheus, Pteradon and Behemoth were counted among the "Fallen Players of the House", a fight club run by the villainess Roulette.

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