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Iron Fist
After a gang war between the two crime lord of New York City, the Kingpin and Hammerhead,
 Shang Chi
  Spider-Man is caught in the middle as both of them want him to take down the one another.Not knowing what to do Spider-Man teams up with the Black Cat in order to seek justice.After finding out how she survived her last encounter with the Kingpin, they both go after Hammerhead, but Black Cat chooses Hammerhead's side who also has Elektra with him.Spider-Man feeling betrayed still chooses the right side at Moon Knight's, Shag Chi's and Iron Fist's side.Hammerhead,Moon Knight and Elektra enter in coma
Moon Knight
after being wounded almost mortally, Iron Fist and Shang Chi flee the place as Spider-Man and Black Cat does too. After unmasking Spider-Man, Black Cat vomits on Peter for seeing that he is only a kid and runs away.

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