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Once again Peter Parker is sitting in the cafeteria at his high school. Inable to stand the inane chatter any longer he runs out and skips the rest of the day. He goes to police headquarters to see Jean Dewulf. and tells her about his lunch with the Kingpin, and how Wilson Fisk had asked him to go after Hammerhead for him.Surprisingly Jean Dewulf says she agrees with the Kingpin. Shang Chi and Iron Fist meet and are sitting down at a table in a chinese resteraunt under Shang Chi's protection. In the middle of their conversation Hammerhead walks up to the two of them and asks the resteraunt owner if Shang chi is the reason he does not make payments to the Kingpin. After hearing a yes Hammerhead says now you wont have an excuse for not paying me, and shoots Shang chi. Shang Chi catches the bullet and throws Hammerhead through the window. He offers 50,000 dollars to the one who brings him Shang Chis head. During the fight, Hammerhead stands up from the sidewalk and takes aim at Shang Chi. Before he can shoot though Spiderman swings in and hits Hammerhead, severly hurting his own hand. Hammerhead grabs onto Spiderman and points the gun at his head. Before he can fire, Black Cat jumps in and saves him.

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Okay, this is just one big chaotic mess of a brawl. Of course i realise the feeling they have wanted to create as more and more people are added to the fight. Kind of like an old kung fu movie. Or at least Big Trouble In Little China. It works to, page after page nand panel after panel of nothing but fighting. All culminating into the timely arrival of The Black Cat. Who by the way is drawn quite nicely. I didn't like her last panel. Her full page shot though was great. Got to hand it to Bagley...

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