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The book opens with some criminals in a bar talking about how they address Hammerhead as the new Kingpin. There is a knock on the door and Elektra bursts in, she is there to leave their dead bodies as a message to all who would break their word with the Kingpin. We then cut to a three way discussion, two men, and one little red head girl. They are talking about Moonknight when he shows up and says "it's time". We then find out that all four people are split personalities of Jack Ryder. Back in high school, Peter and Mary Jane finally have the talk they have needed for quite awile now. Both talk but niether listen, We see Shang Chi and Iron Fist are beating their way through the underworld to find Hammerhead. They are finally led to a building Spiderman is staking out. Spiderman stands on a roof across the street wondering how someone could walk over people as Hammerhead is doing when The Black Cat comes up. The two of them talk about a potential relationship and she asks him to step away from Hammerhead. He is surprised to hear this but before he can respond they hear gunshots. Crashing into the building they land themselves in the middle of a standoff with Hammerhead, his crew and Shang Chi, and Iron Fist.

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Wow, I have to give it to Bendis, he knows how to write teenagers. Of course it has been more than a couple of years since I was one, but I remember breaking up and having to see the ex girlfriend at school. While the Hammerhead storyline continues on the main flux of this issue is the talk between Peter and M.J. I thought it was handled with class, and a touch of reality. If anything I think it was handled with a bit to much maturity. Still well done Bendis. The stuff with Black Cat wanting ...

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