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"Warriors" Parts 1 and 2 of 6. Ultimate Starts Month continues with the launch of an all-new, all-action story! The Gang War to end all Gang Wars begins! The Kingpin is in retreat--and that kind of a power vacuum won't last long. It's about to be filled by a figure of unabashed dread in the underworld: Hammerhead! PLUS, the Ultimate debut of several Marvel characters, including Moon Knight! And Spidey thinks he's had trouble before... but nothing has has ever made him declare ­ ³Peter Parker² no more!


The book opens with a young man in prison coveralls sitting in a chair, obviiously going through a parol hearing. He is saying how he would never hurt anyone again with his "Iron Fist" Back at the Warehouse, Moonknight and Spiderman are in a fight. Spiderman seems to be suitably impressed with Moon knights speed. Above them, Elektra is watching and reporting everything that is happening to the Kingpin. At the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson is talking to Ben Urich and Robbie Robertson about the appearance of "MoonMan" Ben tells JJJ that he discovered that the warehouse belongs to the Kingpin. Peter over hears this and gets angry with Kingpin. Spiderman goes to Fisk tower. When he lands on the roof. The door to the building opens, and he is told he is expected. The Kingpin welcomes him to a meal of pizza from a resteraunt he bought, just because he thought it had the best pizza. The two talk for awhile and then The kingpin tells him about Hammerhead, and how many people he has killed. Spiderman knows he should stop Hammerhead, but does not want to because it will help the Kingpin.

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Kingpin And Spiderman Face To Face 0

Did you ever read the Sandman. There was an issue where Morpheus goes to hell to get an old girlfriend back. He spent the entire issue before saying goodbye to those closest to him, expecting a huge battle with the devil. Only when he got there, all they did was talk. Well a similar thing happens here. Spiderman goes to the Kingpins tower expecting a confrontation. He is even greeted by Elektra, yet when he meets Kingpin all they do is talk. It is a very interesting conversation, that show...

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