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After Colossus breaks up with Kitty, Wolverine takes him into town for a good ol' talking-to. And that's precisely when the Juggernaut shows up!

Peter breaks up with Kitty, officially because he fell in love with an alien healer on the Secret Wars Battleworld, Zsaji. The healer died, but Peter is still carrying a torch for her. This, natch, tears up Kitty pretty badly. Wolverine is offended by this and, with Nightcrawler in tow, takes Peter out to a bar to "reason" with him. Juggernaut happened to be at the same bar, and Wolverine provokes a fight between Peter and Jugs. Wolverine keeps Nightcrawler out of it. Jugs wins, and when he wakes up, Peter demands to know why Wolverine let him down. Wolverine points out that Kitty almost sacrificed her life for Peter, agreeing on get married with Caliban and living with the Morlocks and he never said thank you and even dumped her. Selene, a villain from New Mutants, shows up in NYC. Kitty heads off for the Kitty Pryde and Wolverine mini-series. Sometime after the end of the issue, Wolverine leaves after her.

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