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Rogue attacks a SHIELD helicarrier after learning of Michael Rossi's capture. Could Rogue's recent absorption of Carol Danver's powers and memories be getting the better of her?

Rogue has flown to the X-Mansion from Japan. Checking the answering machine, she gets a call for help by Xavier’s associate, Michael Rossi, who is infiltrating SHIELD. Rogue attacks the Heli-carrier where Rossi is being roughed up by two SHIELD agents, one of whom is actually a mole for the Hellfire Club. As Rossi was searching for info on the Hellfire Club, the mole first kills the other agent, Price, and then intends to kill Rossi. Enter Rogue, who roughs him up and frees Rossi. She takes the wounded Rossi to a beach house. Rossi is surprised when Rogue acts familiar, even referring to their past together as partners and lovers. Rogue finally realizes that the Carol Danvers part of her took over when she learned that Carol’s former lover was in danger. When Rossi learns what she did to Carol, he hits her and stalks away disgusted, leaving a self-loathing Rogue. In the meantime, SHIELD director Fury decides to call an all points alert on Rogue for the attack on the Heli-Carrier.

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