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Warlock's father Magus has come to Earth to kill him, but not if Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Rogue can help it!

Nightcrawler, Rogue, and Colossus play "tag." Nightcrawler wins hands down. He also manages to trigger Rogue's 7th sense powers that she absorbed from Ms. Marvel. They find Magus, Warlock's father. Thanks to Rogue they manage to survive. Magus vanishes. Meanwhile, Rachel, Storm, Illyana, and the Prof pick up Kitty and Wolverine from the airport. Rachel has a flashback to when Kate Pryde of the future sent her back to the present. The Professor gets mugged by anti-mutant scumbags and is injured. [The X-Men/Alpha-Flight mini-series takes place between panels of this issue.]

A mysterious figure appears to drag Professor X's bloody body away. Revealed to be Callisto in the following issue.

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