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Magneto is on trial in Paris for being a bad mutant. The Prof and Gaby Haller (from issue #161) are the defense attorneys. They present an eloquent defense. Meanwhile, Fenris (a.k.a. Andrea and Andreas Strucker, the kids of Baron Strucker, also from issue #161) are framing the X-Men as terrorists. The Prof is on his last legs from all his injuries. Maddy Pryor gives birth to Nathan Christopher Charles Summers all by herself in the X-mansion. Fenris attacks the trial, Magneto saves the innocent people, but avoids capture afterwards. Charles is about to die and "wills" the X-Men and New Mutants to him. Fortunately, Lil and Corsair bamf him up to the Starjammer's ship, but have to warp out of the system soon.

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