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The deadly drug called Velocity 10 has frightening effects on the Titans in the conclusion of a 2-part adventure! The Titans have to deal with their drug-enduced speed powers that could kill them if Jesse Quick can't get them in control. And who's this new guy calling himself The Flash?

Jesse Quick helps her team-mates burn the Velocity-10 drug out of their system and to pursue the suppliers. Argent discovers that her father is behind the operation and eventually tells Jesse this. The Titans take the fight to the Monetti household, where Anthony Monetti attempts to bribe his daughter, but she turns him in, partly due to the trust she had been shown by Jesse Quick.

Plus, Troia encounters the new Flash, who unmasks for her and asks her to vouch for him; and Cheshire joins up with Vandal Savage and Tartarus.

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