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Senator Robert Pullman

During the Vietnam War, American soldier Robert Pullman had an affair with a Vietnamese woman, leaving her pregnant with a child who would later become one of the deadliest and feared assassins on the planet. The girl was named Jade and spent ten years of her childhood being raised by her mother alone until she was separated from her.

Ten years old Jade wandered through Asia trying to get back home. Soon she was kidnapped by slavers and sold into slavery. Struggling with torments of being a slave, Jade killed her master shortly thereafter, swearing that no man would ever rule her.

Wen Ch'ang

Sometime after the escape she encountered Wen Ch'ang, a freedom fighter, former member of the World War II Blackhawk Squadron. The man took her under his wing and taught her everything he knew about guerilla warfare. He also unofficially adopted her.

Jade training

At the age of sixteen Jade married Kruen Musenda, African assassin known as Spitting Cobra, who taught her everything he knew about poisons. Two years later it turned out that the student has surpassed the master as Jade poisoned Kruen which resulted in his death. After Kruen's death Jade took the alias Cheshire and officially began her career as an assassin.

Jade would later learn that her biological father Bob Pullman has abused her mother and she would go after him to take revenge.


Cheshire was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez. She first appeared in The New Teen Titans Annual #2 "The Murder Machine" (1983).

Character Evolution


She was a rival to the Teen Titans, but when Roy Harper (Speedy) was ordered by the government to gain Cheshire's trust and turn her over to the authorities, the two fell passionately in love. She did not know his true identity at the time. Roy didn't want to put her in danger and also wasn't able to turn her in, so he walked out on her with no explonation. He didn't know Jade was pregnant with his child. She gave birth to a daughter, Lian Harper, who Jade loved but could not care for due to her mercenary ways. She later left Lian behind to be raised by Roy, partially due to love she still felt for him. Jade returned to her mercenary ways, saving Deathstroke so he would aid her in a plot to steal nuclear weapons from Russia to obliterate the Middle East country of Qurac. These plans failed when her base was attacked and she had to flee. Cheshire later created her own team, the Ravens.

Cheshire volunteered to join Vandal Savage's team, Tartarus, focused on destroying the Titans. During a confrontation with the Titans and the H.I.V.E, Savage shot Cheshire to distract Arsenal. She recovered, but because of her crimes, such as destroying Qurac, she was taken into custody and sentenced to life imprisonment. The Ravens broke her out but Roy forced her back in.

Jade, Roy and Lian

She later worked with the Secret Six and had sexual relations with Catman, becoming pregnant. But when she betrayed the team to Lex Luthor's society she was shot and critically wounded by Deathstroke. Though she seemed to be dead, she showed up alive in the Himalayas with her and Blake's son, Thomas Blake, Jr.

Jade receiving a visit from Roy and Lian

She then worked with Vandal Savage again, putting hits on the members of the Secret Six, minus Catman. Eventually she took matters into her own hands and stabbed the Mad Hatter with a poisoned knife. She bartered the antidote with Catman for her own safety.

She was later seen in prison receiving a visit from Roy and Lian. She was then seen as a member of the Injustice League Unlimited, but then disappeared, most likely sent to Planet Hell, a distant prison planet, to which Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad has been sending villains.

Major Story Arcs

Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal and Deathstroke's Titans

Cheshire in Deathstroke's Titans

In then events of Justice League: Cry for Justice, Star City was destroyed by Prometheus, killing Lian. Cheshire is outraged and blames Roy for not being able to protect their daughter. She tracks him down and attempts to kill him. After a fairly even battle where they both suffer some minor injuries, they eventually stop after Cheshire realizes Roy isn't the one to blame as she breaks down in tears. Roy comforts Jade and they eventually settle their differences. However their attempt at love-making fails in the face of their shared grief, leaving them both frustrated.

Later Deathstroke creates a new mercenary team, Titans. Cheshire is one of the members he wants in his team. She refuses claiming that she is not interested. However Slade brings up Lian's death as the reason Jade lost her edge and offers her help. She agrees to join, but as it's later revealed only in order to accomplish her plan to take revenge on Slade. She later appears battling Ryan Choi with the rest of the Titans. While on the team, Jade and Roy restarted their relationship. She convinces him to betray Deathstroke when the time is right.

Cheshire's son by Catman, Thomas Blake, Jr., is kidnapped, chronologically taking place after the death of Lian. Catman goes on a murderous rampage believing the child to already be dead only to find that the man who orchestrated the kidnapping has given the boy to a loving childless couple and that the kidnapping itself was an act of revenge against Cheshire for murdering his family. Catman, after realizing the child is better left where he is, informs Jade that their son is dead which sends her into a sorrowful rage, while Blake tells his son to rest in peace after killing all the kidnappers involved. Cheshire has now lost both her children.

Currently, Deathstroke and his team arrive at South Pacific island to kill the cult leader, Drago, who overlooks the production of blind warriors. However, Cheshire and Arsenal betray him, revealing that they had been working with Drago. That alliance is short lived however when Drago soon turns on Cheshire and Arsenal as well. Drago offers Jade to become his so that she can provide him an heir. She plays along until Arsenal is able to break out along with the other Titans and Deathstroke. Deathstroke spares Drago and the Titans depart from the island.

Jade mourns as she lost her last chance of bringing back Lian

En route, they run into the Justice League of America, but manage to allude the league and make their way to Kahndaq. However the league shows up afterwards and a battle ensues. Jade engages Donna and the two exchange words and insults about their relationship with Roy. Donna proves to be too much for Jade and breaks Jade's arm. The battle proves to be in favor of the League at the start, but that quickly changes with the arrival of Tattooed Man and Deathstroke's kryptonite laced sword. Isis quickly intervenes and demands that both parties cease.

I'll Never Forgive You

The Titans return to the Labyrinth where Deathstroke reveals that he can revive the dead, including Jade's daughter Lian. Cinder is the only one to object to Deathstroke's machine and attacks the rest of the Titans, Roy objects to the use of such an object and sides with Carla as well. Carla manages to detonate the machine by seemingly sacrificing herself, and Jade stands idly watching in agony as she now loses any chances of bringing back Lian. Roy quickly pulls Jade out of the way of the explosion. Outside, Jade tells Roy she wants to leave everything that has happened recently behind her, including him and leaves.

New 52

Cheshire as she appears in the New 52

Cheshire makes her first appearance post Flashpoint in Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Cheshire was trained by Bronze Tiger alongside Jason Todd. At some point Jason decided to leave, but as Jade did not share his moral ethics she stayed and became on of the League of Assassins.

Sometime later she is sent by Bronze Tiger and the League of Assassins to gather intel on Red Hood, Starfire, and Arsenal. Once again she has an immediate infatuation with Roy Harper, teasing, taunting him and going as far as taking his hat to remember him by. As Kori forces her to retreat, she disappears stating she already has what she came for.

Powers and Abilities

Fighting Wonder Woman

Cheshire is a fromidable fighter and a brilliant tactitian. She mastered several martial arts that no longer are thought to exist as well as she mastered weapon use. She is a triple jointed acrobat which makes her moves quick and unexpected. Her speed and agility allowed her to dodge Starfire's blasts or to defeat Jesse Quick.

Fighting Donna Troy

Her great fighting and planning skills allowed her to become an absolute team buster. She is known to defeat or stalemate members of both Teen Titans and the Justice League. She used to be one of the four greatest foes of Teen Titans next to Deathstroke, Brother Blood and Trigon.

Cheshire and her poisoned claws

Jade is also an expert in poison use. According to Black Canary she is the most brilliant toxicologist since Pamela Isley. Her artificial poisoned fingernails and weapons dip in poisons make her opponents tremble. She has been seen to mix her poisons in with just about anything. The Secret Six were poisoned by her food, which is highly impressive considering that Catman with his enhanced senses did not notice it.


Jade is also a multilingualist, speaking at least: Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French and Spanish.

She is judged to be the second deadliest assassin in the DC Universe, number one being Lady Shiva.

In the New 52, Cheshire appears to have the ability to became intangible taking on a translucent green form when active,also can teleport throught a device implanted on the wrist. The teleportation ability combined with her fighting abilities make her an opponent hard to defeat even for the Outlaws with the help from Green Arrow.


  • Height: 5' 9" (175 cm)
  • Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Black


  • Identity: Secret Identity
  • Occupation: Assassin, Mercenary
  • Citizenship: Vietnamese
  • Place of Birth: Vietnam
  • Marital Status: Widowed
  • Known Relatives: Robert Pullman (biological father), Wen Ch'ang (adoptive father), Kruen Musenda (Spitting Cobra, husband, deceased), Lian Harper (daughter with Roy Harper, deceased), Thomas Blake Jr. (son with Catman)

Other Media


Teen Titans Animated Series

Teen Titans Cheshire

Cheshire makes several appearances in the fifth and final season of the Teen Titans animated series as a younger version with a cat mask, where she is drafted into the expanded Brotherhood of Evil and proves herself to be a valuable asset to the team.

She first has a cameo in "Homecoming Part 2" when the expanded Brotherhood of Evil is first seen as she stands amongst dozens of fellow Titan foes.

Later, in "Calling All Titans", she is sent out by The Brain to take out Speedy (Roy Harper) and attacking him in the forest she remains in the shadows much like a Cheshire Cat. However, when she decides to show herself, she uses her kimono sleeves to easily deflect Speedy's arrows and uses her hair and nails to take him out with ease bringing him back to the Brotherhood headquarters where he is flash-frozen.

She makes her final appearance in "Titans Together", where she helps capture Beast Boy's team when they arrive at the headquarters but when reinforcements arrive she too is overpowered and when defeated by the Titans she is flash-frozen, as payment for her crimes.

Young Justice

Wow I am completely at your mercy

In Young Justice, Cheshire first appears in "Infiltrator" in which she is working with the League of Shadows to kill Serling Roquette. It is also revealed that she has a connection to Artemis.

Cheshire's next appearance is in "Targets" where she is assigned the task of assassinating Lex Luthor at a peace negotiations conference between delegations from North and South Rhelasia. It is also shown that Ra's al Ghul

Cheshire and Red Arrow

is her master and mentor. Despite the help from Sportsmaster, the assassination attempt failed due to Red Arrow and Aqualad. Throughout this episode, Cheshire toys and taunts Red Arrow seemingly taking a strong liking towards him.

In the episode "Home Front" we see a younger version of Cheshire in a flashback from Young Justice member Artermis. Through this flashback we learn that Artermis and Cheshire are actually sisters and that she ran away when they where younger. This also makes her the daughter of Sportsmaster.

Jade leaves home

Cheshire appears once again alongside Sportsmaster, Klarion, and the Brain in "Insecurity" where they break out Professor Ivo and his equipment. The team tracks Sportsmaster and Cheshire down and a fight ensues. Cheshire mocks Artemis for her lack of skills and plays on her insecurities saying the team will never fully trust her. When Red Arrow joins the fight Cheshire exclaims that she and Red Arrow are dating much to the surprise of Artemis. Roy denies it, and Cheshire continues to flirt with Roy even managing to pin him down stealing a kiss from him.

Sorry dad, in this family it's every girl for herself

Cheshire's final appearence in Season 1 was in "Usual Suspects", where she is initially teamed with the Riddler and Mammoth. The team tracks her down. While fighting, Artemis is nearly crushed to death by an avalanche but is saved by Cheshire. She tells stunned Artemis that they are sisters after all and she does not want to see her dead. In the confrontation at Santa Prisca, Cheshire along with Queen Bee, Lex Luthor, Bane, Blockbuster, and Sportsmaster are fighting the team. While the villains try to escape, Sportsmaster and Blockbuster are trapped and left behind. Sportsmaster calls out to Cheshire for help, but she refuses to help him and disappears into the shadows.

In "Usual Suspects" it is also revealed that Cheshire's entire family was all villains at one point. Her father Sportsmaster, her mother Huntress (retired Paula Crock) and her sister Tigress (while undercover).

Young Justice: Invasion

Jade reveals the reason she left

In Season 2, it is revealed that during the five years time skip Cheshire has cut all ties with the League of Shadows to help Red Arrow (who is the clone of the real Roy Harper as it was revealed in Season 1) in his search for Speedy, the original Roy Harper. They eventually married, but it was not without fights. Jade accused Roy of being obsessive over Speedy. Sometime later Jade became pregnant, but she didn't tell Roy. Feeling that due to Roy's self-destructive drive they can't create a right environment to raise a baby, Jade left and gave birth to their daughter Lian alone. Few months later Jade returned to Roy's apartment to get him clean up his act. She introduced him to his daughter and revealed that all the time she was away, she was still searching for Speedy. She told him that while she was away she called in many favors and found the final lead to find the original Roy Harper.

Family bonding

In "Bloodlines" Cheshire and Red Arrow travel to Tibet where according to Jade's intel Speedy is kept. It is revealed that they took their daughter with them. Roy thinks it seems too easy, as the good guys were looking for the real Roy Harper for years and then she suddenly found the lead. Jade disagrees as she goes to places the good guys don't. She also seems annoyed by Roy keep calling Speedy the real Roy Harper. She tells him that she and Lian need him to be real. After fighting themselves past the guards, Lian who is held by her mother in a papoose giggles as she sees her parents defeating two men. The sound of her giggles attracts the attention of every guard in a monastery. Roy reveals his true feelings about taking Lian with them on a dangerous mission. He tells that they should have left her with Artemis. Jade disagrees as she claims that Lian's presence would keep him focused. But even all the guards weren't enough to stop them. They reached the door the guards were protecting. Red Arrow blasted open the door and found a cryogenic pod. Cheshire watched as Red Arrow caught Speedy as he fell out of the pod.

Cheshire is voiced by Kelly Hu.

Young Justice Appearences:

Season 1

  • "Inflitrator" (Episode 6)
  • "Targets" (Episode 10)
  • "Homefront" (Episode 12)
  • "Insecurity" (Episode 23)
  • "Usual Suspects (Episode 25)

Season 2

  • "Salvage" (Episode 4)
  • "Bloodlines" (Episode 6)
  • "Satisfaction" (Episode 8)
  • "Before the Dawn" (Episode 10)
  • "True Colors" (Episode 12)
  • "Complications" (Episode 16)


A version of Katana in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earth was dressed liked Cheshire from the Teen Titans.

Video Games

Young Justice: Legacy

Cheshire appears in Young Justice: Legacy as one of the bosses.

Batman: Arkham Origins

In Batman Arkham Origins Black Mask has a file of a disapproved assassin with the name "Cheshire."

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