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Little Lian

Roy Harper, who had temporarily abandoned his identity as the costumed archer called Speedy, was working undercover for the government. His assignment was to track down Cheshire , gain her confidence, and hand her over to the authorities; however, the two fell in love. Though he could not bring himself to turn her in, he knew his presence would eventually lead his employers to her; consequently, he walked out on her, vanishing in the night. It wasn't until much later that Cheshire learned his true identity.

A year later, having returned to super-heroing, Roy was among a number of Titans summoned to to prevent the sabotage of a critical international arms control meeting. It was during this encounter that he learned for the first time of Lian, the daughter brought about by his union with Cheshire. With her consent, he later took custody of Lian.

Shortly after, Roy came into conflict with Vandal Savage. Savage had discovered that both Roy and his daughter Lian were blood descendants of his, making their organs suitable for him to harvest to prolong his life. Roy was able save his daughter from Savage's manipulations. After this adventure, Roy adopted a new look to reflect his Navajo heritage.

Lian's parents, the Titan Arsenal and the terrorist Cheshire, may not be able to be together (for obvious reasons), but they both loved their daughter.

Lian is a very headstrong and knowledgeable little girl despite her young age. She is very attached to her extended family of "aunts" and "uncles", especially those in the Titans and the Arrow family. She has a strong bond with Donna Troy, whom she looks to as a mother figure.

A Cry For Justice

When the Justice League of America reformed, Roy Harper was invited to join the legendary team and became Red Arrow.

However, Roy Harper's life would soon unravel in unimaginable ways. In an insane plan to destroy the Justice League, the scheming Prometheus brutally attacked the team - wounding Red Arrow's right arm in the process. Prometheus then used his super-technology to target each of the cities the members of the Justice League called home, and the death toll was enormous. But one small loss proved most devastating; Lian was killed during the attack, after her house collapsed around her.

Sadly, Lian's death would have a more negative effect on her father than anyone would have guessed. His mind clouded by hallucinations by his infected right arm (infected by Prometheus with flesh-eating bacteria called "nanomites"), the unrelenting pain and grief eventually led to a relapse into his drug addiction. A corpse-like hallucination of Lian goaded Roy into killing Electrocutioner, Prometheus' trigger man, telling Roy to gut him like a pig.

The Consequences of Her Death

After Lian's death, Roy Harper, her father, became insane. He blamed himself for not being there to protect her, or at least to be by her side. He visited her corpse in the morgue and cried as he had never done it before. He killed her murderer.

Recently, Cheshire found him in the cemetery. She said it was his fault what happened to her daughter, but she tried to make a deal with him. She proposed that they team up to kill Deathstroke. Then, when he sees Deathstroke next he almost shot him with an arrow, but he failed on purpose. He asked Deathstroke to be part of his team. He accepted and now, Arsenal, is part of Deathstroke's Titans.

Lian's Nannies

Because of her father's job, Lian has had several nannies, which include-

  • Martin and Erika Santos - friends of Roy Harper and government spies

  • Chanda Madan - a Middle-Eastern teenager

  • Rose Wilson - the current Ravager

  • Ron - a young Asian man (deceased)

Alternate Versions

Kingdom Come

Lian Harper used the alias of Red Hood and was a member of the Teen Titans. She was a skilled archer like her father.

In Other Media

Young Justice: Invasion

Lian in Earth-16

Lian appears in a baby the episode "Salvage." Cheshire shows Red Arrow their daughter for the first time, and tells him he must end his obsession with finding Speedy, whom she believes she has managed to locate in Tibet.

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