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Cheshire is to stand trial for her nuclear attack on the Quraci capital, and Arsenal feels awful about it - she is the mother of his child, Lian, after all. He won't talk to Troia about it, which makes her all the more confused about their 'relationship'. Jesse Quick's mother, formerly the heroinne Libert Belle, tells her that she is about to get re-married.

Argent, Lian and Chanda are attacked by some powerful meta-humans who want to kidnap Lian. Argent holds them off while Chanda makes a dash for the woods with Lian and they both wait for the rest of the Titans to arrive. The bad guys, inevitably, don't work together as well as the Titans do and are soon defeated. Back on the island, with Lian safe, the Titans discover that they were up against the Hangmen. Their motive for the attack on Lian was to get Cheshire to be quiet about something. Elsewhere, Chanda berates some fellow Quraci for attacking Lian, but they deny all knowledge, saying that they've hired the best there is: Deathstroke.

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