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The Reach made themselves known to the newest Blue Beetle, Jamie Reyes.They are an alien race that travels from world to world, injecting various schemes to take them over. They attempted to seem friendly, but Jamie saw past that.

The group recently tried to gain the favor of Sinestro by combining one of his rings with one of their own scarabs in Peacemaker to create the Infiltrator, but the creation was dismantled by Blue Beetle and a Green Lantern.


Another ploy that was recently uncovered by Jamie involved a large number of volcanic cities called World-Ripper Stations. These Stations where located in N-Space, a kind of negative space that runs parallel to New Earth.

Early on in the series, Jamie and Guy Gardner caught the Reach putting something into the Antarctic. The ice eventually melted, and a villain named Typhoon discreetly mixed the substance into the air and water while pretending to simply destroy things.

The plan was for this substance to infect the people of New Earth for a hundred years, building up in everyone's systems, making them more agreeable. Then, the stations and the substance were to be pulled into New Earth's reality. The inhabitants of the stations where supposed to attack New Earth, damaging it severely, before the Reach showed up and offered to take everyone as slaves on their planets to save humanity from their dying one. And because of the substance, humanity would have accepted. Blue Beetle destroyed the stations.

The Reach is scheduled to appear in an upcoming episode of the Batman: Brave and the Bold tv show.

Young Justice (Animated Series)

Reach Technology is seen in Young Justice with Blue Beetle's suit because it is Reach technology.

Throughout Young Justice the following teenagers were captured by The Reach:

All were freed (and currently under psychotherapy from Black Canary by "The Team".

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