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Tovar was the protector of an artificial race created by The Reach as part of a one hundred year plan to enslave Earth. The plan was to slowly corupt the world with a sedation drug that would make humans easier to control when the Reach tried to take over. Tovar's job was to awaken and kill anyone who tried to intrude on his domain.

But he didn't know that.

Tovar was created with memories that suggested that he and his people ruled the underworld until the Atlanteans came and placed an evil curse upon them.He had memories of creating dozens of temples (the World-Ripper Stations) around the world. He also had memories of defeating the Lizard Sorcerers, storming the gates of Dunnoch Death-dealer, and single handedly uniting the Under Empire.

When Tovar discovered the dark reality of his existence with some help from Blue Beetle, he destroyed the World-Ripper Station, apparently dying in the explosion.

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