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Selinda Flinders and her brother Baran were born in Australia and shunned because of their superhuman abilities. Their father brought them to Doctor Helga Jace, a renowned Markovian scientist, to help them master their powers and develop a sense of right and wrong. Selinda and Baran, however, rejected their education, and became professional criminals, eventually joining Doctor Light I in his villainous organization, the Fearsome Five. Shimmer, as Selinda came to be called, and her brother, now named Mammoth, fought the New Teen Titans several times over the years and were imprisoned more than once.

The two siblings renounced crime and found peace in a Tibetan monastery. However their former teammate Psimon came seeking revenge for their betrayal of the Fearsome Five. Psimon turned Shimmer into glass and shattered her body, killing her instantly. Mammoth only barely survived. However Shimmer was resurrected by Doctor Sivana. She and Mammoth returned to a life of crime with a new Fearsome Five. Shimmer joined Alexander Luthor's Secret Society of Super Villains, along with Psimon, Mammoth, and Jinx. Shimmer was one of the villains sent to planet Salvation. She later joined up with Mammoth to kill the heroic Dr. Light, as a Christmas present for the deceased villainous Dr. Light. They failed.

She recently appeared in Teen Titans. They were working with the rest of the Fearsome Five, hired by the Calculator.


Shimmer was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, and she first appeared in The New Teen Titans #3, January 1981.

Powers and Abilities

Shimmer possesses the mutant ability of matter transmutation, which allows her to transform one element or compound into another. Her transformation only last for a few minutes, and she can only affect items within three feet of herself.

As she focuses her power through hand gestures, Shimmer's ability can be restricted by securing her wrists. There seems to be no substance that Shimmer cannot transmute, although she has a clear preference for turning floors and/or walls into poisonous cases.

Shimmer has no hand-to-hand combat and is extremely dependent upon her brother's strength for protection.

In Other Media

Young Justice

Shimmer appears working with the Cult of Kobra in the Young Justice episode "Drop Zone". Shimmer reappears in issue #16 of the tie-in comic where she steals a cobra dagger from the Star City World History Museum. She is pursued by Green Arrow and Artemis Crock, but manages to escape.

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