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Green Lantern (Honor Guard)

Status: Active

Space Sector: 904

Sector Partner: Aa

Homeworld: Dryad

Predecessor: Unknown- Brik was recruited by Hal Jordan during the first reformation

Successor: Inapplicable


Brik was recruited by Hal Jordan during the first restoration of the Green Lantern Corps. Hal discovered her on the planet Dryad, a world populated by beings composed entirely of organic rock. As befitting a stone-based race, the people of Dryad hardly move during there lifetime. When Hal Jordan offered Brik an alternative to this life of inactivity, she enthusiastically accepted and thanked Hal for giving her a chance for a new and more exciting life. Her gratitude to Jordan soon developed into a crush on the veteran Lantern. Although Hal was flattered by Brik's affection, she was not exactly his type. Not wanting to hurt his new recruit, Hal tactfully explained to Brik that relationships between Lanterns and their superiors were frowned upon in the Corps. Still, Brik would demonstrate a fierce loyalty to Jordan during the early days of the first reformation and, when the Corps was in need of new recruits again, would go on to bring Aa and Kworri to her leader's attention.

Major Story Arcs

Eclipso- The Darkness Within

For more information see: Eclipso: The Darkness Within

Brik is part of the team Kilowog puts together to go to Earth to stop the Star Sapphire from hurting more people. When the Green Lanterns get there they are surprised to see Star Sapphire possessed by Eclipso, and whats worse Hal Jordon is also possessed and the two ex lovers are trying to kill each other. Brik is part of the team that tries to stop Star Sapphire, but they can not control her and Star and Hal are able to unite their energies making it appear to blow them both up. Brik and the others fan out to try to find Star or Hal but to no avail.

Alternate Version

Green Lantern Vs Aliens

For more information see:Green Lantern vs. Aliens

Brik is one of the ex-Green Lanterns who joins Kyle Rayner on his mission to Mogo to rescue the crew of the Culuian Transport that crashed there and were in danger of being killed by the Xenomorphs that Hal Jordan had place there years earlier. During the mission Brk is taken by the Xenomorphs and is later seen trapped in the Alien Queen's chamber. Brik was already dead before Kyle could save her.

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