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Several Flash villains have been spotted around town - but Flash discovers that they are still in jail!

Who Doomed The Flash?

At the dentist's office, police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, overhears a radio news bulletin, regarding an appearance by the nefarious Mirror Master. Allen investigates the matter, as the Flash. Starting his investigation at the penitentiary, the Flash is puzzled to discover that the Mirror Master is actually still incarcerated. Patrolling Central City, the Flash encounters his old foe, the Trickster. Unable to slow his momentum in time, the Flash runs headlong into the Trickster's boxing glove missile. In the time it takes the Flash to recover, the Trickster has escaped. Returning to the penitentiary, the Flash finds that the Trickster, too, is still behind bars.

In the days that follow, Captain Cold, the Top and Captain Boomerang are all sighted in Central City. A quick check, though, reveals that none have actually escaped from prison. The Flash calls on Paul Barrett, the public defense attorney who represented all five criminals. Barrett clearly knows something but hides behind attorney/client privilege. Putting a match to his pipe, Barrett begins filling the room with knockout gas. Once the Flash has been sequestered away, Barrett opens his closet, revealing the costumes of all five criminals. A Flash costume also hangs with the criminals' attire. Putting on the Flash costume, Barrett visits the penitentiary, and asks to see the Mirror Master.

Fooled by Barrett's disguise, the warden readily agrees to the "Flash's" request. Once alone in the cell with the Mirror Master, Barrett reveals that his mind has been enslaved since the Mirror Master's trial. Barret changes clothes with the Mirror Master. Dressed as the Flash, the MIrror Master walks out of the penitentiary, to freedom. Returning to Barrett's office, the Mirror Master exchanges the Flash's costume for his own. Checking on the Flash, the Mirror Master reveals his hand in the Scarlet Speedster's current predicament. The Flash stands stock still beneath the glaring lights of several overhead lamps. Should he make one move, the room is wired to explode.

When a moth flies harmlessly into the light without triggering the explosives, the Flash hits upon a plan for escape. Loosening a recent filling on his tooth, the Flash spits the tooth into the pilot light, shattering it. The minor disruption in the current gives the Flash his window to freedom. After grilling Barrett for information regarding the Mirror Master's next crime, the Flash heads for the Dagon Payroll company. Before the Mirror Master can react, the Flash is on him. After completely disarming him of all of his weaponized mirrors, the Flash carries the MIrror Master back to jail. The Flash, as Allen, returns to his dentist, to have the filling replaced.

Kid Flash Meets The Elongated Man!

The Flash pays a call on his young protege, Wally West. The Flash has received a request for assistance from the Elongated Man. Not wishing to shelve his vacation plans with his girlfriend, reporter Iris West, the Flash asks West to step in for him. West, as Kid Flash, meets the Elongated Man, at his hotel, in Goldville, Wyoming. The Elongated Man reveals that Oakley County has been cut off from the rest of the state by increasingly inclement weather. Reaching the outskirts of town, the two heroes have to abandon the Elongated Man's car, and continue on foot. The residents of Goldville have been issued a ransom note, from the Weather Wizard, for the return of Spring. In truth, Weather Wizard's actions in Goldville are merely a prelude to an attack on the entire country. Having split up to cover more ground, the Elongated Man runs across a bank robbery.

As he pursues the fleeing criminals, the weather actually grows steadily worse around the Elongated Man. Stretching out, the Elongated Man is able to snare one of the crooks, and learns that the Weather Wizard is the true villain behind the crisis. Kid Flash discovers the Weather Wizard's Weather Control Station, and storms it. Though caught off guard, the Weather Wizard is able to conceal himself in a thick fog, before Kid Flash can get to him. Lost in the fog, Kid Flash falls easy prey to the Weather Wizard. The Elongated Man also storms the Weather Control Station, but the Weather Wizard traps him in a lightning field. Unseen, Kid Flash recovers and pulls the Elongated Man out of the lightning field. The two heroes combine their powers to defeat the Weather Wizard. With the Weather Wizard back behind bars, Spring comes, at last, to Goldville, Wyoming.

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