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A thousand years in the future, a pair of archeologist make an astonishing discovery, one of Spider-Man's old webshooters. Spider-man had been instrumental in the "Age of Superheroes" and idolized by many over the course of a millinium. The pair postulate at how the webshooter had gotten there, wondering if it was from Spider-Man's final battle.

Flashback to the present where Peter Parker is getting ready to unwind after a long day at work only to see a special report about a missing little girl. Peter quickly dons his costume and goes out to help search for the missing girl.

After being shooed away by the police on the scene, Spidey finds a back way into the sewer to help find the small child. The walls in the sewer he in searching are weak and a few times, they give way almost crushing him as they do. Spidey find the frightened child, but before he can reach her, the wall he's on crumbles crushing his arm and damaging his webshooter.

He removes the damaged equipment and webs up his arm to keep himself from further injury. After inspecting his surroundings, Spidey develops an idea on how to get the child out alive and well. He builds a web cocoon around the child and holds her on his back. He then dive down into the water and pushes off the floor to grab a ladder leading out of the sewer, not trusting the structural integraty of the walls around him.

The cops swarm him as he exits the manhole, but he gets away and a little girl's smile shows how grateful she is.

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