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Ezekiel subdues two guards and makes his way into the Tiwantinsuya temple. He's greeted by Miguel who tells him this is the last time he will be welcome there. Ezekiel insists he bleed "it" out of his system to provide the time he needs. As Miguel cuts Ezekiel's chest with his knife he tells him "when the blood is gone, the man is gone and only the spider remains".

In New York, Spider-Man chases thieves through the streets until one takes a hostage. Ezekiel arrives and disarms the thief. Deep in his spider persone, he threatens to put the thief's eye out. Meanwhile, Aunt May suggests Mary Jane take up stage acting. by leaving the theater directory out. Ezekiel comes for dinner and notices the directory in the trash. He tells MJ he can see the future with her on stage. Outside, Ezekiel reminds Peter of his recent run-ins with magic ans that something big is coming. He offers to take Peter to South America to keep Peter's family away from harm. Meanwhile, hundreds of spiders start pouring out of cracks to form the Gatekeeper.

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