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On Earth-928 the year is 2099, Miguel O'Hara worked as the head of the genetics department for the Alchemax Corporation, specializing in genetic coding and splicing. He toyed with the idea of recreating the powers of the original Spider-Man from years ago. Miguel's boss, Tyler Stone, secretly got him addicted to the drug Rapture. This highly addictive drug couldn't be worked out of the body. It was Stone's way of controlling his employees by offering them the expensive drug in return for their loyalty. Miguel decided to try to genetically cure himself by rewriting his genetic code from a sample he had taken previously. He was being watched by a competitive co-worker Aaron Delgato who attempted to sabotage his experiment by adding a random code into the process. The results cured Miguel but also gave him spider-like powers. Aaron tried to shoot him but he fell from the Alchemax building despite Miguel trying to save him. Soon Tyler sent out a cyborg bounty hunter named Venture to capture him. Miguel fled to his home to escape Venture. Grabbing a costume from a Day of the Dead celebration he fought Venture and won. Miguel began fighting crime and the evil corporation Alchemax as Spider-Man.


Spider-Man 2099 was created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi and first appeared in Spider-Man 2099 issue 1 (1992). He had however appeared before in previews in Marvel Age and Amazing Spider-Man 365.

Major Story Lines

Beginning Of A Super-Hero

Spider-man 2099

Even after receiving his new powers O`Hara continued his functions at Tyler Stone's company after his brother Gabriel's girlfriend Kasey was kidnapped by the Specialist, Miguel saw that there was still a need for Spider-Man even after the huge time gap. Using his powers he rescued Kasey from the Specialist (however he died due to Miguel's ineptitude in use of his talons) and Kasey would begin a long going crush on Spider-Man. After his daring rescue from Alchemax, the new Spider-Man was now being targeted by Stark-Fujikawa, led him a one way ticket to Nueva Tork, a city overrun and controlled by gangs. At this place Spider-Man encountered numerous gangs, one of these was ruled by a cannibalistic man named Vulture 2099 who proceeded to extend an invite to Miguel to join their gang which O`Hara declined. With the help from other gangs Spider-Man fought off Vulture and his gang, and ended up returning home, where he had gained a fan that inspired him to continue as Spider-Man.

The Crossover

Spider-man 2099 & Spider-man classic

After the series relative success Marvel decided to do a crossover with the original Spider-Man, this ended up boosting sales both ways. After a while Spider-Man and Miguel swapped places. Miguel swings around in awe through the time-period which is so adored in the future. Peter swings around in horror at the 2099 world. Miguel ends up in a fight against Venom, Eddie Brock, while Peter does the same to Vulture 2099. On a more sinister level, it seems that 1995 is the point at which the Age of Marvels was destroyed and the 2099 world becomes inevitable. Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 get together and are thrown into the future where they meet Spider-Man 2211, as well as Hobgoblin 2211 who is actually a girl and Spider-Man 2211's daughter, who is the architect of the whole evil plan of time traveling. Together the three Spider-Men managed to defeat 2211 version of the Hobgoblin, there after the two spiders went back to each of their own time with their memories intact of the happenings.

Growing Pains


After his encounter with Earth-616's Spider-Man, Miguel grew from an arrogant scientist too a justice driven superhero. As Miguel O`Hara, relationships at home were going sour, as he became more Spider-Man than Miguel O`Hara. Alongside Dana D'Angelo and Gabriel, he visited their mother Conchata, who was committed to an asylum, he confessed to his mother that he was the newest Spider-Man, only to see her break down in laughter. After he left the asylum, he faced off against Public Eye and sent a message too Tyler Stone saying he wasn't messing around anymore. He was brought by Tyler Stone to inspect a Russian sub that was left from the Cold War, during their expedition, they found out that all the crew were in fact superhuman agents left in cryogenic sleep until the start of the war, one of the agents, Chernobyl, heard them speak English and thought that the war had in fact started, he fought against Spider-Man until is body overheated and he was forced to retreat to space where his body ended up exploding, Miguel erased the data so that Alchemax wouldn't get the info. He was asked for help from is colleague Tarantella, whose lab had been attacked by a monster, after Miguel tested a piece of skin he found at the lab only too discover the monster was Tarantella himself, he then tracked him down only to find that he was calling himself Man-Spider and had kidnapped Dana, after Spider-man won the battle he copied the file of Tarantellas work for himself and erased the rest.

Spider-Man VS Thanatos


After hearing an explosion in fellow colleges lab Jordan Boone, Miguel went to help, only to be insulted by Boone who was frustrated by is life long work having been a failure, who proceeded to apologized too O`Hara. A bit later Spider-Man had to rescue Tyler Stone and Dana from Thanatos, not wanting to put Dana in danger he offered to switch places with Dana as an Hostage, which Thanatos accepted. Tyler and Spider-Man were taken to the virtual unreality project, which had been developed by Jordan Boone. Boone taunted Thanatos only too be knocked into the portal, as something pulled itself through the portal, that something was not Boone. The new character was named Net Prophet, when Thanatos tried too attack the Prophet, Spider-man jumped in to intervene only to be sent alongside Thanatos into the portal. Spider-man started too hallucinate that he was being attacked by Thanatos who was in a monstrous from, he bit himself in order to stop hallucinating. After hearing a voice he headed towards it, only to wake up in his apartment, believing everything too be a dream, then he found the Net Prophet, bleeding next too him. After performing a quick surgery too the Net Prophet, he asked Miguel to take him where the people truly need help were, after a confrontation in the St. Patrick church Spider-Man saved Father Jennifer, the Net Prophet decided to stay in O`Hara's world a bit more in order to fully experience it, before returning to is own world.

Teaming Up With Captain Marvel

Spider-Man 2099 and Captain Marvel

Not much later Captain Marvel and Starfox were transported to 2099, upon their arrival they were attacked by the Time Authorities, only for Spider-Man to arrive at the scene and join the battle, during this Captain Marvel requested for the S-man to be their guide in 2099, to which O`Hara refused and proceeded escape during the ruckus. He was still tracked down to is own apartment by Captain Marvel and Starfox, after a quick brawl Captain Marvel told Spider-Man that they were trying to stop a villain named Thanatos that was messing with time, upon hearing his name Miguel agreed to assist the duo as they made their way to Alchemax. The battle was short because Thanatos sent all three heroes into an alternate time where Maestro ruled the world. Captain Marvel and Spider-Man teamed up to faced Maestro and is minions to by enough time for Starfox to steal Doctor Strange's amulet and cloak, which gave the battle balanced, only to have Thanatos teleport Captain Marvel and Starfox away leaving Spidey alone to face Maestro, as the unbalanced battle raged Spider-Man was defeated and left to be executed by Maestro when Captain Marvel and Starfox were finally able to defeat Thanatos and teleports the S-man back to safety, as the heroes went back to their own times Thanatos was left defeated and the time line secure.

The Coming Of Thor 2099

Thor 2099

Spider-Man got into a battle with Blood-Sword and his gang. He beat Blood-Sword and destroyed his weapon. Some Thorites saw the battle and began to chant at Spider-Man and one woman even asked him to heal her child. Miguel had been sent to Alchemax’s newest project a floating city known as Bifrost and “Valhalla” by the Thorites building it. It soon became the site for the return of Thor and Heimdall (however they were in fact not the real deal but two humans who were granted powers and given computer chips to make them believe they were true gods by Jordan Boone). After an argument Thor attacked Miguel and tossed him off Bifrost. However Miguel was able to change into his uniform and fought the two “Gods” as Spider-Man. He took Heimdall’s sword and used it against Thor, but Spider-Man failed again and was sent off the Bifrost again and Thor throw Mjolnir after him but Spider-Man escaped before he was killed by the weapon. Spider-Man along with the Punisher returned to Bifrost. After joining up with Doom, The X-Men and Ravage the heroes defeat Thor and Doom takes over the city.

Blood-Sword found Thor’s hammer and renamed himself Blood-Hammer and has people gathered around him even Spider-Man’s mother. Miguel tries to talk reason to his mom and the crowd but is caught and bound, ready to be killed. However he escapes and defeats Blood-Hammer and leaves with his mom. Miguel goes home to Gab and Dana and lies saying Spider-Man saved his life. He later finds that Lyla has malfunctioned. Spider-Man finds out the whole central computer grid is damaged and all the machines are acting wrong. After saving Hikaru-Sama and Dana he goes to Gab’s finding his brother trapped in the Cybernet and he enters to save him using old tech finding the man causing the trouble named Discord. Miguel does battle with Discord and with help from Gab is able to beat Discord and Gab reveals he know Miguel O'Hara is Spider-Man. Next Spider-Man fights a group of women known as Maryjanes. These women have “Black cards” meaning they have so much money they feel they can get away with murder. Spider-Man stops them and destroys their cards. At the time SIEGE had taken Kasey to the offices of Stark- Fujikawa to pay the debt Hikaru-Sama owed. There Kasey became Payback and was given enough power to help Spider-Man however a cyborg named Risque who is Venture’s sister beat her but she was defeated by Spider-Man.


Tyler and Dana soon begin to grow closer and even go out on a date. Spider-Man while in Nightshade meets a robot named Junior that takes on identity combined of Spider-Man’s and Venom’s and tries to violently become Spider-Man’s friend. The robot starts calling itself Flipside and acts like a lunatic. Flipside and Spider-Man fight and although Spider-Man destroys the robot it is seen repairing itself.

(Not Dr.) Strange

On vacation with Xina in Mexico Town Miguel ran into his brother and Kasey again. Meanwhile a man named Fernando Morgez was attempting to resurrect his deceased sister Anita with a spell. Sadly the spell did not work right and instead created zombies from a local graveyard. Miguel had seen the spell performed and the bright light from it had temporarily blinded him to due his sight. After recovering he went to investigate. While doing so Spider-Man met the current Sorceress Supreme known as Strange. The two heroes stopped the undead forces and Morgez took his own life out of guilt for his failure. As Miguel, Xina, Kasey and Gabriel went home they found the country was now run by Doom and his officers took Miguel.

Doom 2099

After arriving at the White House Doom was impressed by Miguel. Tyler who was now Doom’s corporate Minister gave Miguel the job as CEO of Alchemax. Later Spider-Man protected some Spiderites and became Doom’s Minister of Supernormal Affairs. Tyler Stone was later shot by Conchata who also hold Dana hostage.

Venom 2099

Venom 2099

Dana escaped and Tyler lived and was taken to a hospital. Meanwhile Venom 2099 appears and kills Blood-Mace. Miguel arrives at the hospital upset that Dana and Tyler are together since Tyler is his father. Venom later attacks Tyler at the hospital while Miguel and Dana are there. Miguel leaves and goes to change into Spider-Man. Spider-Man and Venom begin to fight. The battle rages in and out the hospital and although SHIELD arrives they are useless, in the end Venom vanishes. However he later attacks Miguel at Alchemax and threatens Dana and Xina. Miguel chooses Xina to save, but as Venom tries to kill Dana he slashes his arm with his talons and Venom just thinks he has a weapon. Venom flees with Xina and Miguel orders SHIELD to kill him. They later find and attack Venom and Mig changes to Spider-Man and finds that Venom has Dana too. He once again does battle and as the SHIELD agents arrive they fire at Venom only for him to be unharmed and the blast to kill Dana and Spider-Man begins to grieve. Back at Alchemax Miguel finds that Venom is weak to sound. He blasts noise from the city speakers weakening Venom and arrives and attacks him. He tries to kill him when the symbiote leaves its host. It turns out the host was Kron Stone, Tyler’s other son. Back at Alchemax he has both Kron and the suit imprisoned. Miguel goes home to find that a female priest Father Jennifer was Dana’s sister and she wanted to know what happened to her sister. He shows her Kron’s videos telling how he got the symbiote and faked his death and wanted to finish off his father after he heard of his shooting.

Goblin 2099

Goblin 2099

Spider-Man goes to see his brother Gabriel when he is suddenly attacked by the Goblin 2099. The two begin to fight high in the sky. After the Goblin uses a hallucinating dust Spider-Man is able to close his eyes and get the drop on the Goblin, but he shows false images of Spider-Man making him look like a tool of the corporations and not a hero. People begin to shot at him meanwhile Valhalla begins to fall apart.

Miguel got the people out of the White House but couldn’t find Doom and later sees Thorites and the Vulture kill a Spiderite. He fights them off and goes to Dana’s funeral but can’t say anything and ends up talking to the girlfriend of the dead Spiderite. He later informs Tyler of his rise to power and although Tyler tells Miguel he’s his son Miguel says he knew. Miguel tried to see Xina but couldn’t find her and went to his office to find his mom as his secretary. The building was soon attacked by a group led by a man named Boru. Spider-Man fought him but Conchata ended it by giving him a meeting with Miguel.


Later Spider-Man had to save one of the researchers on New Atlantis from Sharks. He told him about the new Atlanteans and Miguel left not knowing the man was a double agent. He tried to talk to the board but also needed to go speak to Boru. He went downtown to talk but it flooded. Miguel change into his costume and went off to fight the new Submariner Roman. Roman was using the giant monster Giganto to attack the city. Spider-Man fought with Roman till he gained the horn used to control Giganto and sent him away. He finished his fight with Roman and was able to beat him. He went back to Alchemax and found his mother about to shot Tyler again, but stopped the gun with a webline. Tyler said he knew Miguel was Spider-Man and Miguel shot him but it was really only hologram.

The End?

Spider-Man got into a fight with the Goblin and during the battle discovered that it was in fact his brother Gabriel who was jealous of his brother and wanting power. The Goblin was able to escape from his battle with Spider-Man. Meanwhile the Atlanteans attacked the city as it flooded and Vulture was intent on bringing down the Alchemax building. During the battle Tyler was murdered by the Atlantean General Dagim and Conchata was thought to have perished. Spider-Man was able to escape and learned that Gabriel was in fact not the Goblin and the Goblin was actually a shapeshifter.

The World Of Tomorrow

Spider-Man 2099-Ready for action!

While in the Savage Land, the Invisible Woman asked if Spider-Man would become the new President of the new society but he refused the offer. Soon a strange man appeared and advised the heroes that a city in the sky had appeared. Spider-Man along with members of X-Nation went to see what the man was talking about and their ship was destroyed. Spider-Man regained consciousness on board a ship about to be examined by robots. However he escaped and found Xina. He wanted to know where Wulff and Uproar where but she said they were probably in the very dangerous infected area but he still went there. However he found Doom instead who told him it was the Phalanax invading and although he was unsure Doom told him if he didn't help he would murder Gabriel. They were soon attacked by Magus who absorbed Spider-Man. Doom and Xina ran away and due to modifications to his suit Miguel got free. He found the two in time to see Xina infect Doom. However Doom beat the infection and the party left only to be attacked by Winnand Nostromo. While Doom diverted the attackers Miguel armed himself ready to kill Nostromo, but instead Doom uploaded a virus into him to destroy the Phalanax. Winn also betrayed the Phalanax as well. Doom sacrificed himself to destroy Magus while the others left. Miguel found Doom's mask telling him how to find his brother and he gave his Spider-suit to Nostromo now ruler of Latveria.

Miguel then remade Alchemax and he and Xina were wed. His mom found the Goblin who pretended to be Gabriel and Miguel and Xina revived Captain America who gave him Thor's hammer before being lost in space. He used the power to create a new age of peace. He lived for a thousand years and after finding Steve Rogers again he gave him back the hammer so he could live a life of piece and rest.

Superior Showdown

2099 Vs Superior

After anomalies in the 2099 timestream are detected caused by the events of Age Of Ultron so Miguel heads to Alchemax and realizing how bad the damage is travels back in time to the Heroic Age in order to help repair the damage where he had a confrontation with the Superior Spider-Man who was in the process of attempting to apprehend Tiberius Stone. Miguel's grandfather Not knowing that Doctor Octopus is currently Spider-Man Miguel refers to him as Peter which drives Superior into a rage and cause him to attack Miguel. The two eventually team-up to prevent a timestream meltdown. Miguel debates killing his grandfather to prevent the foundation of Alchemax and rewrite the 2099 timeline but decides against it as it could have far worse ramifications. He also discovers that Stone has destroyed the portal leaving him stranded in the current 616-verse. Ushering in the formation of Alchemax. To help guide the company Miguel becomes Tiberius's assistant under the name of Micheal O'Mara with the aid of his computer Lyla.

Goblin Nation

Miguel and Peter attack the Goblin Army

Spider-man 2099 later appeared to help the Superior Spider-man fight off the Goblin King's army. Both of them were then attacked by next gen spider-slayers built under the command of J. Jonah Jameson to capture Superior. Fortunately with his 2099 tech Miguel was able to shut them down however to his surprise they were rebooted by Osborn not a few moments later. Norman then gave Superior the option to stay and fight or go find Anna Maria Marconi an option that Doctor Octopus took, leaving Miguel to face the robots alone much to his shock and calls him an imposter knowing that the real Spider-Man would never abandon his allies.

After a vicious fight Miguel is left a bit worse for the wear but victorious over the spider-slayers. He then teams up with the real Spider-Man who is back in control of his body and explained the situation. While Peter went off to face the Goblin King, Miguel began evacuating the Alchemax employees.

New Spider-Man 2099 Series

In order to stop his sworn enemy Tyler Stone, the Head of Alchemax, from disappearing out of time, Spider-Man 2099 traveled to the year 2013. Unknown to Stone, he is Miguel's biological father thus if he is erased from time, Miguel may also cease to exist. After being sent back in time by Alchemax scientists, Miguel soon discovers the time stream is being unknowingly damaged by his grandfather Tiberius Stone. Miguel soon bumps into the Superior Spider-Man and has to rescue Tiberius from him. A combination of Horizon Lab scientists, Miguel, Tiberius and Superior Spidey manage to stop the time dilation however Miguel O'Hara is know stuck in the year 2013.

Shortly afterwards Liz Allan's Allan Chemicals completes their aggressive takeover of Horizon Labs and in order to keep an eye on Tiberius Stone, Miguel takes a job as his personal assistant in the guise of Michael O'Mara.

Now stranded in the present day (616-verse) Miguel continues his job at Alchemax until an agent from T.O.T.E.M comes to kill him for being in the wrong timeline and restore balance. The two fight through Alchemax until Miguel ends up in the office of Liz Allan. Upon seeing Liz Allan the agent offers Miguel a deal. His life in exchange for Liz Allan's as the time anomaly is caused by both her and Miguel and removing one means the other can live. Miguel pretends to accept the offer and uses the distraction to turn the agent's own weapon on himself before escaping. After his leave Liz Allan realizes that Spider-man 2099 most likely works for Alchemax and begins searching for him.

After attempting to patch things up with his janitor who seems to have a taken a dislike to him whom Miguel recognizes as a girl he had saved from a mugging who's name he discovers is Tempest, Miguel is confronted by Liz Allan at his apartment who after doing some research has discovered that Miguel's alias is a fraud. She accuses him of being Spider-man and to throw her off Miguel uses his holographic suit to produce a furturistic looking costume and explains that he is from the future and Stone's grandson and that he is here to help him achieve his full potential which manages to throw Liz away from believing he is Spider-man. The two have a brief conversation which ends with Liz kissing him before leaving. Tempest then reappears and explains to Miguel that she has leukemia and thanks him for the flowers he brought earlier before leaving.

Under Liz's orders Miguel accompany's Tiberius Stone to Transabal in order to facilitate the sale of Spider-Slayers. Upon arriving they are attacked and Tiberius is captured by the rebels opposing the current regime. Miguel now in his 2099 suit races to find Stone knowing that if the rebels kill him he will fade from existance. Miguel eventually finds the rebel hideout but before he can save Tiberius the Scorpion who was apparently working as Alchemax's security attacks and threatens to kill everyone unless they release Tiberius. When they refuse Miguel steps in and he and Scorpion have a brief fight that ends when the Scorpion reveals that all the Spider-slayers are active and converging on Miguel due to him being Spider-man.

Spider-man and Scorpion briefly clash until Miguel is forced to give hm the slip due to the army of Spider-slayers. The Scorpion enraged by his disappearance sets the Spider-slayers on surrounding civilians. Miguel uses Lyla to coat Scorpion in a hologram of Spider-man causing the Spider-slayers to turn on him. Meanwhile Tiberius escapes when the building he is being held in collapses. His life is also saved by the woman who captured him at the expense of her own. Miguel and Tiberius head to the original buyer of the Spider-slayers where Tiberius reveals he no longer wishes to sell them due to the man potentially using them on his own people. Miguel and Tiberius then enter a vehicule where Stone introduces Miguel to Mac Gargan.



Spider-Man 2099 has powers similar to the modern day Spider-Man. He has superhuman strength, agility, durability, speed, reflexes, eyesight. His healing abilities are also heightened and he healing factorbut more advanced that it grants a degree of longevity . He has spinnerets in his forearms able to shoot organic webbing out of his wrist.

Miguel also has retractable talons that come out of his fingers and toes that allows him to climb any surface. They can also be used offensively. They've been shown to be able to cut and grab most objects but, were ineffective against Thanatos' armor.

He also has fangs that secretes poison if he bites someone. The poison of these fangs appear to paralyze Spider-man "victim". The poison has been shown to be powerful, affecting people like the Sub-Mariner and even Thanatos.

Miguel also has genius-level intelligence and is especially gifted in genetics.


He doesn't have any extra sense like Spider-Man's danger sense, but makes up for it with all his enhanced senses, and doesn't web-swing as much as Spider-Man either, but is able to travel as fast as the Original Spider-Man is. Instead he uses a web cape for gliding. His "web cape" was given to him by a "Thorite". One of Thor's worshipers. This Thorite believed that Spider-Man is the Harbinger of Thor, and gave it to him, because, as the Thorite so rightly put it, "The Spider-Man must be masked".

His costume is composed of Unstable Molecule Fabric (UMF). This allows Miguel free use of his talons without the risk of damaging his suit.

Alternate Realities

Exiles (Earth-6375):

Spider-man 2099 & The Exiles

During a battle when the inter-dimensional team known as the Exiles visited Earth-928, from before Doom 2099 took over the United States. It was here that Miguel's identity was exposed to the entire world when he was unmasked by Hulk 2099, who was possessed by Proteus. This resulted into the creation of an alternate 2099 reality, known as Earth 6375. Rather than being hunted by Alchemax, Miguel decided to join the Exiles in trying to fix time-lines that went wrong. He had remained with the team for various missions, his intellect helping to save the day on many ocassions. When all of the members were scattered throughout different realities, Miguel was thrown into the past of his own reality and decided to settle on that alternate earth (Earth-6375) with a new girlfriend, that reality's Mary Jane Watson.

Not much was heard from Miguel untill a few months later, when he noticed, thanks to some Exiles equipment he took with him, that a group of beings known as the Inheritors had been killing Spider-like heroes through the multiverse. Miguel had taken it upon himself to warn other heroes of this looming thread. While he was spying on one of the Inheritors, Morlun, the foe noticed his presence. Miguel quickly aborted the spying and tried to travel to Earth 616 to warn his Earth 928 counterpart (whom was currently staying in that reality) about Morlum. But right at the moment that Miguel made contact with that reality, and was about to travel through it, he was caught and killed by Morlun. His girlfriend was left behind in grief and disgust. It was later revealed that the 'main' Spider-Man 2099 of the 928 reality had received the Exiles armband from the Exiles' Spider-Man 2099. It was used by him in order to help the other Spider-Men in defeating the Inheritors.

Spider-Man 2009:

Spider-man 2099 & Human Torch 2099

A different version of Spider-Man 2099 appearaned in the Time-Storm mini-series. That story paired him and the original Spider-Man together once again, this time around, Spider-Man 2099 was just a teenager who got his powers from energy from the Time-Storm and spider DNA and out for the first time as Spider-Man and didn't know how to use his powers completely. Though he was nearly killed, Miguel O'Hara managed to rescue Peter from Scorpion 2099, and the two heroes took down the freak of science. Later Miguel fought Human Torch 2099, an Atlantean with control over fire, Human Torch 2099 soon offered to train Miguel in the art of combat.

Larval Universe 2099 (What the--?!):

Spider-Ham 15.88

In this reality, Miguel O'Hara is turned into Piguel O'Hara, a laboratory janitor who got bathed in spider venom and was granted spider-like powers. He then became the hero, Spider-Ham 15.88 . He has allot in common with the original Spider-Ham.

Other Media


Spider-Man Unlimited

This short-lived show was originally going to be an adaptation of Spider-Man 2099. Though it ended up starring Peter Parker, certain elements from the 2099 comics could still be felt.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Spider-Man 2099 appears in the four-part "Spider-Verse" crossover in Season 3, voiced by Freddy Rodriguez. He is one of the alternate Spider-Men who teams up with Peter Parker.

Video Games


The Spider-Man 2099 costume was available as an alternate costume for Peter Parker in both Spider-Man and its sequel, Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Spider-Man 2099 is an alternate costume that can be unlocked on the Wii version of the game. It is also a downloadable mode for the PC version.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

In the Spider-Man game, the tablet of Order and Chaos has been broken, and the four fragments scattered across different Spider-Man Universes. One of these universes being Spider-Man 2099's home universe. Along with different gameplay for each universe, Spider-Man 2099 will fight the Hobgoblin 2099, Scorpion 2099, and Doctor Octopus 2099. He is voiced by Dan Gilvezan.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time

In the game Spider-Man Edge of Time, Peter Parker and Miguel O' Hara must work together to fixed a timeline gone wrong and prevent the untimely death of Peter Parker. He is voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Video Game

In this game Spider-Man 2099 costume appears as an alternate costume to Peter Parker.

Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man 2099 is a playable character in this mobile game.


The Web Warriors figures
  • Toy Biz released a Spider-Man 2099 figure for The Amazing Spider-Man line.
  • Hasbro released a Spider-Man 2099 figure for the Spider-Man Origins line.
  • Hasbro released a Spider-Man 2099 figure for the Marvel Universe line.
  • Hasbro released a Spider-Man 2009 figure as part of the Marvel Legends Hobgoblin "Build-a-Figure" wave.
  • Hasbro released a Spider-Man 2099 figure as part of the Titan Heroes line.
  • Hasbro released a Spider-Man 2099 figure for the Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors line.

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