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Stronger than a locomotive

The issue opens with Power Girl breaking through the roof of Gotham City’s Central Electronics factory, interrupting a robbery in progress. The thieves’ boss is looking for the micro-transformers produced by Central, and claims that even Power Girl can’t stop them. Power Girl goes about proving them wrong, by taking out three of the four high-tech thieves. A ricocheting bullet delays Power Girl from apprehending the fourth thief, who flees the scene. The thief uses a high-tech escape vehicle, and takes a detour through the Gotham City Rail Line. This barely slows Power Girl down, who catches up to the thief, and disarms his explosive suicide jacket.

The G.C.P.D. arrives on the scene, as does the press. One pushy reporter, Andrew Vinson of the Daily Globe, believes the people need to know all about Power Girl. Power Girl wishes her privacy respected, uses her super-strength to intimidate Vinson into leaving her alone. Power Girl leaves the city, desperate to escape the crowds.

Power Girl relaxes outside the city, thinking back on her life. He remembers her life on Argo City, when Zor-L and Allura, her parents, put her in an escape pod to escape Argo City’s death. Her rocket sent her to Earth, to become Power Girl. After calming down from her trip down memory lane, Power Girl goes to return to Gotham. However, Vinson appears a step behind, and is captured by the mysterious boss of the thieves Power Girl defeated earlier.

Back in Gotham, even more thieves are breaking into Central Electronics, outfitted in the same gear as the earlier ones. This time, there are much more than four, and they are equipped with laser rifles and a robotic walker. None of these new toys stops Power Girl, and she defeats these new thieves. Just as the press shows up again, however, Andrew Vinson comes flying in encased within an armored suit and blasts Power Girl.

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