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Hawkman’s starship, carrying Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Adam Strange, Sardath, and Alanna, arrive in Thanagar orbit. Their goal is to stop the war between Thanagar and Rann. With Justice League villain Kanjar Ro now ruling Rann, the heroes must stop him from conquering Thanagar.

Hawkman vs. the Manhawks

As the ship approaches Thanagar, Adam Strange launches himself against the Rann forces. Hawkman brings his ship down hidden behind the Veil of Valmoora. While Alanna and Hawkwoman set up base behind the veil, Hawkman goes to meet his commanding officer Andar Pul in Thanaldar. However, while en route, Hawkman is attacked by Manhawks for breaking “curfew.” Hawkman defeats the Manhawks, but has no idea what has happened on Thanagar since his absence.

In space, Adam is stunned by an energy blast, and falls to Thanagar. Meanwhile, Hawkman has reported to Andar Pul. Pul reveals the Equalizing Plague was cured by Hyathis, the ruler of Alstair and former enemy of both Kanjar Ro and the Justice League. After being cured, the Thanagarians named her monarch of Thanagar. She then built her own personal army made up of the Manhawks and dedicated Thanagarians. Pul, glad that Hawkman has returned, orders him to join forces with Hyathis to defeat the Rannians. However, realizing that both Kanjar Ro and Hyathis must be defeated, becomes a traitor and flees before Pul can have him arrested.

Hyathis has been alerted that Hawkman has turned traitor, and enlists the help of her newest ally: Shadow Thief. Shadow Thief leads a Shadow Squad of Thanagarians to hunt down Hawkman. While the hunt is on, Hawkman and Adam Strange meet back at the Hawks’ ship, and compare notes. Adam Strange believes that the entire fleet is a distraction, and that Kanjar Ro will use the Zeta Beam to teleport assassins in to kill Hyathis.

As the group try to get to Hyathis, they are attacked by the Shadow Squad, Manhawks, and Thanagarian Wingmen. Hawkman busts into Hyathis’ throne room just as Kanjar Ro appears via Zeta Beam. Hawkman defeats Kanjar Ro, and saves Hyathis’ life. However, when Hawkman refuses to acknowledge her as Thanagar’s queen, she banishes him and Hawkwoman. The Hawks drop off Adam Strange and his family back on Rann to calm his people down after Kanjar Ro’s reign before returning to Earth.

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