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Continued from last issue. Adam Strange, Hawkman, and Hawkwoman in Hawkman’s ship have arrived at Rann. The planet is under siege by the Thanagarians. Hawkman’s ship is hit in the space battle, and the ship crash lands on Rann. As the three survivors assess their situation, and deal with the escape of the Shadow Thief, a group of Rannians discover them. These Rannians, calling themselves the Undergrounders, are bring led by Strange’s friend Sardath. The Undergrounders are fighting against the races that have conquered Rann, and the trio joins them.

The Undergrounders are attacked by the Kirri, one of the races holding Rann. The Undergrounders hold off the Kirri, and manage to escape via Zeta-Flare to their underground base on Crater Island. There, Sardath begins repairs of the Hawks’ starship. Strange finds out that his wife, Alanna, has been captured by the High Deleon, the leader of all of these races. Strange prepares to rescue her, and is talked down by Sardath. With the Hawks here, they could come up with a plan of attack that might work.

Kanjar Ro, ruler of Rann

Meanwhile, Alanna is being held in Ranagar, Rann’s capital. Alanna is brought before the High Deleon, who turns out to be Kanjar Ro. Kanjar Ro, after his last defeat at the hands of Adam Strange and the Justice League, has united the enemies of Rann. Using his Cosmic Rod, Kanjar Ro led the assault on Ranagar. Now, he plans to keep Alanna hostage in case Adam Strange tries to stop him.

Adam, together with the Hawks and squads of Undergrounders, assault Ranagar. The squads are all equipped with weapons capable of fighting against the abilities of each of the races. Once in Ranagar, Adam spots Alanna in a tower window. However, Alanna is bait, and the tower explodes. Hawkman saves Adam and Alanna, and Alanna fills them in on the High Deleon.

Since Alanna’s last seen Kanjar Ro, Ro has organized a counter-offensive to the Thanagarian assault on Rann. Ro has taken Rann’s fleet to Thanagar to enact revenge on Thanagar’s assault on Rann. Adam Strange, Alanna, Hawkman, and Hawkwoman must head to Thanagar to stop Kanjar Ro.

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