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Brainwave laments in his hidden lair that he cannot find Power Girl to enact his revenge. This is because, after the events of last issue, Power Girl has created a secret identity of Karen Starr, software designer. Thanks to Wonder Woman, the knowledge of software programming was implanted in her brain. And thanks to Andrew Vinson, she has gotten a job at Ultimate Computer Corp.

While at UCC, Power Girl discovers that Keystone City, the home of the Flash, has just disappeared. Power Girl streaks to Keystone City, to find a hole in the ground. U.S. Army troops have surrounded the site. When Power Girl appears, an image of Brainwave appears. Brainwave threatens the destruction of the home cities of every member of the Justice Society until they surrender. Brainwave has his tripod battle wagons materialize, and go after Power Girl.

Unlike the last two times Power Girl faced Brainwave’s men, they are now armed to take on the entire Justice Society. They fire their energy weapons at the Army forces, making them disappear. Power Girl manages to take a couple of the battle wagons and save some of the army troops, but she too is hit with an energy weapon, vanishing from sight.

Power Girl appears at Brainwave’s new headquarters, the former laboratory of Jay Garrick stuck in limbo along with the rest of Keystone City. Brainwave has captured the Flash Jay Garrick and the Green Lantern Alan Scott, encasing both of them in spheres designed to hold them. Power Girl also appears in a sphere which is designed to withstand her strength. Power girl uses her strength and her leverage to break the bubble. While Flash and Green Lantern ask for Power Girl to free them, Power Girl thinks she can handle it herself.

However, Brainwave has a backup plan. From a fourth sphere emerges a creature Brainwave calls “the embodiment of pure physical power.” This green-skinned mindless creature attacks Power Girl, but Power Girl starts tossing Brainwave’s men at the creature. The mindless creature attacks them, allowing Power Girl to free Flash and Green Lantern. Power Girl uses her new knowledge of computers to return Keystone City back to Earth, with Flash, Green Lantern, and a captured Brainwave in tow.

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