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First time in the helm

Sam Alexander is a 15 year old from Carefree, Arizona who lives with his parents and younger sister. His father always told him stories of adventures in space and the Nova Corps, however Sam always believed him to be a drunk. One day when he comes home, Sam discovers his father missing and has an accident while looking for him. Waking up in hospital, he is greeted by Gamora and Rocket Raccoon, who inform Sam of his fathers true legacy as a member of the Nova Corps, leaving Sam his helmet. After putting on the helmet, Sam discovers a recorded message from his father and begins to test out his new found abilities, and flies to the moon and finds the Watcher. After the Watcher tells Sam of a coming alien invasion Sam returns home and meets Gamora and Rocket Racoon who train him to use his abilities properly and then sends him into space to stop the approaching Chitauri armada.


Sam was created by writer Jeph Loeb for the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. He was introduced in the comics as part of the Avengers vs. X-Men crossover event, in a similar fashion as DC's second Aqualad , Marvel's Reptil and the new White Tiger, who was also created for Ultimate Spider-Man. The character was named after Loeb's son Sam, who passed away due to cancer in 2006.

Major Story Arcs

Avengers vs X-Men

Sam racing to Earth after the destruction of Birj

The new Nova (Sam Alexander) first appeared while trying to warn the cosmic dictator Terrax of a massive threat approaching his home world of Birj. Instead of listening, however, Terrax decided to fight with Sam before rejecting the warning, forcing the young hero to flee.

Soon after, Phoenix Force arrived and destroyed the planet of Birj as Nova had predicted. Sam sped off towards Earth to warn the planet of the approaching Phoenix Force. Pushing himself to his limits, Sam revealed that he was originally from the Midwest and that he was relatively new to being part of the Nova Corps.

As he approached the Earth, Sam accidentally missed the downshift required to make a steady descent and found himself unable to control himself as his rate of descent increased beyond exponentially.

The situation deteriorated quickly when Sam accidentally tore through both the wing of a commercial jet and broke off the upper levels of the Chrysler Building. Though Sam managed to swerve around an oncoming news chopper, he could not stop himself from slamming into several more buildings in the downtown area.

Avengers to the rescue.

The Avengers, who had just finished averting the even greater disasters that could have been caused by the falling plane and the top portion of the Chrysler Building, found a heavily disoriented Sam laying in a smoldering crater.

When Sam realized that the Avengers were standing over him, he tried to tell them of the coming danger, but could only manage "It's coming..." before falling into a coma. The Avengers hurried Sam to a hospital.

In the final issue of AVX, Sam managed to tackle Cyclops in the final battle. For his actions in the event, Thor invites him to join The Avengers.


Sam Alexander is told tales from his father about his time in the Nova Corps as part of the Nova centurion group. He tells a tale about when he above the planet Moord with his Nova centurion friends attempting to rescue Rocket Racoon and Gamora from the Badoon who have captured them. After rescuing them the three Nova centurions (the other two being the so called Titus and Mister Z’zz) and Rocket Racoon blast away all the Badoon guards off the spaceship ad then make their way back to their own ship but are stopped by a Badoon ship that attempts to kill them but Sam’s father destroys the ship and they escape in the ship and Titus fixes Sam’s father up after he was winded after he blew up the ship.

6 months later back home Sam is helping his dad fix a toilet while his Dad tells him his stories of being a Nova centurion. Sam takes him home after his Dad is finished and helps him get into bed and to sleep and is annoyed with his dad and all his stories about the Nova corps. Sam talks to his mother and complains about his dad and then goes to bed.

The next day Sam goes to school but is attacked by a bully but is called away by a teacher who wishes to talk about his father missing his job but Sam says he’ll talk to his father and then walks off. Sam is talked to by a girl who offers to helps him do his dad’s job that Sam does when his father is not doing it but Sam says to Carrie (the girl) that he doesn’t need any help.

Back out in Space 15 years ago Sam’s father is being chased by the Rigellians but he is set off by his friends to Earth because his wife is about to have a baby.

In the present Sam’s father tells his daughter a story about being a Nova to help her get to sleep. Sam then goes to talk to his sister because she is worried about her their dad Sam comforts her and helps her get too sleep. In the morning Sam is suspended from school when he gets cross with a bully and Sam has a skating accident. Sam wakes up in a hospital and Rocket Racoon and Gamora are standing around his bed wanting to talk about his Dad.

Sam wakes up in the Hospital surrounded by Rocket Racoon and Gamora who have his father’s helmet Sam is shocked by what he sees and calls Rocket Racoon a Racoon but this gets Rocket Racoon angry and he shoots at Sam but misses Sam runs out of the room and bumps into a nurse who after thinking that Sam is delusional takes him back to his ward and helps him get to sleep. Rocket Racoon and Gamora have disappeared from Sam’s room and have left his helmet under his bed.

Sam wakes up in the night due to his Nova helmet making a noise and lighting up he walks outside with it but throws it away thinking it’s a joke, but Sam goes back to it because it won’t stop making a noise and puts the helmet on and becomes Nova. Sam is then shown a holographic projection of his father but parts of the message are missed out due to distortion but it says that something has gone wrong and that Sam should trust Rocket Racoon and Gamora and that he loves him the message then ends. Sam finds himself in the air and then falls to the ground and hits some cars.

In the morning Sam’s mother comes to find him in the hospital and that Sam is perfectly healthy. Sam returns home and gets his Nova helmet and tries to get the hologram of his dad back but in the end he decides to put the helmet on and tries out his powers and eventually manages to fly and goes into space and ends up crashing into the moon where he sees the Watcher standing over him and wonders what he has got himself into.

Sam looks at the Watcher and wonders why he isn't talking but in the end the Watcher points out into space and then he shows Sam an invading alien armada but doesn't say anything else and Sam wonders why he isn't responding and in the end flies off the Watcher then smiles.

Sam returns home and gets into his house and finds his mother waiting for him and talks to him in Spanish but in the end stops and then tries to comfort Sam and tells him about his dad a bit more remembering how good a father he was. Gamora and Rocket Racoon train Sam even though Rocket Racoon thinks it is hilarious idea because of who Sam is, but they show him how to use his powers and how to fight but they get upset when he references Richard Rider. After the fight Rocket Racoon and Gamora talk to Sam about what he has to do and how he has to stop the Chitauri from using the Ultimate Nullifer on Earth and they realise that Sam can find them and stop them before they get to Earth.

Sam flies off to Saturn where he finds the Chitauri and the Chitauri fire a shot at Sam which stuns him temporarily.

Other Media


Ultimate Nova

Sam is a main character in Ultimate Spider-Man, and one of the trainees being mentored by Nick Fury and the SHIELD organization. In the hour-long pilot episode, Nova is initially shown to be very hostile towards Spider-Man, and actively complains about his inclusion in the SHIELD training program. He is shown to be somewhat arrogant. He has a high opinion on his powers and believes he is the teams leader and that his opinions carry more weight than they do, such as when he objected to spiderman joining the team. He also has a heated rivalry with Spider-Man from the moment they first met, constantly seeking to outdo each other. He has shown the same abilities he has in the comics, a high degree of energy manipulating abilities such as being able to shoot beams and incase himself in an aura that allows him to destroy objects such as the falling pieces a video screen that were about to crush a crowed, though he was unaware of his ability to absorb energy until the battle with the doombots aboard the hellicarrier. Out of costume he has shown somewhat odd behavior, such as carving a replica of principle Coulson's head out of mashed potatoes.

Video Games

Disney Infinity
  • Sam's costume is available as an alternate outfit for the Richard Rider version of Nova in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  • Nova is a playable character in Marvel Heroes.
  • Nova is a playable character in Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes, with Logan Miller reprising his role.

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