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Ava, holding a picture of her and Hector in their youth

Ava Ayala is the younger sister of Hector Ayala (original White Tiger) and the aunt of Angela Del Toro (former White Tiger). Her brother opened the door for many Latino and Hispanic heroes, and Ava wants to honor his legacy. She is very passionate about her heritage and after receiving the Jade Tiger Amulet, she took on the alias "White Tiger" as a means to continue her family’s tradition of using the relic to fight crime. Dissimilar to her brother, she lacks the ability to properly control the powerful Tiger God that dwells within the amulet, and is sometimes possessed by it's power.


Christos Gage mentioned that Ava Ayala was originally created for the Ultimate Spider-Man tv series, before being brought over into comic book media (similar to Reptil from The Super Hero Squad and Aqualad from Young Justice). Her first comic appearance was in Avengers Academy #20 (2011).

Major Story Arcs

Avengers Academy

Ava and Tigra

Ava enrolled into the Avengers Academy's California-based Avengers Compound. She was one of the first full-time students and began to have private lessons with Tigra to improve her dexterity and combat prowess. While enrolled at the academy, she often came to odds with former classmate Reptil, about his lack of prominence as a Hispanic/Latino role model. Ava would later go on to graduate from the academy.


Mighty Avengers

During the events of Infinity, Ava and former classmate Victor Alvarez, were offered internships by Luke Cage, who was thinking about reopening his Heroes for Hire business. After thwarting Parnival Plunder's plan to steal robot parts, the group had a run-in with the Superior Spider-Man. This "superior" Spider-Man is actually Doctor Octopus who, unbeknownst to other heroes, has placed his mind inside Peter Parker's body (readers commonly refer to him as "SpOck"). SpOck mentioned that they were no different than "hired thugs," which led Ava to resign from the internship.

Upon leaving the scene, she stated that she had no real interest in hero-ing for money and mentioned that she felt that they could (and should) be doing more then stopping low-leveled criminals from stealing machinery. Luke respects her decision and Ava ventures off on her own to clear her head.

Later on that day, she is approached by Victor. After she explained the White Tiger legacy to him, the two began to have a heart-felt discussion about their responsibilities as heroes. Their conversation was cut short by the arrival of Thanos' forces.

Ava and Victor attempted to locate Luke Cage, who was off fighting a weakened Shuma-Gorath alongside Blue Marvel, Monica Rambeau, SpOck, and "Spider Hero" (Blade). Gorath was released by one of Thanos' generals, Ebony Maw, who used his abilities to manipulate Dr Strange into summoning him. When Ava and Victor finally joined the fight, Vic calls them the "Mighty Avengers." During the battle, Victor absorbs the chi energy from his surroundings and uses it to augment Ava's power, as she uses her Jade Tiger Amulet to awaken the Tiger God. The powerful God was then able to maim and weaken Shuma-Gorth long enough for Monica Rambeau to defeat and repel him back into his own realm.

Powers and Abilities


As the inheritor of her family's magical Amulets of Power (Tiger Totem), Ava Ayala's endurance, speed, agility and dexterity have been enhanced to abnormal levels for a human being. Utilizing her heightened cat-like reflexes and over-all mobility, Ava has become a formidable acrobatic, allowing her to evade assault from enemies. The Tiger Totem's mystical properties can sometimes become vastly overwhelming, augmenting Ava's strength and causing her to become highly volatile or feral.


As the understudy of Tigra, Ava possesses an exceptional combat prowess, which is complimented by the claws built into gloves of her costume.

In Other Media


Ultimate Spider-Man TV Series

Ava, as she appears on the animated Ult. Spider-Man TV series.

Ava appears as one of the main characters in Ultimate Spider-Man. She will be a trainee at SHIELD under Nick Fury. She's voiced by Caitlyn Taylor Love. She has shown to be the most mature and level headed of the trainees, and to often be angered and disgusted by there antics (particularly Spider-Man and Nova).She is also shown to be highly intelligent and responsible, being a straight A student who always finds time to get her work done, as well as having good knowledge of S.H.E.I.L.D. tactics and training. On the other hand this is also her biggest weakness as she puts to much faith in training and tactics, being somewhat inflexible and unimaginative when they fail.

This was her biggest difference with Spider-Man, believing his improvisation and habit of thinking up original strategies on the fly as irresponsible. However her opinion changed when they were forced to defeat taskmaster by using misdirection and original tactics. She has also shown to be a feminist, being angry when a disguised Taskmaster did not choose her to come back and run his obstacle course (a trap to find Spider-Man) when her run was one of the best, and thought it was because she was a girl.

This shows she also has strong pride in her abilities. Her totem powers have yet to be explicitly shown in the series, with more emphasis being placed on her natural acrobatic abilities. She has also shown to be extremely strong for a girl of her age and build, being able to slice through metal with ease as well having strong leaping and climbing abilities almost as strong as spider man (though this has not been stated to be anything other than natural ability).

Video Games

White Tiger in Disney Infinity
  • White Tiger appears as a supporting sidekick character in Disney Infinity: Marvel Superheroes. Caitlin Taylor Love reprises her role from the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.

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