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Kluh and KLUH

Kluh is the genetically altered clone of Hulk created by Xemnu with the sole purpose of having a "Hulk" on his side. By excluding some features like Hulk's childish mind, multi-personality disorder and uncontrollable nature, Kluh was described by Xemnu as pure destructive strength.

His first appearance was in Hulk #30 when he fought Red Hulk and Hulk while they were transmuted into a single entity by the Impossible Man, according to Jeff Parker's intentions in the issue, if Hulk and Red Hulk didn't unify their desires and goals or came to an common agreement point, they would have lost against this "superior" Hulk.

Kluh vs merged Red Hulk/Hulk

Kluh is similar to Hulk in almost every possible way, meaning he possesses a very high degree of strength, durability, brawling prowess and regeneration factor. The real and palpable differences between Kluh and Hulk lies mainly in esthetics and smarts as Kluh was significantly smarter than most of Hulk's incarnations as well as seemingly uglier.

Sadly, the only issue where this representation of Kluh was showcased was in Hulk #30 and nothing about Xemnu's creation was used again. However, in current issue of the AXIS event in Marvel, more precisely Issue #4 the name of KLUH reappeared as the inverted version of Hulk caused by an spell from Scarlet Witch.

Even though this incarnation has little to no feats to compare it to other Hulk incarnations, big things are expected form this incarnation mainly because it's the inverted version of the newly showcased Doc Green persona of Banner.

Puny anger!

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