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I'll bet you wont see Sif and Thor naked, talking about sex, or will we?
Well not of G-man and Sara have anything to say about it.


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Wow are you guys serious??
I'm from europe so i know we are waaaaay more liberal in these things than americans, but i mean really???
I'm not talking about them being naked, but the actual text that's in this book.
Man if you think that's too hot for a teen plus book then you guys are very world shy.

I'll just roll my eyes and write this up to you guys living in puritanical america and just be happy that on this instance i'm living somewhere else.

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Apparently flying a TIE-Fighter makes you fat.
love Jack Sparrow though

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Digital is the way to go, i'm not worried about my LCS, is anyone really concerned and feel any loyalty towards a shop? (that just sounds weird to me)
I think it's strange that some people have the feeling that we need to preserve the comic book shop.
It's called evolution man, they need to evolve or they will just dissapear and i just don't see why i should buy digital comics from my LCS when i can buy it digitally direct at DC or Marvel itself (hopefully at a better price)
Prices would be higher if you buy from a LCS cause they have to calculate their rent, electricty, taxes etc. for a building that's not used for storing those digital comics.
Like regular newspaper it's just not off this time anymore, let them evolve or go extinct, it's that simple.
Btw it would be nice to have more space in my house when i don't need to buy paper comics anymore, my wife will be happier too. 
(btw digital comics isn't a new concept, they have been around for years, sure they are not legal, but only now Marvel and DC have finally caught on!!)

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Man you are on a roll G-Man, ooh i know one!!
Off My Mind: Who feeds the pets when hero's are of saving the universe?

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@jloneblackheart said:
" @DalekDoctor2011: Can't say I agree with any of those besides possibly She Hulk.  
@DalekDoctor2011: Dragon Man and Valeria are already on the team and I believe Franklin as well after Johnny's death.   The thing about this team is they are trying to still maintain that family dynamic. What they all have in common is that feeling. This isn't a team to have contrasts or struggles, but something to bond them together as a family force to make the world a better place. Of all those mentioned, none would fit in to that spirits (especially Namor!), but Beast and Lyra could possibly also. I just so happen to love Lyra, I wish She Hulks was an ongoing.   I do think they need one or two more "field" members to balance the amount of brains they have.  "
Well since She-Hulk and Lyra have allready been on the FF before that would feel like nothings changed, and for me Future Foundation is a whole new direction they want to take. If these "old members" would be on the team again then the only difference would be the name. So i do hope they come up with new characters that you wouldn't associate with the old FF.
I hope Future Foundation is a family at it's core but expands on that with other members who are not related or had prior relationships with old FF core members. accept Namor hahaha.
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So i am actually looking forward to this, the FF was a family and that was the whole point of the book but in my opinion it also made them very dull from time to time, hardly any new (lasting) members to shake things up and future foundation could change this. 
Also i do love the new outfits, they somehow remind me of Mass Effect 2, just check out Miranda Lawsons white Cerberus outfit.
So who do we know that will be part of the new FF.
The Thing
Mr. Fantastic
Invisible Woman
Spider-Man - although a lot of people hate this, i kinda like it, having two completly different science-geeks bounce idea's back and forth could be great, and we hardly see this side of Peter nowadays. Spidey's reputation would get a giant boost too.  Although he should quit the Avengers if he's with the FF.

Alex Power - I think i spotted him on the left in the second pic that G-Man posted in his article, i am not so sure if i like this, imo FF should be a high profile mature group (with some comic relief by the kids now and then) i don't know how a teenage boy with raging hormones would fit in to this, i simply don't feel like he's high profile enough for me.
Who i would like to see as a member, well i think they need some members that can fly and they need more women on the team.
Jean - Grey pops in my mind immediatly, sadly she's dead but she has been found by the FF once before (FF 286) she has no reason to return to the X-men now that Scott is with that skank Emma Frost and she would look so cool in a black and white Phoenix uniform, she could be the mutant face of the team and it would also introduce another red-head for Peter, we know how he feels about red-heads huh! And hopefully she could leave that death and resurrection behind once and for all.
Steve Rogers - With reed off in his lab a lot of the times i think they could use a good field leader, Steve is the best imo. Although he might be a little too much strikeforce than the FF might turn out to be.
Beast - Another (mutant) scientist who has severed his ties to the x-men, he didn't like where the x-men where going and i think the FF's approach as a think tank would be more his thing than the strike team that the Avengers are.
Danny Rand or Matt Murdock - Having a top businessman or Lawyer on this team couldn't hurt, don't know if they would look that great in black and white though, but it worked for Spidey so......
Storm - She's been on the FF before and she would be closer to her crazy husband who somehow decided to leave his life as king and work in a diner in hell's kitchen instead of e.g. ambassador to the UN which would make more sense imo.
Monica Rambeau - has abbility to fly and is powerfull, used to lead the avengers for a while, and we know she looks great in black and white.
Namor - just because that would shake things up big time hahaha
Ms. Marvel - Has leadership can fly etc. etc.
Don't get me wrong i'm not saying they should all be on the team at the same time, i'm happy if just one of them makes the team. Especially the women, it always bothered me that Sue was the only lasting woman on the team. I think when the x-men consisted just out of four people Rogue, Dazzler, Psylocke and Longshot was one of the best times in X-men comics. When they fought Juggernaut was one of the best one book storylines i've ever read, but i'm sure that if that had lasted over 500 issues it would have become boring too.
I'm very excited for the new FF, i hope they can be a great high profile team next to the Avengers but with more of a we come in peace attitude then the striketeam the avengers have always been.
Also i hope they don't change the Baxter building and keep that giant 4 for a landing pad, just for old times sake.
I'm curious who you guys come up with.


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As long as sales are up for this comic, after this there just won't be any FF for a while and then they return with the resurrection of Johnny Storm.

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@Silkcuts said:
" @NightFang said:
" @Michiel76 said:
" oh my god my eyes hurt "
Yeah I really didn't need to see that, lol. "
Like a car crash, it is so ugly but I take my eyes off it...lol "
This is another reason to NEVER click the spoiler banner!!
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oh my god my eyes hurt