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Hmmm people are getting me curious, i haven't read it yet but i'm playing catch up, but i have a few issues to go still.
what's ock going to say here?  Peter Parker i am your father?

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Why is that robin in the top right corner farting a yellow balloon?

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@Mr. Kamikaze: Well you have a point there, we have 4 leaders on this team that could be a disaster
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@Raw_gutz: I would have applauded if he pulled out a rubber, then it would show that batman is truly prepared for everything that comes his way and he would be a true hero. He doesn't know where catwoman has been, so by using a rubber he's protecting himself yet again. :-)

@mbembet said:

meh what an awful book. people who likethis book and red hood outlaws must be mentally retarded and love degrading women

Oh please, i don't see this as degrading. Selina is using her body to get what she wants, because she knows men are absolutly stupid and will fall for it. And this is true in real life too women have been doing this since the dawn of time. And most of the time it won't work the other way around and thats why women are the stronger sex.

hell my wife does it to me too if she wants me to do something hahaha.

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You silly americans and your crusade against nudity. It's a wonder you actually get babies. You would be so shocked at what we have in our (european) comics and what's available on tv where i live. and Japan is even worse.

Seriously i read Catwoman #1 and it was amazing and exciting totally in character (i think, i don't know her that well just started reading DC) so i'm with you 100% on that Babs.

So we see a woman in a bra, so what, that's nothing, Would it been any different if it was a bikini? would you see any less skin? No you wouldn't. Thus the bra itself makes it sexier and more explicit? that's just silly.

and this from a country that has the biggest adult industry in the whole world and the most teenage pregnancies etc etc. but now i'm starting to preach so i will stop here.

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@B'Town: thank you so much, i had fun doing this and i'm sure i'll do more in the future, thanks again for the support.
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How about Ka-zar, doesn't he live in the woods?
And the Hulk is most of the time not in a city because he wants to be left alone.
Plenty of heroes don't live in cities, G-man just doesn't know where to look 'cause secretly he's a city boy himself hehe