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wow its truly weird to have mixed emotions from one trailer, every time i see footage from the "old" movies i get all warm and fuzzy inside and then the new movie footage comes along and i feel a sense of nausea comming up, this truly is an emotional rollercoaster ride!!
Well lets wait for the next big Star Wars release, i'm sure it will be in 3D next!!

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@G-Man said:

" @Michiel76: I wonder if that Spidey was just an intern or someone that is still around today. "

He sure is, didn't you know he just made Editor-in-Chief?
His name is Axel Alonso!!
Sure he got bald and grew a beard, but he's still that friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!!
He just got me thinking, maybe i should ask for a tour around the Comic-vine offices!!
I'm in San Fransisco on the 3th of februari!!
Maybe somebody could show me around, maybe Sara hehehe
Or do you have your local Superhero that does tours?
Please dont let Ryan or Jeff (from giantbomb) wear spandex though!!
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God you were 11 in 1998? Damn it i was 22 in 1998!! Now i feel old, thank you very much Tom (punk)
Btw, Spidey actually looks buff. No gut what so ever.

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Well the number one reason Spider-Man would join the FF is obviously sales!! Because the idiots (thats us) are buying everything with Spider-Man in it.
Maybe Wolverine should join too.
Maybe they should call it X-4, oh wait isn't there a mini-series called that?

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They can (possibly) cure her by letting her go through the Siege Perilous and let judgement be passed on her.
Did wonders for Psylocke.  (although that was not the siege but Matsuo)

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wel that was easy, picked the correct ones right away

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finished, i tabbed the whole first page and this did it for me.

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I like some quests better than others, this last one didn't rank very high on my list of best quests. I hope #8 Biggest Losers is a better one. I rather have my memory challenged than just watching video's i allready watched long ago.
Still i am enjoying questing so bring it on.
For anyone that needs a hint on quest #9, dont go further than 5 rows down.

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And if these Thor copies are not up to it they can always give the Sentry a winged helmet and a hammer and voila another Thor wannabe.
Nah no-one beats the original

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I would go even futher, i'd wish you americans would try more european made comic-strips. I usually enjoy these much more than the average superhero comic, which to me most of the times feels like a dragonball Z episode, not enough storytelling and a lot of fighting.  
downsides are: they are not even close to a monthly series, often not even once a year, prices are a lot higher and most are in a foreign language.
i do realise that european comics are hard to get in the usa, but if demand would be higher i am sure more will be translated into english.
If you would try this european comic Storm by Don Lawrence i promise you wont be dissapointed.
I know for a fact it has been translated into english and you should be able to order it online, it has incredible art and even better a great story.
check it out if you have the chance.