100 Most powerful marvel characters

My list of what I believe to be the 100 strongest marvel characters based on their powers and battles. Though the list is incomplete and may just change to top 50 marvel characters because it is hard to think of 100. Also note that the characters are in no particular order because many people have been criticizing me asking why in the world Apocalypse is number 1 on this list and and have been rating it down and scolding me. It's because he was the first I added to the list not because he is anywhere near the most powerful on the list.

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Posted by AGES

How can Apocalypse be more powerful than thor? 
Posted by kagetaicho
@AGES: They aren't in order from strongest to weakest. I have them randomly ordered. I agree Apocalypse isn't as powerful as Thor. Sorry for any confusion.
Posted by MrBlack

Just as long as its written down radomly
Posted by kagetaicho

Maybe I can try to order them from strongest to weakest however it would only be approximate since (example)  guys like Eternity,Infinity and Death are all supposed to be equal.

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You might want to rename it most powerul, instead of strongest.  Strong just mean strength as in muscle.  Power refers to abilites as well as Strength.  And put them in an order beacause Ghost Rider as #6 looks insane, as does Thor before Odin..  I don't know to much about the cosmic demi-gods but most of them are pretty much equal in certain ways except for Eternity and Infinity being the top 2 under the Living Tribunal.

Posted by chunjacktao

hey hey hey guys be nice.............


this is an actually pretty fair list.    But, I don't see Molecule Man in these though.  Molecule Man should be the second strongest there in the list, only second to One-above-all.

Posted by kagetaicho
@chunjacktao: Molecule man actually is here but he's on the second page.
Posted by chunjacktao

Posted by CrimsonComedian

I don't see Deadpool as #1 >.>

Posted by Taylove

It's a cool list need 2 add some more powerful characters  an rename    your list.
Posted by kagetaicho
@G.Q.: Yeah. I'm just trying to figure out the very strongest characters.
Posted by zombie flash

i know you put it randomly but come on huk,  juggernaunt, and Red huk shouldn't be as far down as they are i mean those three can beat the crap out of  ghost rider, watcher, and imposible man
Posted by kagetaicho
@zombie flash: Yeah sorry about that. I didn't mean for them to have an actual order yet because I haven't figured out the exact order yet and I'm constantly adding new characters.
Posted by Gregorski

I'd like to see your take on the DC most powerful characters too. This is a pretty comprehensive list you've got here. I wouldn't worry about placing them in order in a hurry. It'll only lead to disputes! Keep up the good work!
Posted by kagetaicho
@Gregorski: Thanks a lot. I'll take your suggestion and attempt a top 100 or top 50 for DC though I must admit that my knowledge in dc is slightly less than Marvel but I'll do my best.
Posted by EganTheVile1

Charnel, Access, and X-Man would probably be good additions
Posted by ForceField

What about Hercules?
Posted by grimreaper1980

if gladiator is stronger than thor and hulk, how come he has been beaten by the hulk, and he's been beaten by thor twice. and ghost rider, the hulk would whip his ass

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 ^  = with Toaa >>>>>>>>Molecule Man>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Apoc.
Posted by Pr_Beyonder
When you  described "the Beyonder" were you trying to talk about me or  Post-Recton  Beyonder....I'm Toaa in my own realm Beyond his creation...the  living tribunal  isnt even close to me.........but  Post-Recton Beyonder(s)...one is an incomplete cosmic cube..and the other is a mutant inhuman .
Posted by Mountlinebacker

What about Atum/Demogorge. His power is beyond skyfathers such as Odin and Zeus and ate the elder gods 

Posted by MarkPar

maybe it should be named powerful characters

Posted by PowerHerc

What about Hercules?  Truly this is an unfathomable and thus, unforgivable omission.  For that matter, this list actually focuses more on total power than sheer physical strength.   
I guess I don't find this list to be what it claims.

Posted by kagetaicho
@PowerHerc said:
"What about Hercules?  Truly this is an unfathomable and thus, unforgivable omission.  For that matter, this list actually focuses more on total power than sheer physical strength.   I guess I don't find this list to be what it claims. "

Strongest does not always mean physically. Hercules is probably not in the top 100 most powerful characters, thus the ommision is justified. Please don't jump to conclusions as you mis-understood the list title.
Posted by kagetaicho
@MarkPar said:
"maybe it should be named powerful characters "

Perhaps you're right. A lot of people have mis-interpreted the title of the list expecting to see the physically strongest characters not overall strongest like I intended.
Posted by Mountlinebacker

I know you put the celestials as a group on the list, but maybe you should put the dreaming celestial on as a separate entity because he surpassed all the others and possible attained powers equal to the one above all. 

Posted by joey11145
Posted by gambit987

you should ad loki

Posted by Flip6608

Where is Zeus, the Stranger, the Sphinx, Hunger, the Champion, Beta Ray Bill, Hela, or Kubik. There are too many characters to actually put in any order. Unless you use classes in which you group similarly powered beings.

Posted by PowerHerc

Apocalypse is on this but so many others whom are deserving are not.
Posted by Bech

Goldenkey, you said Odin is stronger then Thor? This isn't true. In all lore about Norse Gods, Thor is the strongest, and even Odin fear him. Odin doesn't even dare to make fun of Thor, so he occasionally disguise himself, then to tease Thor. Odin tho, is wise and has great abilities, but I'm pretty sure if the two fought, Thor would definately win.
About the list.
Its fun reading, but really anoying it isn't it some order, but good work, even tho I think it would be impossible to make a satisfying list.

Posted by Primebonnick

Mad Jim Jaspers, Atum, Protege shoould be added

Posted by jared224

who do you guys think is stronger sentry or thor ?

Posted by Dindie93

what about the scarlet witch? and thor has defeated the void in the comics so i imagine thor is stronger than sentry in a sense

Posted by Dindie93

would nitro or sebastian shaw be good enough to make this list ?

Posted by StrayPhoenix

Jean Grey owns the Phoenix Force and The Phoenix Force owns her. How is Jean not on this list?

Posted by worldbreakerhulk

this thread is stupid because it considers red hulk as stronger than green one!!!

Posted by Pyro_Jack

Is this in strongest to weakest order? Because if it is, Phoenix Force should be the first(although Jean Grey would've been better).

Posted by Shinratensi

i am assuming this list is in no particular order because if it is in order it needs some SERIOUS tweaking Eternity is #31.... thats ridiculous!

Posted by q0w1e2

@ForceField: deadpool would kill them all

Posted by Inarius

This list hasn't received nearly enough credit. Great compilation. Please continue to add and edit. I'd like to see even an approximate order to the list.

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Com'on seriously thor... Beta ray bill can kick thors ass. And what about nate gray, the beyonder is part of a race so his entire race should be mentiond. And technically Iron man cause he mad a thor and hulk buster suit. Oh and the carnage surfer.

Posted by hulk23308

hulk is 38th and thor is 2nd .have you not seen the movie hulk vs thor ?thor was like a dead donkey.

Posted by Mikey Venture

I was seriously going to write "Deadpool would kill them all." I look up, and saw ForceField beat me to the punch. FLAWLESS VICTORY.

Posted by Tomcat1

Uh, helllloooooo.......Dragon Man, anybody?

Posted by Marvelsqman4

Where is nova I mean I is ba and well he is cool also I don't see why Thor is so cool imean he is a noob if you ask me immortal superheroes are noobs think they so cool just because there immotal

Posted by then8rix

I guess some people can't read, it says above that this list is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER! So I think this is a great list... In my opinion, I believe that Phoenix is THE STRONGEST marvel character of all...

Some of you won't agree but the fact that Jean Grey has the ability to take away powers and the Phoenix can absorb energy and use it makes it the strongest in my opinion.

Posted by magna10


Posted by austin98499

@kagetaicho: ok wait You agree Thor is more powerful than Apocalypse but Hulk who has beaten Thor in battle plenty of times is less powerful than both Thor and Apocalypse ?... Seems legit O_O

Posted by legend0fmop

thor vs thanos