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Oblivion is a cosmic abstract entity that represents the void and entropy of the universe. Oblivion, Infinity, Death and Eternity were formed after the creation of this universe. These four cosmic beings view each other as siblings. Oblivion is in opposition to Infinity just as Death and Eternity are rivals in the universe. As a result, Oblivion and Death share a connection similar to that of Infinity and Eternity. These four cosmic beings represent the constant struggle of life and death within the universe. The realm of Oblivion is known as the Outer Void which is devoid of any matter or energy.

Oblivion had resurrected agents from the dead in service to entropy. These agents appear to those who wish for death. Deathurge was the first known agent of Oblivion. Deathurge was replaced by another agent when Oblivion deemed him unworthy of his duties and turned Deathurge into a squirrel. Doorman, a member of the Great Lakes Avengers who died in battle, replaced Deathurge as an agent for Oblivion.

Powers and Abilities

As a cosmic Abstract, Oblivion is one of the most powerful beings. A mere aspect of Oblivion, Mikaboshi, was able to destroy almost all of the multiverse. He is the most powerful of the four brothers that is Eternity, Infinity, Oblivion and Death.

Despite the fact that Cyttorak was able to keep his avatar, Juggernaut, alive even after he was reduced to bones, he was powerless to stop Oblivion from aging Juggernaut to death within his own realm.

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