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Team 1 wins. The Kings have a fighting chance but only at putting up a fight. They aren't winnin this one.

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Marvel/DC have been screwing over mainstream heroes lately but at te level of Thor or Superman I can't support. Thor is my favorite and first marvel comic I read.

This is utter foolishness and I doubt it will last long, which is the only satisfaction I'm getting right now. I guess Wolverine or Stark are next in the line of getting screwed over.

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I used to really be into Greek Mythology. I still have a couple books for it.

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@zarathos022: Don't worry it'll happen. This failed before it go off the ground. But I don't know how one can think so called equality means destroying a male hero and transforming it into a female. What would be equal is having a solo female hero of Thor's caliber.

Marvel literally has thousands of female heroes already established. This is beyond silly.

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Maybe this doesn't warrant worry. Based on the feedback all over the Internet this project failed before it started. Thor will get the hammer back just wait.

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@dreamfall31: Exactly. It isn't clear to me what the intent is. Again I could hardly care if it were just one of several characters who temporarily possessed mjolnir. But it almost sounds like a giant retcon. They had to pick Thor too. Probably the most iconic male character in Marvel. Wolverine is up there too. This seems like it was deliberately done to stir fans.

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I hope you're right. The guy was saying that it was supposedly the real Thor. If it's just someone who gained mjolnir temporarily I don't really care then. But this has happened how many times already?

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Again, not a fan. I would drop WW so fast if they swapped her with a man. These characters are iconic level. To change their sex is kinda crazy especially if the idea is to appeal to female readers. Thor has female fans largely because he is a man. But if it turned out to be a BRB type of chracter then I have little issue with it. I just don't like the idea of taking a dump on the Odinson who is the closest thing Marvel has to Superman.

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Haven't posted in months but I had to. This is probably the worst thing I've seen Marvel do since Mikaboshi's senseless defeat. They just want to change a character established for 50+ years like that? I won't be reading this most likely. You don't suddenly change Diane into Wonder Man. The fanbase would be furious. This is supposedly an attempt to appeal to female readers even though Thor probably has an all time high of female fans since Chris Hemsworth took the role. Also the comment made that this is the TRUE Thor contradicts the whole idea of Beta Ray Bill. This isn't the first time someone has gained the power of Thor. It doesn't actually make them Thor. Thor isn't just a power it's an identity, the Odinson, not just who wields Mjolnir.

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Saitama. He's pretty much Sensui's superior in everything.