super hero theory

i believe most of marvels super heros who got there powers accidentally are possibly latent mutants, for example gamma radiation destroys everything the gamma bomb that made the hulk destroyed tanks and building like they were nothing but somehow banner absorbed the radiation and became the hulk, maybe the bomb triggered his latent x gene another example the radioactive spider that bit peter parker died right after due to radiation poisoning so parker shouldve died too but instead his dna altered itself. this theory could even extend to captain america almost every other person who got the super soldier serum had side effects maybe steve was just predisposed to genetic alteration i could be completely wrong but logically latent mutaion is the only thing that makes it possible for them to have survived the accidents that made them though cap isnt quite the same as the rest he was technically the only one to receve the particular serum he got due to the guy who came up with it being worm food before he could write it down



im really enjoying the new quest thing, its got me doing things on here that ive been ignoring. tho there are a few areas im having trouble with im sure ill get them all eventually
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