lobo spends the day in twilight

lobo while cruising around the universe accidentally stumbles thru a worm hole and lands on an alternate earth populated by people who instantly piss him off, the sparkle vampires in particular so having nothing better to do he decides to exterminate them. he finds one and asks as politely as he can(i.e. ripping off body parts till he gets an answer) where he might find a large group of them. he then wanders up to the cullen house and set it on fire for sh!ts and giggles after hes finished dismembering them he notices a couple staring in horror not waisting a second he runs over to the pale skinny human and her pathetic excuse for a vampire boyfreind and evicerates them with ease deciding hunting the rest down would be a hassle he goes around stealing nukes and goes ahead and destroys the planet and flies away happily whistling to himself as he goes back thru the worm hole leading to his home universe and all of creation (except some emo teenage girls) rejoices in the fact that their are no more sparkle vampires to annoy us any more, the end...................................i know the story is poorly written but i was trying to maintain the level of quality twilight fans are used to


types of monsters

1. undead- this includes things like vampires, zombies and ghouls 
2.dragons- there are hundreds of different kinds of dragons from all over the world 
3.giant animals-these include things like mothra, and king kong 
4.shapeshifters- these include werewolves and nagas 
5.demons-demons come in countless shapes and sizes 
6.mutated people/creatures- like godzilla or the fly 
7.hybrid creatures-like the griffon or chimera 
this is all i can come up with at the momment


announcing the hellcow awards

about the name-yes at some point one of the writers at marvel thought it would be a good idea to make a vampire cow so in honor of this ive decided to name an award for the most awful decisions im not talking about ordering some thing bad off a menu or anything like that im talking truly horrible, life threatening or epicly stupid. im opening it up to nominations from my fellow viners. after i get enough nominations ill narrow it down and put it to a vote.
my first nominations- 
1.casting Shaq as steel 
2.spiderman 3 dance number 
3.David Caruso leaving NYPD Blue 

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ten worst comic movies

10.spiderman 3 
8.superman 3 
7.ghost rider 
6.fantastic 4 2 
5.xmen 3 
4.batman and robin(adam west version) 
3.batman and robin (clooney version) 
2.superman 4 


villain types

1. the anarchist- villains who want to overthrow government, society or the way things are-example-Joker 
2.anti-villain-villains who do bad things for a noble goal-example-magneto 
3.the archenemy-the primary enemy of a hero usually the direct opposite of the hero-example-lex luthor 
4.the barbarian-villains primarily motivated by the urge to fight and destroy-example- doomsday 
5.the cataclysmic villain- a villain with the power to destroy the world-example-galactus 
6.the creature- a creature or animal acting for evil purposes and not animal instinct-example-the thing(from the carpenter movie) 
7.dark forms-incarnations of evil-example-mephisto 
8.dark lords-villains of incredible power who seek to dominate everything-example-dormammu 
9.evil genius-incredibly intelligent villains-example-dr.doom 
10.evil twin-im sure you can figure this out-example-every third bad guy from any soap opera 
11.evil ruler- unlike the dark lord the evil ruler doesn't require any super human power it applies to any dictator or tyrant-example-hitler 
12.femme fatale-a hot but evil or at least morally challenged woman-example-poison ivy 
13.fighter-usually a martial artist who uses his fighting prowess for evil-example-any mortal kombat villain 
14.mad scientist-someone who uses science for evil-example-scarecrow 
15.villains that use influence, money and fear to control everyone-example-hugo strange 
16.mechanically modified-someone who uses a mechanical suit or armor-example-dr. octopus 
17.minions-henchmen-example-bob agent of hydra 
18. protagonist villain-a villain thats the hero of their story-example-macbeth 
19.tragic villains- villains who aren't evil by choice that you can sympathize with-example-frankenstein's monster 
some villains can go in many of these catagories

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a story idea

i had an idea for a story id like to get opinions on, some people believe that aliens visited ancient earth civilizations my story supposes this to be true but in my story instead of leaving us to our own devises one of these space faring races gave us some of their technology and taught ancient civilizations how to use it jump forward to current time due to the technological capabilities and the advancement of a few thousand years three of the most powerful ancient empires still exist and the solar system is divided up between them, they are the Egyptians, Romans and Mongols i chose these because they're the ancient empires i know most about, there are other groups of people around but they all fall under the rule of one of these 3 the other planets in the solar system were made livable by advances in the alien tech this isn't the whole plot to the story but if the entire world its set in is considered rediculous then theres no point in writing it.(btw i promise to use spell check if any one wants to read it)

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time travel question

if time travel were possible and we went back in time and introduced advanced technology to earlier civilizations do you think we would come back to vastly more advanced world or do you think older civilizations would destroy the world before we got back?


a what if idea

i had an idea once for a what if where instead of adamantium the weapon x  program had used uru metal to make wolverine, would the mystical properties have any effect? and if so what would they be? i was gonna write a fan fic about it but wanted to hear others thoughts on it first


peta does not understand nature

in nature rule #1 your species comes first i'm not saying its ok to abuse animals in fact im against it but im also a confirmed carnivore and if you think about it eating meat is partially responsible for the advent of technology we invented the pointy stick to make catching meat easier, and most scientists believe that adding meat to our diet is the reason are brains grew enough to form intelligent thought as we know it, my second point is alot of groups like peta seem to believe that we should put the wellfare of animals before our own which is a completely unnatural concept, im sorry but if im starving to death and theres an endangered animal there and no other food im gonna eat it, i wouldn't do it for fun or profit but ill do what i gotta do to survive. the main thing im trying to get at is that these people arent doing any real good and the animals theyre claiming to protect dont care about other species, they think feeding their dogs soy is helping its not cause that dog would pounce on a steak made from tiger meat eagerly. i do support protecting endangered animals and i do think hunting just for sport is wrong but our ancestors worked hard to get us in charge of this planet and im not willing to give up that position cause some hippies and actors tell us to

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