Marvel Iron Age: The Condemned Part 1

4 Months ago, The Raft Super Human Detention Facility.

The Supreme Commander sits as a man enters in chains. He gives a confused look, "I was unaware we'd captured any of the Avengers."

The guard spoke up, "We didn't sir. Anthony Salazar is the man you're thinking of. This is his twin Alexander."

Stryfe nodded as he looked to his aide, "Qualifications?"

"Marksmanship. When they were bringing him in he killed Hunter class soldier with a straightened paper clip. Apparently the prisoners have been calling him Bullseye."

Stryfe chuckled a bit, "Approved, next."

As the next man entered the aide began, "Tyson Griffin, Aka Hobgoblin. He was a lab tech working for Desmond Fisk. He stole a vile of Goblin serum and perfected it. It amplified the standard abilities the serum caused without the side effects. Aside from the physical abilities he gained, he's an accomplished chemist and engineer. He was arrested on 19 counts of murder, mostly contract kills. He was caught trying to assassinate General Helfitta. The General was quite impressed despite the failure."

Stryfe gave a nod as Tyson was escorted out.

A large man entered with a power inhibitor, heavy shackles and a steel muzzle over his mouth. "This is Arnold Zabo, calls himself Massacre. He was arrested for killing and eating four police officers, six civilians and eight Soldiers of the Iron Army. Super human strength, durability and endurance."

Stryfe nodded, "Approved."

The aide looked back, "Are you sure?"

The Supreme Commander gave a glare. The aide gulped, "Okay, next."

A tall black haired woman with blood red eyes and coal grey skin walked in, "Real name unknown, she goes by Antipathy. She's stronger and faster than a normal human, possesses mid level telepathy, and some level of elemental control. She doesn't sleep or eat, we believe she's some type of psychic vampire."

The final candidate entered, "Silas Delemos, Aka, Leo. A former soldier of the Iron Army and alleged member of the Zodiac organization."

Stryfe looked over, "I was under the impression that organization no longer existed."

The aide nodded, "There's no confirmation that it does, mostly just rumor at this point. He has augmented strength and a healing factor. No where near Scalphunter's level but still fairly impressive, he also possesses heightened senses. He's an expert in several types of armed and unarmed combat, he graduated near the top of his class at the Officer's academy, where he was said to be a tactical genius."

The Supreme Commander gave an approving nod then stood, "Have the five of them sent to Maryland at once."


1 week later, Maryland Institute.

The five prisoners sat as Stryfe entered the room. Alex gave a hateful glare, "You gonna tell us why we're here, or did you just want to test out your dramatic walk?"

He smiled a bit, "Salazar, is it?"

Alex nodded, "I'm here to make you an offer. I've grown tired of these constant attacks on my power, the grand gestures work fine to quell the common rabble but to others, it makes no difference. These Avengers, Spiders, Shield and the like have been a thorn in my side for too long. But wasting billions in weapons and armor is beginning to weigh on me. I need an alternative. You can help me with this, in return you will live in relative freedom, and even draw a paycheck, or you can head back for execution."

The group looked cautious but Leo spoke, "What's the catch?"

Stryfe looked to him as he continued, "You guys do nothing without strings attached. What, we got bombs in our heads or will we have a battalion of tin men floating around waiting to execute us the minute we step out of line?"

He looked to a lab tech who began, "Are any of you familiar with nano-nukes?"

Hobgoblin and Leo looked stunned as he continued, "In the event that you fail in your mission or attempt to desert your body will become a nuclear weapon and finish the job for you."

Antipathy gave a chuckle that unnerved the rest of the group. Alex sighed, "They put them in us already didn't they?"

Stryfe gave a nod, "Welcome to the Iron Army."


3 months ago. Cloaked transport Doomstadt airspace.

Hobgoblin stood by the drop door with an orange Goblin mask in his hand, "I'm not sure I like the costume."

Alex was checking his gear, "If we get spotted they want us to look like costumed terrorists."

Hobgoblin chuckled, "Any significance to the target they put on your forehead?"

Alex strapped a quiver and collapsible bow to his back and grabbed his rifle, "Never let it be said the tin men don't have a sense of humor."

Leo stepped over to Massacre, "Just so we're clear big man, I ain't a snack and I'll kill you the second you think otherwise."

As the muzzle dropped he gave a hideous grin, "You have noting to fear, too much gristle on you."

Antipathy stood staring down eagerly at the drop door. Leo came up beside Alex, "She's too okay with this."

Alex nodded, "Seems a little weird to have us all out for a smash and grab."

Leo grinned a bit, "Its a test run, make sure we don't bolt."

Hobgoblin shrugged, "And if we do, they get to take out the capital of New Latveria."

Antipathy was almost giddy when the drop door opened. She was the first out with a glider pack, followed by Massacre, Alex and Leo. Hobgoblin smiled as his new Goblin glider powered up, "At least I got one good thing out of this."

Bullseye shot a small explosive into a small rooftop vent. As he landed there was a muffled pop as the device let out foam to soften the sound. He moved the vent cap as Leo and the rest landed. He looked to Antipathy, "How many guards?"

She showed 6 fingers then crawled into the vent. Alex hit his comm, "You ready Tyson?"

"Yea, comms'll go out with the alarms tho."

He pulled a razor bat with an EMP device attached and threw it. It flew down and attached itself to the front door of the Cynthia Von Doom memorial library. It then let out a pulse that deactivated the security and left the guards in the dark.

He then landed on the roof and set his glider to hover. Massacre being too big for the vent was the look out. Tyson looked on disgusted as the monstrous man grabbed a pigeon from the ledge and began to eat it.

Leo dropped down and crept up behind a befuddled guard trying to get his flashlight working. Leo had little trouble moving through the darkness due to his superior senses.

Antipathy who could see as well in the pitch black as in bright day. She danced around a guard silently amused by his fumbling. She she locked him in a choke hold while holding his jaw closed. She tried not to giggle as she felt his silent terror while he flailed futilely before she snapped his neck.

Alex slunk through without encountering a guard and quickly found what they came for. The Aegis breastplate had been forgotten in a store room for old exhibits. He took it and tossed it in his bag before heading out.


As the lights came on there wasn't a trace of the group aside from the two dead guards.

On the transport they showed the breast plate to Lieutenant Frank Swanson of the Iron army. He gave a bored nod, "Head on down to the dmz, you'll get specifics on arrival. Coordinates are being transmitted."

The lieutenant flipped off the comm and then looked to a computer monitor. He clicked a box marked 'Infiltration assessment' then typed, 'Combat assessment pending.'

(To be continued.)


Clark/Iron Age The Gateway part 3

Continued from here part 2

Goblin Grind

The Goblin thugs cheered as the feral mutants in the pit were released to attack some innocent travelers that had been forced into the fight. Before the mutants could attack something landed hard on the ground before them creating a large cloud of sand and shaking the building.

As it cleared the mutants saw Clark and charged toward him. He clapped his hands causing a shock wave that hurled them away and looked back to the people, "Are you ok?"

They gave a nod as a man sitting in a balcony stood with a microphone, "Well folks, looks like we got a late entrant."

Clark glared up, "Not interested."

The man smiled revealing ugly yellowed teeth, "You sure about that?"

Clark turned at the sound of metal gates open. The announcer began to speak, "A while back we got our hands on some Goblin serum."

The crowd began to murmur among themselves almost giddy as he continued," And we thought it might be fun to see what happened when a Krang got some in its system."

Clark's eyes widened as two massive lizards more than twice the size of the Krangs he'd seen earlier appeared. The announcer chuckled abit, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Behemoths."

The crowd cheered as the massive creatures marched toward him Clark readied for a fight. He dodged one but the other clamped his teeth on Clark's leg before roaring in pain as its teeth shattered against his skin. Clark then slammed a fist into the side of its head sending it to the ground.

The other turned to lash Clark with his tail but he caught it and hurled the beast against the wall. The crowd when silent for a moment but a man in the crowd jumped up and yelled, "To hell with you."

He then lifted up a missile launcher as the crowd began to pull out their weapons. The man launched an RPG at him but he swatted it away as bullets began to harmlessly bounce off him, "Enough!"

The shooting stopped at his demanding tone, "This place is coming down in 30 seconds, I suggest you leave."

The announcer grabbed the mic, "Now just....."

Clark cut him off, "One."

The crowd was still for a second, "Two."

They began to rush out in droves. The rest of Clark's group arrived to see the fleeing Goblins as the side of the building collapsed. Clark freed all those locked away by the Goblins as he made his exit from the crumbling building.


New York Iron Hall

Iron Claw stood before a battalion of Hunter class soldiers as Scalphunter stepped up beside him, "So, who's the target?"

Iron Claw pulled up a hologram of Clark, "Now those are some classy tights, not sure I like the color scheme."

Iron Claw rolled his eyes as Scalphunter continued, "So what'd he do, steel the Supreme Commander's cape?"

Iron Claw ordered the soldiers to board a transport.


Clark went to board the transport with the rest of the group but Fry ordered a halt as he noticed a flashing light on the side of the vehicle, "They must have remote activated the tracker."

7 then looked to the sky as several Hunters flew out of a cloaked transport, "Their response time is improving."

David slumped his shoulders, "Wonderful."

Clark began to lift off but something slammed into his back sending him to the ground. He rolled over to see Iron Claw above him with his claws aimed at his face.

The Claws struck the ground as Clark rolled away. As he stood a flash of light appeared before him as Scalphunter teleported in.

Clark swung a fist and Scalphunter sidestepped it much to his surprise. Scalphunter drove a knee up into the ribs which made a resounding crack as his cartilage snapped against the inpenetrable abs.

"Sweet starking monkey pus!" screamed Scalphunter as he hopped about on one leg "What the stark are you made of?"

"Nothing special," Clark replied as he grabbed him by the collar. "Now..."

"SURPRISE!" yelled Scalphunter as he drew a gun and fired it pointblank into his mouth. When the muzzle flare died down and the cordite smoke cleared Superman hand six bullets flattened on his pearly white teeth. "Holy stark! That's impressive! No seriously impressive and I don't impress easy."

Clark spat the metal onto the floor. "As I wa..."

"Hate to interrupt you but There's a big guy coming up behind you with big stark off claws whose going to stab you in the bum."

Clark looked over his shoulder to see Iron Claw thundering towards him. "Why are you telling me? Arn't you two on the same side?"

"Yeah but I hate his guts! I wanna watch you smack the stark out of him!" Scalphunter grinned like an idiot.

"Stay put." Clark dropped him on and turned to face the killing machine.

His claws began to spin like saw blades as he swung at Clark. He dodge and shoved Iron Claw away as he moved to help the group as the Hunters descended. As he turned Iron Claw slammed his spinning claws into Clark's shoulders. The adamantium cut into the flesh as Clark grunted in pain but the stopped at the bone. There was a horrible metallic grinding noise and smoke rose from Iron Claw's wrists as the motors for his claws locked up.

He removed his claws and tried to slash Clark's throat. The now angry kryptonian caught his arms and squeezed. The battle stopped as those around looked amazed at the bending adamantium.

Scalhunter's eyes went wide, "Nope, I'm out."

He teleported away as Clark hurled Iron Claw into a dumbfounded soldier.

He then shot into the air and dismantled the armors of the soldiers and dropped them to the ground with blinding speed. They found themselves bound together by the metal armor now crushed down and fused around them.

Clark then stepped on to the transport, "We should hurry this up."


The Supreme Commander watched the video feed from the soldiers he sent with Iron Claw as he sipped some coffee. He dropped his cup as he saw Clark bend Iron Claw's armor.

(To be continued)


Clark/Iron Age The Gateway part 2

Continued from here part 1

Shield Transport

Clark sits as Dal looks him over, "He's not from the Negative Zone."

7 nodded, "I assume the energy from the gate combined with the energies of your universal weapon and Nega bands altered the gate's frequency."

7 then looked over to Clark, "Which begs the question, where are you from?"

Clark shrugged, "I'm from Earth, just not this Earth. Well technically I'm from Krypton but I was on Earth when your gate took me."

Dal looked confused, "Krypton?"

Clark sighed, "Maybe it never existed here."

David thought to break the tension, "So, are there a lot of people from..Krypton on your Earth."

Clark lowered his eyes a bit, "Krypton was destroyed, as far as I know I'm the last of my kind."

David cringed a bit, "Oh....Umm, sorry to hear that."

Fry came back from the cockpit, "The Queen isn't in Doomstadt at the moment, guess we could call her and see if we have a gate we can use to get him back home."

7 gave a side glance, "You sure she won't throw him in the dungeon? He did save lives while not being human and all."

Fry shrugged, "You're never letting that go, are you?"

Clark turned to the Agent sitting next to him confused, it was Walker, "The Creed's friend saved New Latveria from a rampaging monster and instead of thanking him," Her voice took on a mocking tone," Our glorious queen tossed him in the dungeon for being too dangerous."

He looked concerned, "Is that a common practice?"

Walker shrugged, "I'm a mutant, I'm used to humans turning on me when I'm no longer useful to them."

Fry gave a sigh, "The political debate will have to wait, we're home."


Castle Doom

As the group walked down toward the throne room they noticed a man in Doom's cloak. Fry stopped, "You the new Doom?"

He nodded, "In public, you can call me Nathan."

He then looked to Clark, "Who's the new guy?"

Fry looked back, "There was a mishap with some kind of portal."

Nathan looked back to Clark, "Alternate Universe?"

Clark nodded as Nathan shrugged, "Gotcha."

He then headed down the hall as they entered the throne room.


Queen Carol was on a monitor as Fry was explaining the situation, "The mission was technically successful, we reacquired most of what was stolen plus some of the Hydra weapons and stuff they took from the tin men. But there is a complication."

She gave a wary sigh, "Just spit it out."

He told her about the gate as Clark stepped forward, "I know this seems crazy."

She shrugged, "I was an Avenger for a long time, you don't know crazy."

David looked a bit stunned, "Really, none of this seems strange at all?"

She gave a blank look, "So, what am I supposed to do about it?"

Fry cleared his throat, "We were thinking maybe we had another gate we could use to send him home."

She shook her head, "As far as I know I had the last one destroyed when I took the throne. The only person I could think of who still has one is the Supreme Commander and I doubt he's willing to just loan it out."

Dal looked over, "I think I know who can help."

Carol looked over shocked, "Is that a Kree in my throne room?"

Dal nodded, "Yes, Ms. Danvers, or do you prefer Marvel?"

"That's Queen Danvers to you."

He shrugged, "You have any thing I could make a minor temporal disturbance with?"


Doom's time platform

Dal typed something in the console and the machine began to throw sparks as it powered up but suddenly the power cut out and a voice came out, "Probably a bad idea to use a 200 year old burnt out time machine, if you ask me."

They turned to see the traveler who began to speak but his jaw dropped a bit when he saw Clark, "How the hell did he get here?"

He then turned, "What the hell did you do?"

David looked indignant, "What are you looking at me for? It's their fault." He pointed toward 7 and Dal.

The Traveler looked visibly upset, "Okay, I'm gonna remain calm here. Whatever you did, fix it."

Clark was curious, "You know who I am?"

He nodded, "Of course, you're S.....Wait, have you gone public in your timeline?"

He shook his head, "No, why?"

The Traveler turned from him as he put his face in his hand and sighed, "So, you guys ripped a hole in reality and yanked out a guy from an entirely different Multiverse. Do any of you know how bad this is?"

He then stood up, "If I end up having to deal with that floating chair guy, I'm gonna be pissed."

They suddenly found themselves in Northern California. The Traveler was no where to be seen.

Fry looked to Dal, "You ever seen that guy pissed before?"

He shook his head, "I'd prefer not to."

Clark looked over at the sound of screams. He walked over to a hilltop and saw a camp full of people fleeing from Krang lizards. David tried to speak but Clark was gone. The group looked on in awe as Clark quickly routed the horde of gigantic reptiles.

The camp cheered as he rose in the air and flew back to the group, "Sorry, just had to take care of something."

David looked to 7, "Is it weird that I kinda like this guy despite being completely terrified of him?"

Fry waved them over, "There's an Iron Army storage depot about 6 miles west of here."

He then looked to the sky and shouted something directed at the Traveler, "Would it have killed ya to bring a transport?"

Dal wrapped the group in his energy shield, "This will have to do."

He and Clark then rose in the air. He looked to the energy bubble, "Is that secure?"

Dal nodded then looked back, "You're going to want to brace yourselves."

Agent Walker began to ask why but 7 yanked her to him as the group huddled down.

Dal and Clark covered the 6 miles in less than a second. When they landed the group looked on rattled as David spoke, "I believe we all agree not to do that ever again?"

The group seemed to nod in unison as they began to wander out dizzily.

Clark looked them over, "You guys gonna be okay?"

Fry looked up from his crouched position as he tried not to throw up, "We're good. You two go on and we'll catch up."

The Kree and Kryptonian seemed to vanish as they headed toward the depot. They floated above and looked down on the soldiers in very large suits of armor. Clark looked over to Dal as they hovered above, "What are those?"

Dal squinted a bit, "I believe 7 called them Halk busters."

"What's a Halk?"

Dal shrugged, "I have no idea, I'm not particularly familiar with this planet."

A soldier then yelled up to them, "Freeze."

Clark grinned, "Okay."

He then blew a blast of cold air down on them freezing several of the soldiers. Dal chuckled as they landed. The Hulkbuster battalion descended upon them as they hit the ground. Dal blasted one away as Clark grabbed one and swung him around knocking away several of them. He then disabled the legs before tossing him away. One charged toward Dal but Clark used his heat vision to cut the legs off. As the torso slid off the soldier inside looked down with a sigh off relief as he saw his body was intact but he relief was brief as Clark yanked him out of the machine and kicked it into the crowd of armored soldiers sending them scrambling.

They destroyed the armor of every soldier in the place. Dal was a bit confused that Clark's tactics left all the soldiers alive. They fled as Clark grabbed a fleeing soldier, "Is there a negative zone gate here?"

The frightened soldier shook his head, "I don't know, maybe." He then burst into tears, "Please don't kill me!"

Clark sighed as he dropped the man. They then noticed that the group had caught up to them and stood stunned by the wreckage. Clark walked over, "Looks like we have to do some digging."

7 spoke as he stared at the smoking remains of the Hulkbuster armor, "I....., I can find a manifest to see if they have what we're looking for."

As 7 tried to access the depot's systems Clark pointed to a nearby garage, "They have a transport in there."

David looked up, "How do you know?"

"X-ray vision."

David nodded, "Oh,...Wait, What?!"

7 cut them off, "Its not here but I have a location."

Fry gave a wary look, "Something tells me you have bad news."

7 nodded, "New York Iron Hall."

"You know after Chicago they quadrupled security there."

"Yup, there's also a fair chance the Supreme Commander himself will be there."

He sighed, "Okay, lets get going."


The Supreme Commander watched on a video feed from the depot of Clark and Dal destroying his soldiers with ease, "What to we know about the man in the blue suit?"

The aide beside him gulped, "Nothing sir. Aside from busting up some soldiers in Time Square yesterday we know nothing. Its like he just appeared out of nowhere."

He looked to Iron Claw, "Gather a team and track him down."

Iron Claw nodded, "Dead or alive?"

Stryfe shrugged, "Up to you, but leave enough to for the lab techs to study."



The group landed the transport to make a camp for the night. As the sun set Clark heard the sounds of a rowdy crowd cheering in the distance. He rose into the air and noticed a make shift arena a few miles off. He used his telescopic vision to see men with goblin tattoos sitting in an audience watching people fight in a pit.

He then came back down, "Is there a tournament or something going on near here?"

The group looked up a bit nervous, "What did you see?"

"Looked to be an old field house. People were fighting and these guys with little green heads with purple caps tattooed on them seemed to be running it."

David sighed, "A Goblin Grind."

"What's that?"

Agent Walker chimed in, "This gang of thugs called the Goblins capture mutants and Spiders and make them fight for their amusement."

"So its slavery?"

7 noted the angry look on Clarks face, "Yes."

He then rose as 7 asked, "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to put a stop to it."

(To be continued.)


Clark/Iron Age The Gateway part 1

Continued from here H&C v2 part 7

And Here Clark Library

Sky over Metropolis

Clark is enjoying his nightly flight. The city is unusually calm. Suddenly he feels the air around him heat up and he's suddenly enveloped by a blue light.

Suddenly he finds himself standing amid a room full of shocked people who had apparently been in a fight.

Another Universe, Zemo's Island in the South Pacific.

David Hardy and Creed 7 sneak past many Hydra agents and make there way into the building hoping to find something to aid Dal-Rogg's battle with the Juggernaut.

They managed to make it into a store room. As they walked along the stacks 7 catches a large crate marked simply N-Z-G in the corner of his eye, "It can't be that easy to find."

David turned as 7 walked to the crate, "Find something?"

7 had a grin, "If we can't kill him, we can send him where he can't hurt anyone."

He pulled the crate out and ripped open the front, "A negative zone gateway."

David put a hand on his shoulder, "Isn't that what they used to get rid of Ultron?"

7 nodded, "Don't worry, the odds of releasing him are incredibly low. Its an entire universe after all."

David nodded, "Yea, but I know our luck too."


Agent Fry and his fellow Shield agents made their way to a computer terminal as the Latvarian troops started their attack on Hydra. Fry loaded 7's drive into the machine as the sounds of battle rang out around them.

The Masters attacked Dal-Rogg but he threw them off with a wave of energy. Unfortunately it left him open for a punch from the rampaging Juggernaut. He struck Dal several times sending him crashing to the ground. Dal tried to fight back but was trapped as Juggernaut slammed his fists against his energy shield.

Suddenly 7 roared, "Get him over here."

Juggernaut looked back and Dal used the distraction to knock him away. He then prepared to fire a shot from his universal weapon infused with the power of the Nega bands as 7 fired up the gateway. He blasted but Juggernaut dodged as the beam collided with the gate.

The gate lit up with blue energy that engulfed the room. When it faded those in the room looked on shocked at the sight of the man in the red and blue suit with a flowing cape floated in the middle of the room. He looked around stunned as Zemo stepped in the room.

The man looked around, "Where am I?"

Zemo grinned under his mask, "You are on my island which has been invaded by a hostile nation, and you are?"

He set down on the ground looking to Zemo, "I'm C...Kal-El."

Juggernaut then stood and punched Dal-Rogg across the room, "I don't care who he is. We got work to do."

The room then erupted in chaos once again as Clark looked on confused. Finally he slammed his foot down in frustration rattling the entire building and causing many in the room to fall down, "Enough, I need to know whats going on?"

He then smashed through the roof and was gone as the fight began again.


Clark flew across the planet as fast as he could looking for Metropolis. He recognized the place as Earth but it was different. He listened to the voices of people as he flew. He landed in Times Square in New York where he stood in front of a massive hologram of the Supreme Commander looking down on the people.

As he looked around confused he heard a voice shout, "I-Dent, now."

He turned to see several armored men aiming glowing palms at him. He held up his hands, "Look, I don't want trouble, just trying to figure out where I am."

The Iron soldier shouted again, "Are you deaf? I said I-Dent, Now!"

"I don't know what that is, could you just...."

The soldiers fired on him. He stood unaffected then fired a blast of heat vision disabling their repulsers, "Now calm down."

As he tried to speak the soldier spoke into his comm, "We need back up."

Clark sighed and shot into the air. He was met by incoming soldiers who ordered him down but he ignored them as he tried to fly on. They fired on him several times before he stopped, "Enough with that. Its getting annoying."

A soldier shot him in the chest. Clark gave him a wary look, "You really want to do this?"

A repulser blast then hit him in the face. He gave an exasperated look then inhaled deeply and blew the soldiers away with a hurricane force breath. One of the soldiers crashed into the street and sat up in shock as he removed his helmet.

A soldier on the ground looked down, "What happened?"

He looked up shaken, "He blew us away."

"With what?"

"With his breath, he just blew his breath out and knocked us all away."

In the air Clark continued on as more soldiers arrived, "Oh come on, what's with this place?"

He then vanished with a sonic boom before the astonished soldiers. One commed, "How the hell is he that fast?"

As he flew he was horrified by the state of the country. He saw people with powers fighting Iron soldiers, gaping craters where cities once stood and the ruins of small towns. He set down many miles from the city and found himself in the middle of a camp. He looked around and noticed many people with spiders and webs tattooed on them.

A hand then laid on his shoulder as he heard the voice of an old woman, "This world must seem strange to you."

He turned to see a blind old woman, "I don't mean any harm."

She smiled, "Of course you don't Mr. Kent."

He looked shocked, "How did you...."

She shrugged, "I know many things, I know you aren't of this world, not even of this Universe. You are the last of a dead race who was taken from his adopted home and brought here."

He was curious but the woman had a calming tone, "And you are?"

She put out a hand to shake, "Most people call me Madam Web, the people around you are members of an organization called the Spider Resistance, we help those who fight the Iron Army who've ruined this world."

Clark chuckled, "I ran into a few soldiers who fit the description."


After Clark had explained how he got to this world Madam Web had a stern look, "This Zemo is evil, possibly worse even than the Supreme Commander. The power at his disposal is frightening."

Clark gave a nod, "So an evil mad man is sitting on too much power and as far as I know holding my only way home."

He stood as Madam Web put out a hand, "You could just go home and ignore Zemo."

"Not really my style."

With that he was gone.


On Zemo's island the New Latverian soldiers were dead, Dal, 7, David and the Shield Agents were held up behind a wall as the Hydra agents fired on them.

Dal looked to 7, "Any idea how we get out of this?"

7 shrugged as Juggernaut burst through the wall, "Found 'em bo...."

He was launched away as Clark stood looking down on them, "Madam Web explained the situation."

Callous lept over them to attack but Clark swatted him away sending him into the ocean as Juggernaut charged. He swung a fist that Clark easily dodged as he drove a punch of his own into Juggernaut's gut knocking the wind out of him.

Juggernaut fell back wheezing, "You can do that. Do you know who I am?"

"Don't care."

Clark then punched him hard sending him high in the air. He watched as Juggernaut splashed down into the ocean. Zemo stood shocked as he turned to Tinkerer, "Call a full retreat."

"Ye..yes sir."

Zemo then hit his personal teleporter as did all the other Masters as the Hydra agents ran to their transports. Clark then looked down on the Shield agents, "Could you tell me where to find the device that brought me here?"

Fry looked nervously at the shattered device, "Um, well. There's a bit of a problem with that."

Clark looked over, "Figures."

(To be continued)


Three Robins (Part 3 of 4)

Continued from here part 2

Ice Berg Lounge, Gotham City

Green Arrow sits on a roof across the street watching people enter. He turns at the sound of footsteps behind him, "Hey Speedy."

Roy Harper gives an annoyed look, "Its Arsenal, now."

Green Arrow chuckles, "What brings you to Gotham?"

"Same as you. Why aren't you down there?"

He points down, "There's a who's who of Batman's B and C list down there, all celebrating. Figure if I wait a bit a bigger fish will take the bait."

Roy leans over, "Bait?"

He then tossed Roy a comm, "Canary says, Penguin isn't in there."

Roy nods, "So Cobblepot is trying to get Joker out in the open before he has a chance to get to him."

Green Arrow patted him on the back, "You're getting good, Speedy."


Black Canary sits on the roof of the Lounge listening to the patrons with a device. She over heard a loud clang and people beginning to panic as she hit her comm, "Ollie, get moving."

He and Roy landed on the street as large security doors slammed down in front of the exits and windows. Green Arrow kicked over a trash can as he called back, "Penguin set up a damned fortress."

Canary looked around and saw Joker standing on a roof holding a trigger device, "Oh S**t."

"Ollie, get ready to catch me."

She leapt off the roof just as Joker hit the trigger. A fire ball launched through the roof as she landed on a net Green Arrow had put up for her. As she got down Oliver looked her over, "You okay?"

She nodded, "Penguin set them up, he's letting Joker thin out the competition."

Roy sighed, "Makes sense, the regular crooks have been in hiding since the clown started his rampage and the bodies from the costume crowd keep piling up. Just caught a report on the police band that said they just found Zsasz sliced up like a Christmas ham, and they found Two Face cut in half."

Green Arrow shook his head, "He's getting his sense of humor back."


Nepali Airspace

Dick, Tim and Jason are flying toward Nanda Parbat in a League Javelin. Jason is adjusting the glider pack on his back, "One of those beam things would've been quicker."

Dick nodded, "And easier to track. You clear on the plan?"

Jason nodded then looked to Tim, "Is he?"

Dick gave a wary look, "He's good."

Tim glared back from the controls, "We're coming to the drop point."

As Jason jumped out Dick picked his glider pack and looked back to Tim, "You sure you're up for this?"

Tim turned away, "I can handle it."

Dick gave a nod as Tim slowed the Javelin, "See you on the ground."

He then jumped from the ship.


As Jason descended on the main entrance he aimed a rocket launcher at the main gate, "Knock, knock."

The explosion set off many alarms and Ra's men flooded the main courtyard. Jason hurled dozens of explosives and smoke pellets as he landed and began taking them down in the confusion.

He'd taken down nearly half of them when an arrow landed at his foot. He instinctively jumped away just before a device on the arrow sent out a shock wave that cleared the smoke along with the rest of Ra's' men.

Jason looked up to see an archer dressed in black, "Merlyn?"

The archer gave a nod.


Dick sat a few yards from the rear entrance when he heard the explosions. He chuckled to himself, "He makes a fine distraction."

He then made his way into the place, easily dispatching the few guards that remained. He then shot a grapple line up and took to the rafters as a man walked in, "You missed a camera Grayson."

Dick looked down and recognized the man as David Cain, "It's always something."

He looked up but saw nothing as he continued, "So what's the plan here kid, beat a confession out of Ra's? You'd have had better luck trying to out run the Flash."


David got a grin as he threw a rope over a rafter and tied the other end to a bar on the wall. As he climbed up he shouted, "Did you think I couldn't fin you up there?"

Cain crept along the beam as Dick spoke, "Guess you're just to clever for me."

He then came up to a beam in deep shadow and came around expecting to catch Grayson. He stopped and noticed a small speaker that Dick spoke through, "I've been at this a while."

A dart then hit Cain in the neck as Dick dropped down, "Pays to have a martian friend."

David began to waiver, "Clever."

Dick then shot out a grapple line to catch Cain before he hit the floor. He then hit his comm, "All clear."


In front Jason was dodging arrows as Merlyn was becoming frustrated. Jason kept him from getting a clear shot with a variety of devices, smoke pellets, explosives and flash/bang grenades were going off all around when Merlyn ran out of arrows.

Jason then charged to try and take him down. Merlyn side stepped and drove an elbow into Jason's neck sending him to the ground. He then kicked him in the side. As Jason rolled he grabbed Merlyn's leg and flipped him to the ground. He then jumped to his feet and attempted to stomp on the archer.

Merlyn caught his foot and punched him hard in the knee before rising and driving a shoulder into Jason's gut lifting him up. He then slammed him down and grabbed an arrow from the ground. He stepped over Jason and began to speak.

He was halted as a bullet tore through his shoulder. Jason then rose and hit him with a taser. Dick then came through on the comm, "What was that?"

Jason shrugged, "Relax, he ain't dead. All clear."

Ra's rose from a monitor bank, "Our guests have arrived."

Ubu was about to leave the room when an explosion went off leaving a large hole in the roof. He looked up just in time to see Tim's boot before he crashed into his shoulder snapping his collar bone. He then took out the last of the guards with a stun grenade.

Ra's shrugged, "That was unnecessary."

Tim looked confused as Ra's casually took a seat on a sofa, "I assume the others will be here shortly."

Dick then kicked open the door as Jason crashed through a window. Ra's rolled his eyes, "The Detective was much more subtle."

Ra's then looked to Dick, "I did not kill Bruce Wayne."

Jason huffed, "And I guess we're just supposed to take your word."

Ra's turned to face him, "I lost my only true family because of my association with him, if it were me, you three would have died before him."

Jason moved towards Ra's but Dick stopped him, "He doesn't leave loose ends."

Ra's then pointed to a computer screen, "I believe you know this man?"

They turned to see an enhanced satellite image of a man entering Wayne manor on the night Bruce died. Ra's then continued, "He's one of the few assassins that can rival my League in skill."

Jason and Tim's eyes went wide as Dick clenched his fist.


Gotham city.

Bane looked down on the bodies of Killer Croc and realized he'd just walked into a trap. He jumped away as a heavy load of bricks dropped down. He angrily shouted, "Did you think you could kill me like this, clown."

A bullet then tore through his skull as Joker stepped from the shadows, "Not for a second."

Joker then stepped over his body.

As he stepped out of the warehouse machine guns began to fire. He ducked behind a dumpster as Penguin and several armed thugs approached, " I figured you'd just gas the place. Blowing up my Lounge like that is going to send my insurance through the roof."

Joker chuckled a bit, "You don't have a roof anymore."

Penguin and his men walked forward as Joker slipped back into the warehouse. Penguin stepped in, "I should probably thank you. After the last few days, I'm the only game in town."

His thugs began firing as they assumed they'd found him but all they did was shred a mannequin with bullets. As they stepped toward it two got stuck in snares that dragged them away screaming.

The remaining three became nervous when the screams suddenly stopped. Penguin sighed, "Eyes open boys, the place is probably loaded with traps."

A voice rang out, "You know me well, Oswald."

A grenade with a smiley face then dropped in front of them. Penguin pushed one of his men over on it to contain the blast as he and the other two jumped back.

Suddenly the last of Penguin's men dropped. He looked down and saw arrows in their shoulders. A voice came from a few yards away, "They're down for the count, Pudgy."

He looked up to see Green Arrow, "You think I'm afraid of a second rate Robin Hood knock off?"

Joker screamed, "No!"

He then came from the shadows shooting at Green Arrow, "No substitutions."

Arrow jumped for cover as Penguin turned to shoot Joker. Joker hit him across the face with a crowbar, then seemed to forget he was there as he moved toward Green Arrow, "You think you can just take his city now? You think I'd let that happen?"

Green Arrow hit his comm, "You guys ready?"

Joker kicked away the crate Green Arrow was hiding behind as a red arrow hit him in the leg. It sent out a shock that brought the Joker to his knees. He looked up with a hateful glare as Green Arrow struck him on the side of the head with his bow.

Roy then stepped out, "That was easier than I thought."

Green Arrow nodded, "He was off his game."


Metropolis, Home of Lex Luthor.

Lex sat reading when Dick crashed through his window. He snatched him up and slammed him into the wall. Lex had an amused look, "Took you a bit longer than I thought. I greatly overestimated you."

Dick was nearly growling as Tim and Jason entered, "Where is he?"

Lex threw up his hands, "Who knows. Though I will say, he gave me a hell of a discount. All he asked was to send you on a wild goose chase and give you this."

He pulled an envelope out of his pocket, "Bruce was my target, but you're his."


A man stands over a grave stone, he places a hand on it. He then drops a rose on the grave and sits down behind it waiting.

(To be concluded)


Three Robins (Part 2 of 4)

Continued from here part 1


Superman was taking a flight through the city to clear his head. He was distracted due to the death of his friend and didn't notice the jet engine rapidly approaching. When he finally heard it he was hit with a sonic canon that threw off his equilibrium and sent him spiraling away as the jet aimed toward him.

A half second before it slammed into him he realized it was Batman's. As he and the jet crashed into the street The Red Hood came down on a glider with a net gun. As Superman tried to stand Jason shot him. The net wrapped around him and he was shocked to see he couldn't break it.

Jason neared as he spoke, "The net was a gift from Zatara. I don't usually go in for the magic stuff but Bats keeps that kryptonite locked up tight."

Superman continued to struggle against the net, "What are you doing?"

Jason then revealed a pair of gauntlets glowing red, "I'm doing what Nightwing didn't have the balls for."

Just then Jason felt a tap on his shoulder. He turn and Dick punched him hard in the face sending him to the ground. He sat up, "How'd you get here?"

Dick looked down, "Zeta beam, the League considers the death of one of their own a priority so they helped out."

Red Robin came up behind Superman and began untying the net, "Sorry, he doesn't like to think things through."

Jason stood and moved to stop Tim but Dick grabbed his arm, "You need to calm down."

Jason swung but Dick caught his fist, "He didn't do it."

"Two reasons. One he was fighting some kind of monster on the moon at the exact time it happened and not even he's that fast."

Jason pulled away from Dick then shoved him back, "It had to be him!"

Tim looked up, "What, he just took a quick break from fighting a space monster and just popped down to kill someone?"

Jason again moved toward Tim, "Who else could kill Batman?!"

Dick grabbed him and practically roared, "Anyone! He wasn't a god, he was just a man in a suit. He could have died any night on the street and you know it. Now calm the hell down and think for once in your life."

Tim made a smug huff but Dick gave a glare, "That's not helping."

They then overheard an on looker, "Batman's dead?"

Dick then turned to see a teenage boy holding his smartphone up, "I take it this is already on line?"

The kid nodded as Dick sighed, "Damn it."

Superman looked down to Tim, "That's going to be a problem."

Dick then looked back to Jason and was about to say something but Jason started with his voice cracking a bit and said something Dick assumed he'd never hear, "I'm sorry."

Dick noted his voice, "We have to keep it together. Do what he taught us and keep our heads in the game. You want to cry or scream you wait till after."

Jason nodded.


Gotham City

Bullock and Montoya stared at a blood bath. Even Harvey was shocked by what he saw, "This isn't like him. Since when does the Joker just slaughter people with no plans or plots?"

Montoya leaned down, "I think there might be a plan, this guy here it Thomas Elliot, AKA Hush. We got a call on the wire that Tweedle Dee and Dum were found gutted earlier. He's hunting down Batman's enemies."

Bullock looked confused, "Why?"

A uniformed officer stepped up, "I think I know."

He then handed Bullock a phone he'd borrowed from an on looker, "This video from Metropolis just went on line on this site that shows supers fighting. The kid wouldn't shut up about it."

Bullock's eyes went wide as he heard of Batman's death, "Montoya, we're gonna have a bad day."


Ice Berg Lounge, Gotham City

Oswald Cobblepot AKA the Penguin laughs maniacally as one of his employees shows him the video, "Clean this place up, we're having a party. All drinks are half off."


An alley on the south side of Gotham.

Edward Nigma, Aka, The Riddler is running. He had planned to rob a bank today but his goons had been slaughtered. He now ran for his life. He tripped over a pipe laying in the alley as his pursuer approached. He looked over to see the Joker, still in his orange Arkham jump suit and covered in blood, "What do you want?"

"I haven't done anything to you."

Joker put his foot on the Riddler's chest as he looked down. His smile and laugh were absent and his face revealed no emotion, "He's gone now. We aren't needed anymore."

Nigma's screams could be heard from blocks away as Joker sliced him open. He then wiped the blood on his jumpsuit and headed on.


Star city.

Green Arrow is loading up his jet as Black Canary steps up, "Where are you going?"

He doesn't look back, "Hasn't even been three hours since that video went public and reports are already pouring in. Gotham is a powder keg about to go off and I can't let that happen. I owe him at least that much."

She sighed, "Gotham has other protectors."

He nodded, "Yeah, but they aren't him."

"And neither are you."

He turned, "You think I don't know that? You think I never heard all the B-List Batman jokes?"

She gave a nod, "You're not going alone."

"Didn't plan on it."


Central City

Dick, Tim and Jason arrived via Zeta beam on their bikes Dick had brought from the Bat-Cave. Jason looked over, "Why are we here, you think the Flash offed him?"

"No, but he knows a psychopath that's just as fast and could easily evade our notice."

Tim nodded, "You think Zoom had something to do with it?"

"Not really but its a possibility."

As the rode a red streak passed them and the Flash stopped in front of them. Tim slammed on his breaks to avoid hitting him as Jason and Dick came to a stop beside him. Flash looked them over, "I heard about Metropolis."

Dick pulled off his helmet, "We're looking for a speedster, and we figured we'd come to the expert."

Flash looked curious, "You think a speedster killed Batman?"

Dick nodded, "He had a scanner at the manor, it picked up signs of the Speed force, it kind of narrows down the search."

Flash walked over, "Can I see the scan?"

Dick looked over, "Red Robin?"

Tim opened a gauntlet on his wrist to show a monitor. He then pulled up the scan. Flash stared at it intently, "I have something similar, but you have a problem."

The three gave Flash a quizzical look as he spoke, "The frequency is off a bit. Its very close but its not right. Someone definitely wanted it to look like the Speed force, probably to throw you off the trail."

Jason leaned over, "Who's got the resources to fool Batman's equipment?"

Flash shrugged, "I can't imagine its a long list. They'd need access to similar equipment, and its not cheap. The speed force detector at S.T.A.R. labs was cost a few million to build."

Dick sat back, "So we're looking for a tech guy with either a budget or a backer."

Tim looked up, "Which brings me back to the idea that maybe Bruce was the target, instead of Batman. Have you been keeping up with Business news?"

Jason gave him a wary look, "Why?"

"Wayne Enterprises just beat out Lex Corp on a multi-billion dollar government contract. Lex is one to hold a grudge and with the C.E.O. out of the picture it leaves Wayne Enterprises vulnerable."

Flash gave a nod, "That's means and motive."

Jason sat up, "So back to Metropolis?"

Dick shook his head, "Lex wouldn't do it himself and we don't even know for sure he was involved. There's a good possibility it was an assassin and knowing Lex he would insist on only using the best and most expensive."

Jason sighed, "We need to find Ra's."

Dick slumped his shoulders, "Not sure he's gonna be any easier to deal with than Lex."


Nanda Parbat

Ra's al Ghul sits watching the video of the Red Hood taking Superman out of the sky. He turned to Ubu, "I believe we will have company soon."

Ubu shrugged, "I doubt the Detective's students will be an issue."

Ra's gave a blank look, "Underestimation has killed more men than can be easily counted."

Ubu was about to walk out but asked, "Did the League do this?"

"Not to my knowledge but I am very interested in meeting the man who did."


Justice League Watchtower.

Tim stands before a massive monitor as Cyborg attempts to help him track Ra's. Jason is pacing as Dick attempts to look patient. He looked to Jason, "You've never been up here, have you?"

"Side kicks weren't welcome when I was Robin and I haven't exactly been considered a friendly lately."

Tim then spoke up, "Guys, we have our coordinates."

Dick looked surprised, "That was fast."

Tim shrugged, "Apparently Ra's just called Alfred and gave them to him."

Jason and Dick traded wary looks. Jason was the first to speak, "That has to be a trap, right?"

Dick nodded, "Odds are good. We're still going, but be ready."

Cyborg looked over, "Should I come?"

Dick shook his head, "This is a family matter."

(To be continued)


Three Robins (Part 1 of 4)

Dick Grayson stands in front of a mirror adjusting his bow tie as Alfred grins behind him, "You never were good with those."

Dick chuckled a bit, "True. Though I wasn't really expecting to need one much anymore."

Alfred sighed a bit, " You know Bruce misses you. He'd never admit it of course, but he still sees you as a son."


Bruce Wayne stood in the entry way of Wayne Manor with a fake smile as he greeted guests to a Wayne foundation fund raiser. Across the room, Tim Drake sat bored as men three times his age droned on about business matters. He wondered why Bruce had invited him, he considered perhaps loosing Damian had something to do with it. Bruce had never been a happy man but lately he'd seemed especially depressed.

Tim's eyes went wide when Jason Todd entered. His jaw dropped when Bruce greeted him with a warm hug. Jason looked just as shocked as Bruce smiled, "Glad you could make it."

Dick came down the stairs with Alfred but stopped mid way, "Why is he here?"

Alfred noticed as he glared at Jason, "Master Bruce wanted you all here. I'd consider it a personal favor if you could remain civil."

Dick nodded, "I'd be more worried about Tim, if I were you."

Bruce's smile became genuine for a moment as he saw his three adopted sons came together in the middle of the room. Jason and Tim smiled through gritted teeth as Dick stepped between them, "Be nice boys, we have company."

Bruce began walking toward them but stopped as a vaguely familiar voice came from behind, "Excuse me, Mr. Wayne."

Bruce turned. He recognized the man but hit the floor before he had a chance to react. The man was gone before Bruce fell. Dick looked over as a crowd began to form and ran over with Jason and Tim close behind. He dropped to his knees when he saw Bruce on the floor and attempted to wake him. He checked for a pulse but he was gone.


Later as Bruce was being loaded into an ambulance as Commissioner Gordon pulled up. Dick met him as he got out, "I need to see the M.E's report as soon as you can."

Gordon looked caught off guard, "Why would I...."

Dick cut him off, " You don't need to pretend anymore, we know you know."

Gordon sighed, "So you think its a homicide?"

Dick just gave a stare, "Tell your Examiner to check the eyes."

As Dick walked back Tim stopped him, "You noticed the eyes too?"

Jason stood behind them, "Only a few guys can do that, even less can do it and get away unseen."

Dick nodded," And as far as I know, only two know Bruce's secret."

Tim's voice cracked a bit as he tried to keep his composure, "Are we sure his secret has anything to do with it."

Jason glared, "Suck it up, Drake."

Dick shoved Jason, "Back off."

Jason clinched his fist and seemed ready to fight when Alfred shouted them down, "This is neither the time, nor place."

Alfred stood shaking, with tears in his eyes, "He wanted his family whole again, he was finally going to give up this insane crusade. Damian's death was his wake up call."

He then wiped the tears from his eyes, "Someone stole his chance to make a real life for himself and we will do what we can to make sure they pay."

None of them had ever seen Alfred in this state. He glared with anger and pain at the ambulance as it pulled away, "Follow me."


After everyone left Alfred led Dick, Tim and Jason down to the Batcave. Tim turned on the computer as Dick ordered, "We're looking for someone with super human speed."

Jason cleared his throat, "Am I going to be the one to point it out."

Dick gave a sigh as Jason continued, "Someone with heat vision, can move fast enough to seem invisible and knows Bruce's secrets."

Dick nodded, "It crossed my mind. But it could have easily been a speedster with a laser or possibly some machine or magic. He's got plenty of enemies to choose from."

Tim looked up from the computer, "This is going to take a while."

Dick turned to the Nightwing uniform in a glass tube, "I guess I'm not done yet."


Arkham Assylum, The next day.

An orderly sits with a look of shock as Detective Bullock stands beside him, "What the hell happened?"

The orderly shrugged, "I don't know. He was sitting calmly watching the morning news then he just went berserk for no reason."

Bullock then looked over the bodies of Jonathan Crane and several other inmates along with two orderlies, "You think he had it in for Scarecrow?"

The orderly looked up, "I don't think he cared who it was, he was just pissed off and wanted to kill."

He looked over to Detective Montoya, "Why ain't the Bat on this?"

She shrugged, "Gordon just said he wasn't coming."

"Probably off with the underwear brigade again."

She gave a glare, "Well, we have a clown to track down."

He looked over to the television as a reporter spoke, "Bruce Wayne's death has been ruled a homicide but there is currently no further information."


Metropolis, The Daily Planet

Clark Kent came in as Lois was preparing to leave for the train station, "What's the rush?"

She looked up shaken, "I'm heading to Gotham. Bruce Wayne was murdered last night."


Wayne Manor.

Dick woke with Tim and Alfred staring down at him, "What now?"

Tim looked to the door, "Jason's gone, and so is the jet."

"Any idea where he's headed?"

Alfred nodded, "Most likely, Metropolis."

Dick stood up, "Of course he is."

He then glared at Tim, "Let's go catch the dumb ass before he gets himself killed."

(To be continued)


Bruce: Part 6

Continued from here part 5

League of Assassins secret prison, 1995

As Bruce sat staring at the old man across from him locked in meditation the door swung open. Several men entered and grabbed him. He was taken up several flights of stairs and ushered into what appeared to be a throne room.

A man sat regally on an ornate chair in the center with a sword resting by his side. He stood and walked toward Bruce as a man behind him kicked him in the back of the knees. Bruce went down as the man behind him ordered, "You will kneel before the Demon's Head."

The man from the throne looked down, "Do you know who I am?"

Bruce looked up, "Ducard called you Ra's al Ghul."

Ra's nodded, "And you are Bruce Wayne, of Gotham City. The only child of Thomas and Martha Wayne, who was forced to watch them die. Afterwards you were raised by a butler named....Albert?"

Bruce gritted his teeth as he corrected, "Alfred."

Ra's gave a bit of a shrug, "Minor detail. You have been doing quite a bit of traveling alone for a boy your age, why did you seek out Ducard?"

Bruce pulled himself up to look Ra's in the eye, "He's said to be the world's best detective. I wanted to learn from him."

Ra's grinned a bit, "I see."

He sighed, "Very well, Detective. If you wish to learn, I will teach you. You will return to your cell, from this day on you will train, you will work and if I decide you're worthy I may let you live."


1 month later

Bruce entered the cell and more fell than laid on his mat. He then looked to Kirigi who didn't even seem winded, "How the hell do you keep up?"

He grinned a bit, "They don't make me train. I could show you a way to fight the fatigue you wish."

Bruce pulled himself up, "I thought you didn't train people."

"I don't train these people, are you one of them?"

Bruce shook his head, "Very well then."


The next day

Bruce sat in meditation across from Kirigi as a man stepped in. Bruce opened an eye and looked up, "New guy?"

The man shook his head, "No, Ra's has taken an interest in you. He believes I'm the best teacher he has."

Bruce sat up, "And you are?"

"David Cain."

Bruce noticed a girl near his age behind David with a stoic expression, "She have a name?"

David looked back, "This is Talia, she'll be helping train you."


Bruce was in a dojo looking across a mat at Talia as David stood back, "Show me what you know, rich boy."

Bruce looked incredulous, "I won't hit a girl...."

Before he finished Talia had punched him in the throat and flipped him over her shoulder. She then placed a foot on Bruce's throat, "Chivalry will only get you killed."

She stepped back as Bruce pulled himself up. David looked to him, "Now, show me."

Bruce sighed a bit then charged toward Talia. She drove a foot into his face sending him down. David gave a shrug, "We have a lot of work to do."


That night Bruce returned to his cell with dried blood on the corners of his mouth and quite a bit on his shirt. Kirigi looked him over, "Now my training begins."

Bruce sighed, "Whenever your ready."


8 months passed, Bruce spent every day much the same. Cain woke him before the dawn and trained him till dusk. Kirigi took over as soon as Bruce returned to the cell. Kirigi taught him a form of meditation that allowed him to go for extended amounts of time without sleep.

Talia seemed dismissive of Bruce at first and was even more harsh with him than Cain, but over time she softened toward him. She found his determination and drive appealing.

One night as Bruce prepared to begin his night training the cell door opened. He looked back to see Talia standing, "Come with me."

Bruce looked to Kirigi but the old man waved him off. He then turned to Talia, "Am I allowed to wander?"

"You are tonight, besides if you did attempt escape you'd freeze to death long before you found civilization."

Bruce left with her. She ushered him to the upper floors where Ra's lived when he was here. Bruce looked nervous, "Why would Ra's allow you in his private quarters."

"He is my father. Did you not know?"

Bruce shrugged a bit, "Never thought about it."

As he looked around the room he walked to a large window. He looked out on the snow covered mountain range that surrounded them. Talia spoke from behind, "My father sees greatness in you. It is the reason he allowed you to stay with the old man. He knows all about the training he's been giving you."

Bruce didn't seem surprised, "I was curious about that."

He then sighed and spoke as he turned, "Is there a reason you brought me up here?"

As he looked to Talia she dropped her shirt to the floor. His eyes went a bit wide, "What are you..."

She cut him off with a kiss. She then pulled back a bit, "Now is not the time for talk."


Shortly before sun rise Bruce and Talia returned to the cell. She locked the door as Bruce laid down. Kirigi gave a smug chuckle as she left, "You should be more cautious, boy."

(To be continued.)


Marvel Re-Genesis: Captain Marvel part 1, We Are Kree.

(This is the first chapter for my part of the Marvel Re-Genesis group started by @avenging_x_bolt )

A Kree ship enters the Sol system. Two blue skinned Kree look out an observation bay. One called Colonel Yon-Rogg looks back, "We are wasting time."

The "pink" skinned Captain Mar-Vell shrugs, "Routine threat assessment. Has to be done and since we're the closest, Command ordered us to do it."

Yon-Rogg gave a condescending sneer and began to speak but was cut off by the Kree known as Ronan, "Who is the assigned Captain of this ship?"

Yon-Rogg looked nervous, "Mar-Vell, sir."

Ronan nodded, "And what is the punishment for disobeying the orders of an assigned captain or asking for him to be derelict in his duty?"

Ronan stared down on Yon-Rogg fully expecting an answer. The smaller Kree shook a bit as he spoke, "Execution, sir."

Mar-Vell stifled a chuckle as the Colonel made his way off the bridge. Ronan stared hard as the came upon the third planet from this systems sun, "I often wonder why the Supreme Intelligence bothers to worry about this little water ball."

The Captain stepped over, "My guess would be they're mostly worried about Attilan, tho I couldn't say if it even exists anymore. We haven't seen a trace of it in over a thousand cycles."

Ronan began to speak but the ship rocked violently as something slammed into it. Vell hit his comm, "What was that?"

A voice came over the comm, "We were struck by a small craft, damage is minimal."

Vell nodded, "Was it an attack?"

"Unknown, sir. Signs point to accidental encounter and the craft seems to be completely disabled."

Vell looked to Ronan, "Pardon me, sir."

He then headed off the bridge, "Bring it in, we'll bring it back as part of our assessment."

"Yes, sir."


Mar-Vell entered the bay as a soldier approached, "There's a pilot on board, seems to be unconscious."

They pulled the pilot out. Vell looked her over and moved to take off her helmet, "Get me a breather, they have an oxygen heavy atmosphere."

He attached the breather over her mouth and nose and set it to compensate, "Take her to the med bay and let me know she wakes up."

The soldier looked over, "How do you know its a she?"

"Files say most Terrans are aesthetically similar to Kree. Looks like a female to me."


In the Med bay a blue skinned Kree doctor looks her over and notices her dog tags as he picks up a translation devise. He holds it over the tags as he scrolls through options, "Hey Kor, you know what this language is called?"

Kor was looking at a monitor, "According to the files...." He squinted a bit as he looked, "I think it says Angleesh"

The doctor furrowed his brow, "There's one called English listed as a common Earth language."

Kor shrugged, "Worth a shot."

He looks over the translator, "Captain Carol Danvers, U.S.A.F., whatever that means. Sounds military."

Carol began to regain consciousness as the two doctors spoke in a language she couldn't understand. She tried to sit up, but was restrained. She began to thrash around as the doctors noticed, "Call the captain."

Kor held her arm still as he injected her with something. She yelled at him, "What the hell did you give me?!"

He gave a wary look, "Translator microbes, calm down."

She was still unnerved but she hid her fear well, "Where am I?"

A voice came in from behind, "This is a Kree star cruiser. Your craft collided with ours."

She looked over to see Mar-Vell, "Are you human?"

He shook his head, "No I am Kree, just a different paint job."

He then introduced himself, "I'm Captain Mar-Vell."

She gave him an odd look, "Captain Marvel? Sounds like a comic book character."

"No, its Mar-Vell. And you are?"

"Captain Carol Danvers, United States Air Force. Why am I here?"

He sighed a bit, "We were doing a routine threat assessment when your craft collided with ours. Unfortunately our protocols dictate that we needed to assess whether your craft was a weapon and if so if it presents a danger."

She sat up as he unshackled her, "Its a prototype high speed vehicle for space flight. We were hoping to shorten the trip to other planets by a few years."

He looked incredulous, "Years?"

Kor chuckled, "Well now we know they can't chase us."

Mar-Vell gave a glare, "Her people aren't a space fairing race yet. You have to learn to crawl before you walk."

Carol cleared her throat, "Am I gonna get a ride home?"

Vell sighed, "Well, there's an issue with that. We're on a bit of a tight schedule. We have to get back to Kree-Lar and drop some people off but at most we're two days from the nearest Star-Gate that will take us right there. After that I'll take you back as soon as I get clearance."

Carol looked annoyed but had been in the military long enough to recognize when someone's hands are tied by red tape. Suddenly she looked down with a shock, "Am I naked?"

Kor nodded, "Wondered when she was gonna notice that."


Later Carol stood in the observation bay in awe of the stars rushing past as bored Kree wandered by. Mar-Vell stepped up next to her, "I remember that feeling, first time I was on a ship going beyond light speed I thought it was the most amazing thing in the universe. Tho you're lucky you were unconscious for the first couple days. My first time I thought my stomach would abandon ship."

She chuckled a bit, "Its odd, scientists on my world are still debating if its even possible to travel at the speed of light while your people are casually breaking it."

Vell shrugged, "We started with sticks and stone, same as you."

"These translator microbes are fantastic."

"A Spartoi scientist came up with them quite a while ago, they pretty much revolutionized interstellar commerce and diplomacy."

She was startled as Ronan stepped behind Vell. He towered over him. Vell turned as Ronan spoke, "Is it wise to allow this..Human, is it, To wander the ship?"

Vell nodded, "She's restricted to public areas only, and I doubt she'd be able to cause trouble. Her people take a week to get to their own moon, how much trouble can they be?"

Ronan glared down at Carol as he walked by. As a door closed behind him she looked back to Vell, "Who's that charming fella?"

"That is Ronan the Accuser, actually Supreme Accuser is his technical title. He's one of the highest ranking officers in the whole empire."

She was about to ask something but again the ship rocked. An alert rang out and Vell hit his comm, "What happened?"

Carol over heard the answer from an angry Kree, "A damned Skrull ship. It came out of nowhere and opened fire."

Carol started to say something but Vell ordered a soldier to take her to guest quarters.


Vell entered the bridge as Ronan was barking orders. Vell told him, "I have pilots heading to the fighters. What's the situation?"

Ronan looked down, "It's Commander Kl'rt."

Vell nodded, "Any chance, this is just a coincidence and they aren't trying to take you out?"

Ronan gave a blank stare as Vell sighed, "Didn't think so."

A soldier spoke up, "They're hailing."

Ronan nodded, "Let's hear it."

"The comm system rang out with Kl'rt's voice, "This is Kl'rt of the Skrull empire, surrender the accuser and you won't be killed."

Vell grinned a bit, "Does he really think we'd believe that?"

(To be continued)


5th Column Comics: Joe part 4

Continued from here part 3

Guantanamo Bay, 5 years ago.

NSA agent Bob Thornton sits in a room as a man with a shaggy beard and long unkempt hair is brought in. He is heavily shackled on the wrists, waste and feet. As he sits Bob has a welcoming grin, "Hello, Its Thomas Kane, right? Or do you prefer Tom?"

Kane gave a nod, "Okay then, right to business. Do you know how much we spent to catch you?"

Tom shrugged, "Wasn't my idea."

Bob chuckled a bit before continuing, "We've spent $400,000,000 a year for the last half decade hunting you and the other subjects of project Sparta. That's 2 billion in total, you know how many we've caught?"

He noted Tom's blank stare then sighed a bit, "We've caught 1, and I think we both know that was just dumb luck. You might be a legitimate threat, but you are not worth the money or the man hours and frankly I don't want to spend it again on what will most likely be a fruitless endeavor."

Tom leaned over, "You coming to a point?"

Bob nodded, "I came with a deal for you. I want you to put your skills to work for us. So what I'll do for you is this. You agree we'll just leave the rest of them alone, on the condition that if one goes rogue they become your responsibility. Outside of that you'll basically be an agency unto yourself, there will be oversight of course and you will receive missions.

This is a one time only deal, if you don't take it you'll likely die here."

Tom sat in thought for a moment then looked up, "When do I start?"


Golden Roads, present

Joe sits on a bench with Roxie, "Okay, kid. Test time. Joe pointed to the top of a parking structure where he'd sat a small pocket knife, "You have twenty minutes to get up there and bring me back that knife without anyone seeing you."

She looked nervous as she started to walk. She looked back to Joe but he waved her off. He waited until she was out of sight then made his way toward the structure. He stretched up a few flights to a spot where he could keep an eye on her just in case.

After a few minutes she passed him, he stifled a chuckle about being unnoticed but was impressed that thus far he'd been the only one to notice her.


After she'd retrieved the knife she came back down two floors when a small crowd of people came in. She quickly hid but one of the people happened to be Agent Kane who'd come to pick up his car. He noticed her scurrying along under a line of cars.

When she thought she was completely unseen she crept out and headed down the stairs when a voice spoke, "You must excel at hide and go seek."

She turned to see Kane. He seemed to recognize her, "Roxanne Collins?"

Her eyes went wide and she bolted. Kane sighed as he jumped the rail and landed on the flight of stairs just below. She surprised him a bit by being able to side step him but he nearly caught up. He was stopped when something grabbed him from behind and tossed him a few feet away.

He stood to see Joe now standing between him and the girl. Kane loosened his tie as he stepped forward, "Milton."

Joe gave a nod, "Kane."

Tom then pulled off his gloves revealing hands that seemed to be made of smooth black crystal. Joe took a fighting stance as Tom spoke, "I'm taking the girl with me."

Joe shrugged a bit, "We'll see."

They charged each other. Kane went for a punch but Joe dodged before wrapping an arm around him and hurling him into a wall. Kane jumped back toward him as Joe stretched out a leg to kick him. Kane grabbed him sending crystal up Joe's leg immobilizing it. He then twisted sending Joe smashing into several cars. As Joe tried to get up Tom slammed him down encasing the rest of his body in crystal.

Tom then walked over to Roxie, "Its okay, your safe now...."

He was cut off by Roxie driving her foot into his crotch. As he keeled over he looked over shocked as Joe broke free of the crystal. He moved to attack again but Joe stretched out and caught both his arms before reeling him in and tangling the rest of Tom's body with his arms, while carefully avoiding the hands.

Tom looked worried as Joe spoke, "She ain't gonna be a lab rat."

Tom's face changed to a look of confusion, "Wait, what?"

Joe's anger faded a bit, "You're not here tracking her?"

Tom became indignant, "I'm here tracking the Indigo Butcher, she's the only living witness and I noticed her out of dumb luck. Why the hell would I be after......Oh, she's a carrier, isn't she?"

He sighed, "I'm sorry but she's the only real lead we have."

Joe loosened up a bit, "I'll save you some trouble, it's Victor Cole. She described him for me, right down to the bayonet scar I gave him back at the Facility."

Joe then squeezed around his neck a bit, "I let you go, you forget you saw her. Hell, I'll even help you get him but she ain't setting foot near any place the task force can grab her."

Kane nodded, "Deal."


Lewis came into an interrogation room where he noticed all the recording equipment had been disabled as he sat across from Kane, "What's with the cloak and dagger."

Kane looked up, "I know who the Butcher is."

"Well lets go..."

Kane shook his head, "You've been on this case for months so I figured you had the right to know."

Lewis leaned back, "You had no intention of letting this guy stand trial, did you? Just gonna put him down like some rabid dog."

Kane hushed him, "His name is Victor Cole and if you try to bring him in, you and anyone you bring along to help will die."

Lewis was about to make a joke but the look on Kane's face sent a chill down his spine, "What makes you think you can take him alone?"

"I won't be alone."

Lewis then seemed angered, "And what about that Collins girl?"

"She's safe, but we can't bring her in. The task force would take her."

Lewis dropped his shoulder's, "She's a carrier?"

Kane nodded as he continued, "So if we bring her in to id the guy, she gets rewarded by being a lab rat."


Roxie and Joe were in a seedy motel in Lovecraft. She paced the room, "How can you trust that guy, he's a carrier and he works for the government?"

Joe shook his head, "Trust me, Kane is a world class prick but he knows what its like being an experiment and he wouldn't make a kid go through that."

She glared at him, "You obviously don't like the guy, why defend him?"

"Let's just say, he did me a big favor a while back and I owe him."



A retired Colonel, turned television producer entered his home and noticed his dog laying very still on his doggie bed at the end of the entrance hall of the house. He leaned down to pet him but noticed he didn't move. He was saddened but the dog was old and had no wounds so he assumed it died naturally. He then walked into the living room, "Honey, I have some bad news...."

He stopped as he saw the words, 'Mihi Vindictam' drawn in blood on his wall. He saw his young trophy wife sitting posed on the couch with a blood soaked shirt. He moved toward her but felt an invisible blade at his throat. His last vision was of the naked body of his wife's lover laying just off to the side.

Victor wiped the blood from his blade on the man's shirt and headed out.

(To be continued)