Marvel Genisis: Gladiator part 1

Nova Centurion 44765 Field Journal 
              We reported to the border of the Shi' ar system based on intel suggesting a Kree invasion was eminent. We arrived to see the battered Shi' ar fleet making what appeared at the time to be a last stand, but instead of firing on the Kree fleet they released what appeared to be a mutated Shi'ar that they referred to as the Gladiator. It tore through the Kree fleet as if it were nothing. We have discovered that they had been developing the Gladiator program for several decades using genetic material gathered at great cost to the empire from several of Galactus's Heralds and other as yet undetermined sources giving the specimen many varied abilities which haven't been completely disclosed at this point in time though we will be investigating further. 
On a more worrisome note, the Emperor D'ken seems unduly distressed. While we are aware that this region being trapped between the Kree and Skrull empires hasn't been easy on the Shi' ar people and many of their people fear that the stresses of leadership may be too much for the young Emperor.  
The Journal of Lilandra Neramani  
               I'm beginning to worry about my brother, for months he has been becoming more and more removed from his people. At first we all had great pride in his ascent to Emperor, he had always been the brightest of us and we felt he would lead us to the former glory of the Shi'ar but I fear the pressure of his position is wearing on him. He rarely sleeps anymore and has become obsessed with finding the fabled M'Kraan crystal, said to be an item of untold power. The success of the Gladiator program hasn't helped as much as I'd hoped it would. Instead after seeing the ease of victory D'ken has ordered the fleet away to search the galaxy for the crystal while placing the Gladiator completely in charge of the defense of the Empire, Despite the power of the creature it it simply too soon to place a task of this importance on his shoulders. I worry about what this will do to the fleet have to go into Kree occupied space to search for this crystal that may not even be real, if we lose them, the future of the Empire may go with them.  
Nova Corpsmen 6005764 (Richard Rider)   Field Journal  
        My first mission and I didn't even do anything, ever since I left home it's been one amazing sight after another and today was no different. My group had been assigned to go help fend off an invasion attempt, but we proved unnecessary as the Shi'ar had decided to introduce the universe to the Gladiator, he did things I'd previously only thought possible in a comic book and for the second time I was genuinely worried for the prospect of what would happen if Earth ever were to become part of this insanity.  It's odd here, despite the Nova Corps being allies with the Shi'ar its obvious that they don't trust us. Everywhere I go the people make it clear that we are not wanted here, it doesn't help that many of the people seem to firmly believe that they're emperor was going insane and look at this Gladiator more as the tool of a mad man than the savior their leaders profess him to be and I keep hearing whispers about the Imperium  wasting resources  by searching for some mythical crystal. I did get a chance to met the Gladiator face to face, he wasn't what I expected at all, he was a bit conceited but likable, and intelligent with a genuine concern for the safety of the Shi'ar people. The Centurion who leads our group has assigned me to keep an eye on this system for the time being, and I will be reporting the goings on here until further notice. 


Lessons I learned from 90's saturday morning cartoons

1. (from Eek the cat) If you are nice, polite and self sacrificing you will be severely punished for it 
2.(from spiderman) Vampires drink plasma through suction cups on their hands and for some reason insidious is a more acceptable term than sinister  
3. (from Xmen) its perfectly OK to leave a naive 15 year old girl alone with a mass murderer as long as you think he's refomed 
4. (from Batman TAS) You can't copyright fish 
5.(also from Batman TAS) There are very few problems that can't be solved by a vicious beating 
6. (from Avengers United They Stand) this show was a bad idea 
7. (from Silver Surfer) Thanos is kind of a creepy guy 
8. (from Samurai Pizza Cats) working at pizza hut will never be this awesome  
9. (from Ren and Stimpy) sometimes you don't need to understand whats going on 
10.(from Animaniacs) TRIP TO TAHITI  
I'm sorry to the younger crowd who won't get the humor here   


my batman movie trilogy

this is my suggestion for 3 batman movies set after nolan's movies finish up. The first movie would start out at the circus featuring the Flying Graysons, I'd show the Grayson's dealing with an extortion attempt and being killed for refusing to pay it'd basically go how it did in the comics with Bruce taking Dick in(keep the dumb jokes to yourself) and eventually deciding to train him as Robin. I'm not sure who the villain should be yet, but the main point of the first movie is to set up the relationship between batman and robin. 
    The second movie would be set a few years later with a more grown up Robin and through out the movie it'd show a building tension between the two leading up to the end when the tension comes to a head and Dick quits as robin. 
     The third would be the first Nightwing movie. 


Marvel tv show ideas

I've heard a lot of talk about comic tv shows lately so I'd like to throw in some of my ideas 
1.Marvel team up- an anthology style show every week they have a different combo of various super heroes maybe have a main character to tie it all together like Ben Urich reporting on what ever the plot of the episode is. 
2. Heroes for hire- Have the show center around Luke Cage and Iron Fist with various other heroes coming in when needed I'm thinking something along the lines of burn notice or the old Ateam show  
3. Moon Knight- I'm thinking this would be better as an hbo or showtime show I think it'd be a good idea to keep the audience guessing about the Khnoshu thing as to whether Marc Spector is really working for a god or is just crazy 
4. Frontlines- same premise as the comic  


star trek shows a bit of human arogance

have you ever noticed that in star trek they always seem to imply that humans are in some way better than other races, take the vulcans sometimes it seems like the humans are talking down to them for their lack of emotions despite the fact that without them they managed to build an advanced civilization in relative peace and even helped humanity get out into the universe another thing it seems to assume is that humans are the only race capable of forming more than one culture and language on one planet, now if they explained a race like the klingons as once having many cultures that eventually all came together i could understand but they make it as tho theyve always been one united culture and that just doesnt make sence that a population in the millions or billions would all look at life mostly the same, there would almost have to be many languages and religions just by sheer law of probability. sure over time it is possible for many cultures to merge into one but there would be signs of the previous cultures present 

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lobo spends the day in twilight

lobo while cruising around the universe accidentally stumbles thru a worm hole and lands on an alternate earth populated by people who instantly piss him off, the sparkle vampires in particular so having nothing better to do he decides to exterminate them. he finds one and asks as politely as he can(i.e. ripping off body parts till he gets an answer) where he might find a large group of them. he then wanders up to the cullen house and set it on fire for sh!ts and giggles after hes finished dismembering them he notices a couple staring in horror not waisting a second he runs over to the pale skinny human and her pathetic excuse for a vampire boyfreind and evicerates them with ease deciding hunting the rest down would be a hassle he goes around stealing nukes and goes ahead and destroys the planet and flies away happily whistling to himself as he goes back thru the worm hole leading to his home universe and all of creation (except some emo teenage girls) rejoices in the fact that their are no more sparkle vampires to annoy us any more, the end...................................i know the story is poorly written but i was trying to maintain the level of quality twilight fans are used to


types of monsters

1. undead- this includes things like vampires, zombies and ghouls 
2.dragons- there are hundreds of different kinds of dragons from all over the world 
3.giant animals-these include things like mothra, and king kong 
4.shapeshifters- these include werewolves and nagas 
5.demons-demons come in countless shapes and sizes 
6.mutated people/creatures- like godzilla or the fly 
7.hybrid creatures-like the griffon or chimera 
this is all i can come up with at the momment


announcing the hellcow awards

about the name-yes at some point one of the writers at marvel thought it would be a good idea to make a vampire cow so in honor of this ive decided to name an award for the most awful decisions im not talking about ordering some thing bad off a menu or anything like that im talking truly horrible, life threatening or epicly stupid. im opening it up to nominations from my fellow viners. after i get enough nominations ill narrow it down and put it to a vote.
my first nominations- 
1.casting Shaq as steel 
2.spiderman 3 dance number 
3.David Caruso leaving NYPD Blue 

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