Marvel Iron Age : Hardy and Creed part 3

Stalker Creed 7, field journal : entry 3

I'd been up for a few hours before activity at the camp picked up, apparently they'd decided to pick up and leave after yesterday's attack. They pointed David in the direction of the last known whereabouts of Madam Web, I couldn't make out all of it due to the commotion of the camp but as David left I clearly heard several in the camp yell out to be careful of the lizards, I didn't think it was important at the time so I took off without a second thought. A few hours later as I followed along I caught an odd scent that I was completely unfamiliar with, followed by a horrendous roar that stopped David in his tracks and I must confess I was a little unnerved myself. Hardy looked nervous as he'd checked the area and said the word "Krangs". I had heard of them before but had never seen one myself. They are massive reptilian creatures that are known for eating Grizzly bears and what ever meat that happens to wander by, they've even been known to tear Iron soldiers out of their armor on occasion. I was fairly certain that I would be able to out run them if I had to but a human like David on the other hand was in serious danger.

I took to the trees in order to get a better view and saw that there were 3 of them, the good news was that they aren't pack animals and are extremely territorial so they'd be just as likely to fight each other as they were to kill David or me, the bad news significantly out weighed the good. While me repulser glove did have some range, standard issues such as mine were practically useless on their hide which is why the Iron soldiers tend to use their uni beams on them, I'd need to get close enough to hit a soft spot like their eyes or the inside of the mouth for the repulser to have any use here, My blades being adamantium would easily cut through the skin but also require close proximity. If I was to have a chance I'd have to move fast. As I was about to climb down I heard David scream I spun around to see one of the Krangs barreling toward him. Another ran past the tree I was in so I leaped from my perch an buried my blades in its head which caught the attention of the third which came right at me.

It's teeth tore into my arm as I tried to evade it, I slashed toward its face and gave it a gash above it's eye causing it to quickly turn and lash me away with its tail. I collided with a tree a good 20 feet away and got back to my feet just in time for the next assault. As it jumped toward me I attempted to flip him causing the both of us to tumble over the hill landing between David and the other Krang. David actually seeing me was a violation of my mission but I had bigger problems at the moment so I kept my focus. Seeing the other Krang distracted the one on me for long enough for me to fire 2 repulser shots into its mouth killing it, I had dropped one of my blades in the chaos and unbeknownst to me David had picked it up and hurled it directly in between the eyes of the last one a half second before it bit my head off. My target had saved my life, then handed me back my blade and thanked me for the distraction and the use of my knife. I nodded to him as he waved to me and continued on his way. He is a truly odd man.

David Hardy's voice journal

This has been an interesting week, first I find a secret Ferrum lab and find out about horrible experiments, then I run into the old man after not seeing him for years had a fight with a few Goblins and to top it off today I was nearly killed by krangs. I should have paid attention to all those people telling me to watch out for the lizards. It started out fine I was walking along minding my own business when I noticed that roar, I thought I was going piss myself for a second. I picked up my pace a bit and then I heard what one of them roar in pain I figured they were just fighting over who gets to eat me when I heard another one stomping up behind me so I broke into a run. It almost caught me a few times but I had managed to dodge it. Just when I thought I was dead for sure yet another krang came tumbling over the hill, this one was in the middle of a fight with a very large man, apparently a mutant given his appearance and the fact that he was able to hold his own with one of these monsters.

The one in the fight looked back at the one chasing me just long enough to give the guy a chance to fire a couple repulser rounds into its face with what looked like salvaged Ferrum tech, He had dropped a big hunting knife in the fall so I picked it up and threw it as hard as I could at the krang that had been chasing me as it tried to tear the guy's head off. He looked pretty shaken and I couldn't blame him, given the amount of blood dripping off him I'd say the thing had given him a good thrashing but his wounds were already healing themselves up, even by mutant standards he had a fairly amazing healing factor from the looks of it. I yanked the knife out of the creature and handed it back to him. I tried to start up some small talk with him but he seemed kind of freaked out, I figured he could handle himself and I needed to keep moving so I continued on my way. It was smooth sailing after that but I made sure to find a high tree to sleep in for tonight just in case.


Marvel Iron Age: Hardy and Creed part 2

Stalker Creed 7, field journal : entry 2

Today was more active to say the least. I woke up before David, humans sleep too long seems a waist of time to me but then again I am designed to function with far less rest than they are. I had time to tinker with my new repulser glove a bit. I remembered somethings about them from my training but that was more focused on disabling them. I'd need to find a new power source for it, the soldier who previously owned apparently didn't know a thing about proper maintenance of his equipment his glove could barely hold the charge and keeping said source strapped to my arm was presenting problems as well. Once David had gotten packed up I was already a bit ahead of him.

I followed on for several hours until I caught the sent of other humans, a lot of them. The smell of blood and gun oil that accompanied them told me they weren't friendly. as I sat there watching my target approach the sent I realized David was walking into trouble. I'd heard of gangs of people wandering around the wilds robbing and killing who ever happened bu with something they wanted. For the second time I had found myself having to take on the role of protector for my target, I ran ahead and found some men with rifles waiting to pick people off as they ran from the gang. I wasted no time dispatching them and hurried on to the others, oddly when David came over the hill and saw the gang attacking this camp he ran toward them. As it turned out the old man had trained him quite well, he attacked them without hesitation or fear. I admit I was mildly impressed, but the fact remained I needed to keep him alive at least long enough to achieve my mission so I continued my task as quickly and quietly as possible.

I had no trouble killing the reinforcements they'd called in and those in the camp seemed to gain moral from watching David defeat so many and joined him in the fight. After it was all over I snuck around the camp and discovered that while it was the camp the old man had told David about none of the powered spiders were there. Luckily for me one of the men I'd killed happened to have a fairly new power source for captain's armor, though apparently he didn't know what he had considering they were using old fashioned guns when they had the potential to atomize the entire camp. While Hardy and those of the camp had their dinner I captured a few squirrels for mine and then got to work installing my new power source. Captain's armor is far more efficient than the common armors in that the each repulser had its own power supply instead of using the same power source as the rest of the armor, so i ditched the bulky power supply and attached the gauntlet containing the vibrainium battery which is said to be able to hold a charge for up to 20 years. I forced my focus back on David for a moment but he was of course sleeping again and then something caught my eye. During the fight one of the gang members had actually managed to stab me very near my heart before I had snapped his neck after it was over I removed it and hadn't looked to close at it but now I noticed something stuck on the tip of the blade. It was my tamer chip, which Sinister had implanted in all of us in order to shock us into submission if we disobeyed. end of entry

David Hardy's voice journal

Today started off well enough, I actually had the best sleep I'd ever had while camping on my own in the wilds. Usually I have to be on the look out for animals but there wasn't a single sign of any wild life outside of some minor rustling of some leaves. I walked for a few hours toward the camp when I finally got within sight of it I saw the attack. I recognized the insignia on their cloths that evil looking green face with a purple hat. They called themselves goblins, a fact which Madam Web had told me she finds terribly ironic considering the fact that aside from the Iron army they were the biggest threat to the spiders and their name sake had been possibly Peter Parker's greatest enemy.

I ran to help as fast as I could, though it was a bit odd that they didn't have any snipers planted like usual to keep random people from interfering in their attacks. I ran into the fray fully expecting to get killed for my effort but apparently it was a small band because they almost always have reinforcements yet no one came running over the hills to help. With the help of my fellow spiders I managed to get away with only a few minor cuts and bruises. That was the easiest fight I ever remember having with goblins. I helped put the camp back together and asked around to see if anyone had heard where Madam Web happened to be, the camp leader told me the last place he'd seen her and then offered me some dinner and a place to sleep for the night. As luck would have it someone in the camp had managed to to acquire some beer, a rare thing out here in the wilds so I had a few with some of the men from the camp after the children had fallen asleep and heard a few of them talking saying they could've sworn they saw a large animal running around the camp, I thought about checking it out but it has been a long day.


Marvel Iron Age: Hardy and Creed part 1

Stalker Creed 7, field journal : entry 1

The Doctor has finally allowed me out of the lab for my first mission, my imperatives are simple, Track the rebel to his group, collect genetic samples from those who exhibit powers, avoid the Iron soldiers and if necessary kill to avoid them gaining knowledge of our existence. The target is named David Hardy, I'm told he's a normal human but for some reason something just feels off about him. I'd been following him for a day before he finally came into contact with anyone, this was not one of the spider rebels as far as I could gather. He was an elderly Asian man whom David referred to as his teacher, apparently this man taught the target how to fight and was a wanderer of some kind. He obviously is no supporter of the Iron army and claims he is capable of shattering their armor with his bare hands, if true this bares further investigation I'll inform the Doctor upon completion of my mission. They had a very long conversation about the discs David had found, oddly enough the old man wasn't surprised. In fact he seemed to know enough about the Doctor to call him by name and asked David for directions to the place where he'd found the discs, I'll be sure to put out an alert to the lab the instant I acquire some communication equipment.

Unfortunately the pair had been spotted by a low ranking Iron soldier, if he had apprehended them the Doctor's plan would be shot so of course I had to intervene. Luckily the Doc had been wise enough to give me a pair of adamantium knives, getting around those sensor arrays would be tricky but there are always blind spots. I silently crept up on the soldier while he was checking some system in his armor before approaching my target, I put one blade through his neck and one in his back for good measure. I mistakenly destroyed his communications system but lucky for me I'd left his weapons systems in tact so I used his tool kit to adjust one of his repulser gloves to fit my hand, had to remove the finger to make room for my claws. Have to remember to keep this new toy to myself I'm not sure whether or not the Doctor would allow me to have such weaponry but I think it could prove highly useful on this mission if I were to get captured. end of entry

David Hardy's voice journal record start:

Yesterday I found a stack of old compact discs and am currently on my way to deliver them to Madam web to see if she can find something useful on them. I know I'll never look at those images again if I have a choice in the matter. While I was walking today I noticed someone coming my way so I readied myself to run if I needed to before realizing I knew the man. When I was much younger and first told my father that I wanted to take a more active role in the resistance as he does, he was hesitant at first. I kept on about it until he finally relented but with a condition I had to learn how to fight. He took me to a man he had met as a child telling me he was already quite old even then. He was a very aged Asian man, I was told he is constantly searching for some rings he had lost a very long time ago, but there was no one on Earth who knew more about fighting men in Iron Armor according to my father. No one knew his real name, everyone simply called him Teacher or Old man. I spent several years traveling with him on his search, learning not only how to fight but how to sneek in and out of the cities and across boarders unnoticed. He taught me several ways to cripple the armor of the lower ranking soldiers, telling me the higher the rank the more powerful the armor. He told me a great deal about himself as well, he said that at one time he was an evil man who lusted after power as if it were a beautiful woman.

Over time he had learned the error of that life, and had rededicated himself to helping bring down what he referred to as the Iron Scourge. It's been a few years since I'd last saw him and he was just as surprised to see me as I had been. We sat and talked for a long time, he cooked me some dinner over the camp fire as we shared stories of what we'd been up to, he showed me that he'd found 4 more of his rings since we'd last seen eachother, "only 3 more and I'll complete the set" he told me. I told him of the discs and the lab, we wasn't nearly as shocked by this as I assumed he'd be, he even knew the name of the Doctor who ran the place. He told me he was called Sinister, after he'd explained more about this man I decided I was glad I hadn't run into him. After we'd eaten something seemed to spook the old man and he quickly started gathering up his things and told me I had better get going. He pointed me in the direction of a camp where the resistance had gathered. I gave a quick look around to make sure I wasn't being followed and then headed off. Hopefully I'll be rid of these discs soon so I can get back to doing what I do best. end record


Marvel Iron Age: The beginning part 5

Taking over the world was much easier than we made it out to be. You don't need a ridiculous outfit and an insane scheme, you only need 3 things money, power and patients. Telepathy makes the money simple enough to come by, just make some weak minded rich man believe he's getting the deal of a lifetime. If I were a lesser man I might feel bad for Norman, working so hard to reclaim Oscorp only to have me come along and convince him to give it to me. I even managed to get him to leave me his personal fortune after his death. Aneurysms are sneaky little things aren't they.

After some creative accounting I managed to turn Oscorp back into a fortune 500 company in under a year, then I moved on to Hammer industries and Roxxon Oil, some of the Roxxon execs proved somewhat difficult luckily for accidents do happen. I went for a decade eating up corporations like a shark in a guppy pond until finally I got what I was waiting for. Tony Stark finally started showing himself in public again. It was only a matter of time before I could get close enough to him. Unfortunately for him. he suffered a similar fate to Norman's. I swooped in and took Stark Enterprises as a new part of what I had dubbed Ferrum Technologies.

I began mass producing Iron Man tech and of course congress was more than happy to start handing me more and more power over national defense until the president himself had no more authority over the nations defense, I allowed them to keep their military but it was mostly for show. Just as I was starting to get more comfortable with my new position Sinister finally came to collect what I owed him for his help in obtaining my new longevity and vigor along with arranging some early retirements of some of my opposition. I was to provide funding and research subjects for his experimentation, it was easy enough to get people behind my Iron army hunting down those lunatics in tights plotting those insane schemes I used to partake in. I did ensure that I was present for the execution of Apocalypse, he who had dared to call me unworthy laid before me powerless. The Irony was wonderful, and of course Nathan came running. So predictable and defiant to the end.

While the army was busy gathering the so called super villains some incident occurred at the Jean Grey School that caused an uproar, so I being the new defender of the nation had to step in and offer a final solution to the mutant problem. Sinister's lab were over flowing within a month and had to be expanded. Of course then the heroes finally showed up, but they best of them were far passed their prime tho those damned Asgardians became a problem quickly but my cannon took care of that. I'm told it didn't actually destroy them, just prevented them from being able to have any effect on this world. The government finally spoke up after Spiderman was killed publicly and caused some out cry but by then it was far too late. Within a decade of this most of the world was mine with the exception of those nations who ran to hide behind Doom's skirt like frightened children. I tried to take this New Latveria as well but Doom proved to be an impassable road block at the time.

Much has happened since that time, Iron soldiers can now be found throughout the world, there are pockets of resistance, foolish worshipers of Thor futilely declaring his eventual return and those spiders painting their symbols on my walls but these are minor annoyances, this world now rests in my Iron hand. Not bad for an inferior clone huh?

Excerpt from the memoirs of Lord Stryfe, Chairman of Ferrum Tech and Supreme Commander of the Iron Army


Marvel Iron Age: The beginning part 4

Record start My name is David Hardy and I am a spider, I don't have any powers or anything I just know what's right and tho Iron army isn't it

I was on a simple run, just delivering some info to some Thorites planning a big protest, basically giving them locations that would get them a lot of attention without having to worry about getting slaughtered by the tin men. After I was done I hopped down in the sewer to get back out of the city, this big spider tattoo on my back wouldn't go over too well in city limits. While I was heading out I noticed some activity and my curiosity got the best of me. I snuck toward where I had heard people moving around and they seemed to have just left.

I had found my way into what appeared to be a massive laboratory under the city and this room didn't seem to be in use as it was stacked with boxes. While I was there I noticed a large stack of compact discs sitting on top of an antique laptop. I checked to see if it worked and to my surprise it did perfectly. I grabbed the stack and the computer and left, Madam Web is always interested in these kinds of things and I figured there was a possibility it they might have some useful intel on them. I started to get the feeling I was being watched, but I doubt it since no alarms were going off but either way I knew not to stick around long.

Once I was safely out of the city, I decided to check out what I had found, it was far more than I had expected. The discs turned out to be the research notes from a Dr. Nathaniel Essex, the name sounded familiar I'll have to ask someone about it later, In them was the truth about why the Iron army really took down all the mutants and super humans. Apparently the Chairman had made some kind of arrangement with the doctor where and they collected these people to basically dissect and find out how to utilize their abilities. There were some videos of some of these procedures but they were hard to watch, I've seen some horrible things in my time as a spider but this was on a different level. The Doctor's casual almost bored tone of voice playing over the visual was almost as terrifying as what I saw.

I'll be taking this directly to Madam Web hopefully it'll be of some use. End Record

Two men sat in the shadows listening to David Hardy making his recording, one was crouched like an animal staring very intently at the other man awaiting instructions, the other man was Dr. Nathaniel Essex, better known as Mr. Sinister. A smirk appeared on his face as he looked toward his minion and said "Now that is how you set a spider trap. Follow him and bring me back samples of some of those with the spider powers, I have far too much useless human DNA already."


Marvel Iron Age: The beginning part 3

Security log: Corporal J. Harker, designation Vault security officer week 2

I've just been assigned to a position as a watch lead for security at the Vault. I'm told the place is more than 200 years old and built specifically to hold the most dangerous people on Earth. I know it may not seem like an important job but I see it as a way to prove myself. My father Colonel David Harker is a great hero of the Iron army, he died helping prevent the escape of a prisoner here. I'm standing in front of the cell of the man they say killed my father but it can't be him, my father died almost 15 years ago but the man in this cell is only slightly older than me.

Bennet Du Paris is the name listed. The other guards have told me that he's been a prisoner here since before most of the other inmates had even been born. He's a mutant apparently, I'm told the supreme commander himself put him in here, there is no more secure place in the world than this man's cell. He's fitted with one of the most well maintained power inhibitor I've ever seen, all the walls and even the bars and door are made of solid 3 foot thick adamantium, he even has a vibranium muzzle over his face and still the guards are nervous around him. I'm not sure if it's actually him they fear or how the supreme commander would react if he was ever set loose. He doesn't seem to sleep and apparently doesn't eat much if at all. One of my fellow watch leaders said that he continues to live just to spite our leader.

I tried to look up Du Paris' records on my off time, because I couldn't shake my curiosity about him. I learned that he was indeed very old, no birth date was listed on his files but it's said he once fought along side Magneto and his Acolytes in the days before the Iron army even existed but there was little else that I had clearance to read about. I can't say why, but I just can't get those eyes out of my head. His cold stare digs into my brain. I suppose I'll get used to it eventually.

Security log: Corporal J. Harker, designation Vault security officer week 4

It's been a weird week, I keep hearing things that no one else does when I'm working my shift. I think maybe some of the other guards are having some fun at my expense. Every now and then I see things that aren't there, maybe it's just one of the guys playing with their holo-phones. Those things are banned from here, I should probably report the incidents.

I haven't been sleeping well lately, I may need to request the day off to see the medics. I can't close my eyes without seeing Du Paris' eyes staring at me. I need to relax, he's not a bogie man, so long as his power inhibitor is working properly. I know I remember it looking in perfect condition but I keep thinking I saw something wrong with it but when I try to remember I get dizzy.

Security log: Corporal J. Harker, designation Vault security officer week 8

I haven't slept in weeks, I can barely eat. What the hell is wrong with me? I went to see the medics and they said they couldn't find anything wrong with me, useless quacks I tell you. I've had enough tomorrow I'm going to find out what's happening. I'm going to look Du Paris strait in those creepy eyes and demand an explanation.

Security log: Captain S. Davis, designation Vault security cheif

Bennet Du Paris has escaped, Corporal J. Harker was found dead in his cell along with Du Paris' muzzle and a burnt out power inhibitor. Apparently the thing had been running at a quarter efficiency for a little over 2 months now. God know what Du Paris had been doing to the poor man's head. Many of his fellow officers have come forward about Harker being seen talking to himself about Du Paris and muttering some nonsense about files telling him the guy was one of Magneto's acolytes. It's a real shame too, I'm sad to be the one to have to tell his father he died. Apparently according to some of the guards Harker actually seemed to think his father had been dead for 15 years before he'd been assigned here.


Marvel Iron Age: The beginning part 2

A letter from Sam Guthrie,

I saw Apocalypse die today, any other time in my life this would've been something to celebrate, this man whose destroyed countless lives rendered powerless. But it came at too high a price. The people of this nation hailed the Iron army as heroes for bringing in the mutant terrorist En Sabba Nur, he was fitted with a power nullifyer that rendered him vulnerable. He was dragged away in chains, Cable was suspicious of this and gathered a few people he trusted to infiltrate the facility where Apocalypse was being held to see what they were going to do with him. Cable was old then, probably too old to be doing this kind of thing. We thought we knew what we were getting into, we were dead wrong.

The Iron soldiers somehow knew we were coming. Cable and I were the only ones to survive the assault, I was dragged off to a cell but for some reason Cable was taken else where. After an hour or so I managed to escape my cell, the guards weren't paying much attention to me, I guess they figured that restraint collar made me useless. I began searching the place, and within a few minutes I found a room where they had taken Apocalypse. What was left of his body was laying on a table. They had forcibly removed all the Celestial Technology from his body. From the look on his face I assume he was still alive when they did this. It looked like he died screaming. When I finally found where they were keeping Cable, I could see what they were doing to him but I couldn't get in the room from where I was. He was being tortured, at first I thought they were interrogating him but then I noticed no one was asking any questions. A man was standing in front of him in a unique Iron soldier armor, his face plate was off but he was looking away from me so I couldn't see who it was but it was obvious that Cable knew him.

I wanted to help him but I was recaptured before I could do anything. That was a long time ago, I've been locked in this room ever since. I know I'm going to die here. All I have now are my memories, it wasn't a bad life I fought the good fight. I wish it had ended differently but I can't do anything about that now. I hope that someone finds this letter some day and I hope it helps in some way. Maybe you all know this already or maybe not, it took me a long time to figure out who the guy in the armor was ................................................( the rest of the letter is missing, decayed from age)


Marvel Iron Age: The beginning part 1

The Journal of Craig Hollis

I remember a time of heroes, a time when people could speak and act freely without fear because they were always there to save the day. It was a time before men in Iron suits destroyed everything they stood for. At the time I considered myself one of them, Mr. Immortal they called me. The truth was I was more of a joke to most. When the Iron army started it was hailed as a great achievement, our heroes were getting old and Tony Stark had long since withdrawn from the world when news of his death came out. His company went to some conglomerate who had begun mass producing the Iron Man technology claiming they were going to use it to keep us safe, and at first that seemed to be true.

By the end of a decade all of the known super powered villains had disappeared, we didn't know how or where they went and we didn't ask until it was too late. Then the army seemed to turn. Some tragedy happened at a school for mutants, I'm not sure what it was. That information was deemed need to know, that's when the culling began. Mutants were deemed too dangerous to be allowed, they were slaughtered by the thousands forcing all those who remained to go underground. The heroes of the time tried to stand up and stop it but their was little they could do, and the likes of Captain America and Spiderman came out of retirement to try to help. It was never made known what happened to the Captain but people claimed to see him long after his disappearance, the Iron army found a way to send Thor back to Asgard and prevent him from coming back. I was present in Time Square the day the age of heroes ended.

Spider-man was trying desperately to save his family, he was no longer what he had been, his strength had waned and he wasn't nearly fast enough to dodge the Iron soldiers. I tried to help but I was useless, tossed aside like an old rag. They didn't even check to see if I'd survived. I along with the rest of the world watched as this army showed it's true collars, beating an old man to death in the streets for refusing to accept their authority. Luckily despite his death he had done what he had set out to do, his family and friends had escaped. After that the Iron army didn't hide their intentions, they swarmed this world like locusts. I watched the President go on television to announce that they were now the sole authority for upholding the law and defending our nation, then they began taking other nations in the same way, the only real resistance came in the form of what is now called New Latveria, Russia and most of Eastern Europe turned to old man Doom for help which he granted in return for them accepting his rule and now it stands to this day in defiance of the rest of the world.

My last encounter with the age of heroes came in the form of Dr. Stephen Strange, his last act was to give me the Eye of Agamatto to be passed on when the time was right, to me it's just a useless trinket but when I find it's new owner perhaps they will restore this world to its rightful order. For now I wait, though I do still see hope in this world, every time I see those spider symbols sprayed on walls or see the protests on the streets from those Thor followers screaming to the Iron soldiers that one day their god will return and make them pay for all they have done.

Hope you enjoy this so far I will get into more detail in next part


The Demon chapter 1

My Name is Jason Blood, I was once a knight, considered a hero to some. I was vain and foolish, believing myself fit to be a king. This vanity was my undoing. A sorceress named Morgana seduced me, led me to believe that if I betrayed my king I would rule by her side and bring our kingdom to new heights of prosperity and peace. In truth I was her pawn in an effort to make her son the king and I was to die. After I allowed her to sneak into my king's stronghold after which she stabbed me in the back with my own sword. Unknown to us at the time the wizard Merlin had known of the whole scheme and had prepared for this by summoning a powerful demon who slaughtered Morgana's forces with ease and left her horribly scared. While I lay dying the creature came to me he told me he didn't wish to return to the depths when the old wizard was through with him. He made me a deal, he would heal my wounds and allow me to live until I had my vengeance on the sorceress and give me all the power I'd need to deliver it. In return I would be his host and allow him to remain on Earth. It has been more than a thousand years since that day.

At first I saw this as a gift, thinking I would be able to find my vengeance and be done with this creature but it was not to be. Morgana and her son were hidden in a place that was far out of my reach so I lived long enough to see my sons die of old age, everyone I knew or loved passed while I stayed the same. Over the years I've attempted to remove the Demon, I became somewhat adept with magic but I've never found a spell more potent than the power of Etrigan, but I did learn his history. He was once nobility in hell. He had his own army and legions of servants but all that ended when the Fallen conquered hell. Their leader had caged him in hell only allowing him out when some wizard was willing to pay the heavy price for summoning him. He has vowed that one day he will return and crush his captors but until our deal was complete he remains bound to me seeing it as every bit the curse that I do.

Now I use his power to battle evil where ever I find it to try to atone for my treachery, but there are some who try to use this power that even gods fear to to their own ends so I must constantly be on the watch for those whose magic is stronger than mine. I will not allow it to be used for evil if I can prevent it.

(Ok hope you all enjoyed the opening chapter feel free to give constructive criticism)


DC Genesis: Lobo- Chapter 1- The Last Czarnian

      Czarnia, the pinnacle of peace and tranquility in the universe. People from every corner of the universe would come here to study with their priests and take their counsel but Czarnians themselves never left their Utopia. Unto this paradise was born a beast. On the very day of his birth he committed his first murder, biting out the throat of the midwife who delivered him. The Czarnians didn't have words to describe it as there hadn't been violence of this kind since the primordial times. The child, called Lobo was walking within days of his birth and started killing the pets of the people in the city. By his teen years people had stopped coming to the priests for aid and finally they came together and decided to find a way to destroy this scourge.  
               He had caught wind of this and as a preemptive measure he decided he'd kill the whole world just to be sure. He displaying an unexplained knowledge found a way to breed gigantic vicious insects that killed every Czarnian save Lobo himself within a week of their release and with that he left the world to the bugs and went off to make his way in the universe.  
        Now he is known through out the cosmos as a plague on the universe and  it's greatest bounty hunter. Currently he is tracking down a rebelious clone named Vril Drox who had escaped from his creator and taken some valuable information with him.