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@marcus_halberstram: if you really pay attention i'd say around 80% of the Batman hate threads on here are mostly directed at pissing off bat fans instead of actually hating the character.

Just check the wording they almost always use deliberately trollish language for the sole purpous of getting the extreme fan boys pissed.

Not saying there is no genuine bat hate just that most of the time its just somebody bored starting a flame war for fun.

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@frozen: most of the Arrow fans I know make no secret of the fact they like Batman. But lets be honest many Arrow fans don't give a crap about Batman or Green Arrow from the comics.

For instance my wife loves Arrow because she likes team Arrow and Ollie's abs. She like most of the audience of that show doesn't even like comics.

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I think the over zealous bat fans are their own worst enemy. When they freak out over people who don't like the character it annoys people because people don't like it when others decide their motives.

Yes some people just hate popular things because they're popular, but there are some who just don't like the character for various reasons.

Also Arrow fans aren't just secret Bat fans, they just understand how awesome John Diggle is.

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@dernman: honestly I'm just bored and its mildly amusing to screw with overeager bat fans.

But I really do love Superman. And before anyone calls me a hater I should point out that Batman is my fourth favorite super hero.

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@frozen: hes also more popular than Mickey Mouse dont mean he's more famous. For those of you wondering what I mean by this note the fact that the genre we're currently discussing in named after Superman, the Superman symbol is certified as the sevond most recognizable symbol on Earth second only to the Christian cross. People who have never seen a comic or even a movie are at least aware of his existense. Jimmy Olsen is more well known than about 80% of super heroes just by being associated with him.

So like I said Superman is the most famous super hero, Batman is indeed currently popular but popularity and true fame are 2 different things.

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I don't think you know what irefutable means. Sure some people may disparage batman for the reason you give but some people simply don't like the character while others just like to watch bat fans freak out about it.

I like batman but it can get pretty damn funny watching you guys get all defensive.

Just look at it the way I view my Superman fandom, I could spend all day defending him but I don't have to. At the end of the day he's still the most famous super hero on Earth and Batman is a really close second.

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I haven't but then again I have no idea who you are.

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@frozen said:

@jashro44 said:

People have been speculating this for a while. I swear I heard the same thing from around the time age of ultron was being written. I'll believe it when it happens or is it at least confirmed to be happening in an official source.

We don't need ''official'' sources when Marvel have been slowly turning itself into the MCU, they're preparing readers for the full-blown change. They've basically already told us.

@marvete_e_dcnauta said:

@frozen: Really i lost myself in the comic a few months ago.A reboot would be a good oportunity to come back

Reboots make things worse, when it comes to comics that it is.

Yea, cause we all know how COIE ruined DC except for Bryne era Superman, Turning Batman back into the Dark Knight after decades of goofy stories, Wally West stepping up as Flash, etc, etc. My point is reboots aren't always bad, so maybe wait till its had a chance to piss you off before getting mad.

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@sling_shot: There's no loopholes here they put up the money, started the imprint and let Mcduffie do what he wanted. It doesn't take anything away from it, its just a fact. That's why they could make a Static cartoon, WB owned all the rights to everything.

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@sling_shot: They still technically owned it so you should be more crushed and appalled that they currently have creative control because Milestone only existed because DC put up the money for McDuffie in the first place.