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@Lorrie said:

All this should teach anyone is that it's pointless to get invested in any DC character that was created less than 50 years ago. I honestly don't care if Morrison always planned to kill Damian, it's an incredibly cynical move. Once he became a hit with audiences, why not leave him in the sandbox for other writers? It's selfish. If DC had any sense they'd undo it as quickly as Marvel retconned Magneto being Xorn, but Didio does hate legacy characters so the death could stick. It's not even an original idea. I remember when Jason died. It will create short-term controversy at the cost of removing a genuinely entertaining character from the canvas.

And the death of another Robin (this time a 10-year-old child) destroys my ability to care about Batman. Really, Bruce literally shouldn't be able to live with himself. Even as an 11 year old, I found it hard to believe Bruce could just go on being Batman and get a new Robin after Jason was murdered. As an adult, I can't imagine him not going insane knowing the life he chose killed his 10 year old child. He should kill himself or end up locked in an institution (or go supervillain, since getting your child killed sounds like an origin story to me), but we know he won't. If Damian genuinely stays dead, he'll probably have a new Robin in a year.

this. all of this. it's become pretty sad how because a certain writer created a character, they believe they have entire say over what happens to said character.

like the writer of shatterstar (i believe it was liefield, but i'm not sure) when he found out they made shatterstar gay. once a character is out there, it sort of belongs to the audience just as much. so he didn't kill damian during that arc some time ago? good. the character evolved, something that's hard to do in comics. it's been an interesting ride as well. so, kill him because it'll produce shock? yes, people are probably right, it could be a lazarus pit. but it's just pointless. if he dies, and talia lives, i call bullshit. no mother, even fictional ones, should be seen as killing their children and surviving, let along being ok with it. morrison has bee phoning it in to me since before the new 52 started so this all just seems petty and dark. i'm for the tales that seem grim a la DotF and such, but this was something where i believed good should win. this whole story got a little ridiculous and blown out of proportion, and it now comes at the cost of losing a character that left a pretty decent mark. shame.

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They did this. I didn't read the full article (my apologies) so excuse me if you mentioned it but they did this battle in the Marvel vs. DC crossover in the 90's. I'm pretty sure some of those photos are even from the fight from that series. Captain America is stronger and more agile and all the PHYSICAL elements he has over Batman, of course. But all of Cap's foes are usually geniuses except for a few (Crossbones) and they give him grief all the time. However when it comes to something maybe along the lines of genetics, Batman is smarter than all of them. He'd be able to out think Cap pretty quick. Yes, Cap always beats his foes, but again they aren't as smart or as good at planning as Batman.

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not a lot of choices i would have guessed. Huston could be good. Edgerton would be alright. I think out of the whole bunch though that Pace would be the best choice.

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it's kind of cool what they have been doing with hawkeye is recent years. he's been one of my absolute favorites since i was a kid, so it's great to finally see him universally acknowledged as the competent, wise-cracking, bad-ass he always has been. my only fear is that he's almost in deadpool territory of exposure, and remember about two or three years ago when he was somehow in every book? even the cover for the new ultron event coming out has him dead center as the last avenger. the android is standing on an unconscious hulk and thor, but hawkeye is standing. other than maybe one avengers book and his crazy fun solo series, i hope they just don't kill his likeability the way they almost butchered deadpool's (and they would have entirely if not for remender getting his hands on him for a bit)

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see, i doubt there going to keep you know who as spider-man because after a while people will get maaaaaad, but the number one thing that just cannot happen is peter dying. again, ultimate doing that was interesting. killing him off in this world, not so much. if a whole split personality a la hulk thing happens then...oooookay but i don't know. just my two cents.

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i don't want to take away from the awesome moment, because it totally was, but doesn't nightcrawler need to see where he's going in order to teleport?

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just me or does magneto's costume look dumb? in fact, i don't really like any of these new outfits. so, we're just gliding past the whole murdered xavier thing and letting him lead a group calling themselves x-men? ballsy.

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This makes all kinds of sense. If only she weren't on the avengers now as well. I know they've done the whole Wolverine being on both and whoever else but take a second and think of this new position. The X-Men have never not had someone in charge.

You list everyone up there but the two stand-outs were Xavier and Cyclops. They were always seen as the two that would eventually return to their post. There may be a good chance Xavier's death sticks in the way that Jean's has I'm beginning to believe. Over the past few years they've really been weaning Xavier off of readers and he became a background character at best. His reputation tarnished (it makes sense for story telling but still, what a way to screw years of history) and his son, an old enemy, being a more prominent member than he was at the time were the biggest factors.

Rogue makes a lot of sense because she fits everything the team needs, they are a race that needs someone who isn't a mass murderer who has redeemed herself significantly and has the leadership traits to back it up and Rogue has that in spades.

If Cyclops goes this route that it looks like he's going, it's cool because it shows the Xavier as a figurehead, which was taken over by Cyclops, as well as Magneto now stepping out of his light and being replaced by Scott. He may have been right, but he's about to become a fugitive and a possible enemy. Like I said, the X-Men are about redemption and Rogue did that because of how she started but Cyclops cracked up. He can't really come back after globally being seen as someone who placed the planet in jeopardy with a cosmic entity. They were afraid of mutants when they just had powers.

Also, I kind of see Wolverine after X-Force wrapping up to be more of just an avenger and headmaster. Maybe they'll actually let him not be on 4 different teams (hey, a guy can dream).

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why does alfred look like he could beat up batman? creative liberties are one thing but come on.